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Recap of PenPencilEraser’s Ideal Wordsmith Global ‘2014 Contest

My good friends and authorized authors, Ideal Wordsmith Global ‘2014 contest had been around for several months and has created an exclusive platform for ideas and knowledge share.



The exclusive collection of the contest articles will sure to raise your awareness and help you get focused to the global strategies. Few of it will help you achieve your educational goals and it is something like the world turns united and we discover the secrets of transforming the global education.

Sharing today the best moments of PenPencilEraser’s Ideal Wordsmith Global ‘2014, an intense writing contest conducted in the month of November, 2014 for faculties, educationalist, and teaching professionals across the globe. The contest turned successful and remarkable bringing in

150+ Entries, 60+ Participants, 40+ Schools from 7 Countries.

This has set a new meaning to PenPencilEraser’s Blogging Community and helped turn the community as a platform to deliberate ideas, share experiences which makes the community as a repository of valuable information and tips. It is with all the admired participants who service to education through various job roles we made it a successful and cherish able event

Listing the Winner’s Awards & Appreciations sponsored by PenPencilEraser.

Before recapturing, we take this opportunity to tell our readers of the nostalgic moments presented by Dr.Michael D.Bechtel, the title winner when he donated his cash reward to a school in India and made the entire team proud.

Now let’s give you a glimpse on the winners and runners of Ideal Wordsmith Global ‘2014.


Dr.Michael D.Bechtel for his writing “The Meaning of Liberal Education

Published at http://www.penpencileraser.com/blog/the-meaning-of-liberal-education/



Priyanka Goswami for her writing “Punishment - Thinking beyond the act

Published at http://www.penpencileraser.com/blog/punishment-thinking-beyond-act/


K.Vallikannu for her writing “The Inertia of Routine

Published at http://www.penpencileraser.com/blog/the-inertia-of-routine/

The winning articles stood apart from the pool of submissions just by minute difference and by packing in a valuable message that gets the applause of the audience. These articles are more than just a collection of words and undoubtedly represents the craving of the writer.


In addition to the Winner’s recognition, we have announced a Champion Title for the school with the maximum number of entries to the contest. Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan’s Public School from Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad, India snatched away the title by recording the maximum number of participants with maximum number of entries to Ideal Wordsmith Contest.



Though not the winners, they are the authors who have strong writing passion and have in fact proved by penning notable articles in the contest which have indeed got featured on the network. We feel pleased to honor the Featured Authors!

Dr Anshu Arora http://www.penpencileraser.com/blog/my-blue-saree/
Vishal Varia http://www.penpencileraser.com/blog/a-stock-pile-of-qualifications/
Meera Narayanan http://www.penpencileraser.com/blog/school-life-memories-cherished/
Grace Romona J. Vaseeker http://www.penpencileraser.com/blog/education-powerful-weapon/
G. Arunasree http://www.penpencileraser.com/blog/a-true-incident/
Ezechukwu Marvellous Ugochukwu http://www.penpencileraser.com/blog/the-teacher-a-great-gift-to-the-world/
K. Lakshmi Suvarchala http://www.penpencileraser.com/blog/education/
Susie Csorsz Brown http://www.penpencileraser.com/blog/time-to-turn-it-off/
Sanchita Sharma http://www.penpencileraser.com/blog/peep-into-the-wild/
Nancy Roji http://www.penpencileraser.com/blog/latest-trends-for-schools/
K.V.Subhashini http://www.penpencileraser.com/blog/education-is-integrated-with-society/
Srimonti Guha http://www.penpencileraser.com/blog/school-the-place-from-where-you-lead/
Idlhaj Said http://www.penpencileraser.com/blog/teaching-overcrowded-classes/
P.R. Maheswari http://www.penpencileraser.com/blog/balanced-academics-an-education-system-for-better-citizens/
A.G.Lakshmi Sujatha http://www.penpencileraser.com/blog/the-world-in-the-classroom/


Hope you as a reader would also be inspired and hence we welcome your comments, ideas and suggestions.

Twinkling memories of the Winners

While the winners are recognized with Mementos and Certificates, the educational institutions to which they belong to didn’t miss to appreciate their effort and to recognize their works. The news of winning has been published in their school website to make the peers informed of the event which definitely encouraged the writers and motivated their writing interest.

Dr.Michael D Bechtel, Winner – I got featured in Wartburg College News Portal.

Wartburg info

K.ValliKannu, Winner – III got featured in Subbiah School’s website.

Subbiah info

Sprinkling few enthusiastic comments from the participants

I am very happy to participate in this contest. Such contests gives me encouragement and inspiration to read and write and think on our own. Happy to be part of it. Expecting more! - Grace Romona J. Vaseeker

Thanks for making us re visit our self’s, recognize and remember our duties. - G. Arunasree

As an Educationist I found these above course material and ideas relevant in today’s context of our Education system and should be incorporated throughout the country across all schools. – Seema Goyal

We sincerely thank our participants, viewers, readers and friends who supported in achieving a grand success & bestowing an inspiration to plan more such valued contests in future! Thank you all!

Stay tuned to enter upcoming contests @ PenPencilEraser! If you wish to be a Guest Author in this blog, write us to post@penpencileraser.com.

PenPencilEraser IDEAL WORDSMITH Global ’2014

Enter & Win the Contest of the Season!

Dear Readers,

Are you a Passionate Teacher, Mentor, School Administrator, Education Consultant or in anyway related to schools or education?

We take immense pleasure in announcing “IDEAL WORDSMITH Global ‘2014″, a newsy contest for individuals engaged in the field of education across the globe. We take this as an opportunity to reveal the extraordinary writing talents amongst you and help you showcase your writing works as never before. All qualified articles penned under the author name will be definitely featured in PenPencilEraser’s blogging community to let all valuable articles with priceless piece of information for the world to read.

Education has the power to transform the entire civilization, we give you a platform to share your ideas and experiences in the field of education. The information you submit here as an entry to the contest will not only be eligible for winning prize but also act as a tool to express your views to the world which in some way benefit the society.

Apart from the contest, Favorite authors of the contest shall be granted a featured Guest Authorship account in PenPencilEraser ‘s Blogging Community, the growing initiative to collaborate all Education professionals on a common platform.


Don’t wait to act, the contest is already open. Utilize, Win & Get Featured!

How to Participate & Win

Being an Education Management Professional, you might have faced interesting experiences worthwhile to share as an article sensible for readers. It might reflect some things you realized as you teach, the moment of glory or any instances that solidified your thinking of studies or some ideas that could provoke a complete change in the field of education. At any instance, include your thoughts on your article and support it well to get qualified in the contest. Your article must be at least 400 words in length.

How to Submit Your Entry

  • Logon to www.penpencileraser.com/wordsmith and send your article as a Word or Pdf document supplying your bio on or before November 20th, 2014.
  • Please take care of submitting only original contents and you are allowed to submit up to three articles at once.

You are half way there. Get on & Get it!

We are excited to read your posts and to get to know a little more about you!

- Best Wishes from the Team of PenPencilEraser!