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New Money Management Feature Introduced!

PenPencilEraser yet again with a New Money Management System for your school!
Now manage all your school works at ease with PenPencilEraser money management facility. Track your income, track your expense on the go! It is simple, fast and effortless system to manage your school financial administration at extreme convenience.

The money management interface supports the financial aspect of your school and it is one of the interesting feature of PenPencilEraser. Usually a financial term is considered to be an year and may differ by the start and end months depending on the organization type. In PPE, the financial term is volatile and the school can fix any number of months as the financial term thereby letting a desired easy management process. When a term ends, all data of the term gets automatically archived and no more corrections are allowed on the archived data.

Further, it automatically creates account title for all the users related to school and hence reduces the task of inputs. It allows to set a Bill Reminder where in the payment is automatically made. Works to the convenience as the transfer of amount from one account to another is also possible.

Know more with a free  PenPencilEraser Demo today!

Happy NewYear Wishes 2014 !!!

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Our Sincere Thanks to Schools & Partners who supported and welcomed PenPencilEraser with great appreciation and satisfaction! We continue to extend our gratitude with more advanced and enhanced versions of PenPencilEraser in the forthcoming years.