Will a Teacher becoming a Role Model, an easy way to help students?

This might comprehend as a brilliant question as to find reasons to become a role model, you are here to understand the smart personal branding stuffs to show the greatness of being accepted as the role model among your students. Are you the one who believes at least in one of the following are the reasons for being accepted as a role model.

  • Your brilliance and intelligence
  • Personal branding is authentic
  • Your difference in ideas and stay by uniqueness
  • Your winning spirit and achievements
  • Your public speaking skills or the engagements

Well, the list keeps adding and indefinitely they may mean different to different people. At first, you need to focus and strengthen the focus of knowledge and your ideas. You may have to encourage people to approach and stay socially connected. As you highlight your talents the modesty been measured, you got to be an author of a book to bring out your ideas to the fullest. Organizing and managing your own even the most powerful way is a great inspiration to the student crowd. Handing and solving the issues pertaining to students in a fruitful manner.

This is great for the career and achievements, it is clear that students don’t just watch us but they try to act like us. Staying as a role model in the young minds is a great boon to help them achieve more. Being an academic role model you need to guide the students in the right fronts and the following are the few conducts to help students achieve more.

Show the students how learning approaches helps

You can create a platform to discuss on the various learning methods that you had adopted and how it helped to achieve more. Streamline the subject based exploration of the learning methods. Show them your ideas and how you had coped up with subjects like Maths, Science etc.,

Discuss the Struggles

Schools are a place for children which is filled with struggles, challenges, and difficult times, you need to discuss and foresee the various struggles happening for the children. Guide them through the way it was handled by you and methods to overcome the hurdles of each stage to have a fulfilling life achievement and career.

Show your strength in knowledge

You may be the first to get in the students minds in case of seeking of help. The chance to collaborate better with the students can be the lunch hours as most of the teachers who are inclined to the collaborate with students generally welcome students to join the lunch. More topics gets opened during those times and there will be a better doubt clarifying session.

Connect students to the right guidance

Not in all cases would you as a teacher or mentor will be able to support the students to clarify their requirements and serve their queries. You would need to be able to direct them to the right person for the right guidance. It would also be ideal if you could accompany them to the other person and provide a personal introduction and help start the conversation. This will comfort the student even in an uncomforted scenario.

Guide them to solve their own problems

At most times, we quickly figure out the problems of the students and just try to give a quick support but the professionals quote this is not the right approach and the wiser approach will be to enable the students to arrive at their own solutions always. We much be a driving source to formulate their thinking capacity and show them options it can be handled. It should be deliberated on the students themselves to handle the issue and come to solving them.

For those associated with the right teacher or the mentor proves to be fortunate and will be successful in all their endeavours.

PenPencilEraser V1.4 Release Announcement!



Today we have been much pleased to announce the version release for PenPencilEraser V1.4, this release has a specialty with much waited and most desired feature, ‘The Mobile App for Parents’.

This release includes all the updates about the Mobile App feature for Parents, which it includes the required feature built in the web app. The amended, highly supportive and secured mobile app feature ascends with the best user-experience.

What’s the lead in Mobile App?

It’s a great balance to the school updates and takes your indulgence with your child school and the child performance to new heights with this instant collaborative mobile the Mobile App for parents.

Your child school should try this promising features.

It enhances the sense of attachment with the school

Balances the updates and performances

Helps to follow with the school anytime and no delays anticipated

Supports the best way and feel happy for the simple reason staying connected all while.

… and get the instant notification of all the updates and relax your state of mind with regards to the education.

What’s in this Release of Mobile App?


It can be said the other way as to all your expectation over the child in school comes as an update to the parent with the mobile app.

The parents get the consolidated updates over their children attendance, homework, notifications, messages in the dashboards for an instant look up.

The complete details of each of the child can be viewed in the same screen as an overview of the updates.

Each child details gets a detailed view. The attendance for the complete year, the homework with the deadlines and reference downloads, the parent can update the homework status along with the attachments.

The child messages can be received and replied or clarified.

The Exam schedules, the assessment reports, the fee tracking, the leave request and what more, send and receive birthday wishes from the class buddies.

You should really give a try to know more on the features and the best part is you can add multiple schools even when your children study in different schools integrated with PenPencilEraser. A quick move over the devices and secured will be access to the restricted devices in the log in mode. More so your school will be able to reset the device ids in case of the device lost scenarios.

Get it here:
Don’t miss any update from your child school!
Download the Official School App in your mobile.

Track, communicate, request, intimate, submit, clarify, and even apply over the mobile app instantly.

You could get this Android App on Play Store https://play.google.com/store/search?q=penpencileraser&hl=en

Updates in the Web App in this release

This release dedicated for the mobile app feature does include few amendments in the Admin panel for the schools, this allows the admin to create the School Code desired by the schools and associate with their school instances.

The schools are free to share the school code to their parents and the public who will be able to log in to the mobile app as a guest and be able to browse the website information about the school.

The parents who download the app and register their child name which automatically be updated in the web app of the school with the device id of the parents of the respective child. The control will be at the school admin level to delete the device id when not required.

Few other updates will be the added feature in the Homework module where the parents have the privilege to update the child homework status along with uploading the files. These submitted files can be viewed and evaluated by the respective teacher.

Contact us

If you have any questions or feedback, please let us know in this comment session or Contact us page. You are welcome to request for a demo at your convenient time. We are fully committed to improve PenPencilEraser, School Management Software experience and look forward to hearing from you.


3 ways to shift the level of engagement of students in classroom!

If you want to shift the level of engagement at the classroom for your students, then you are one among the forward thinkers who wish to contribute more to the young learners. On a general mind-storming session with a group of experienced teachers the question of level of engagement meter and cultivating your engagement meter showed much enthusiasm and unified response.

The educators, mentors are so clear that they heartily agree over the high-energy levels when students get deeply engage in the concepts and that they show much shift in the energy levels. The immense joy being experienced and this overwhelmed feel turns out to be an achievement.

The innovative means of engaging students and the mind-set of the new generation are developed based on the level of engagement experienced by them in everyday classroom. So, the teachers employ better care to create an emotionally safe environment for all the students to come forward without the fear of humiliation. In more ways, the student’s engagement can be developed with a shift in thinking.

  • Provide blog writing skills in students where their ideas get to display.
  • Not just assess the answer whether correct or wrong, instead go for creating an explanation.
  • Bring in the students the self-awareness about the concepts and understanding.
  • Grab the attention of students with some questionnaire.
  • Teach the z-platform of thinking levels in each of the concepts and relate them to the practical applications.

As we realize the importance of the shift in the level of engagement in students let us quickly plan the approach to bring in a wide change in the real thinking of the students. For each of the subject by its nature the teacher deliberates interesting activity for the child. Some times for the literature a learning studio is been created which is an imaginative learning group which targets on happy and systematic learning.

The students are readily seen acceptable to the concept and they get organized in the perfect mix. For subjects like the Science and Social one may think of the Fishbowl concept which a group of students are made to sit in the middle and a group on the outer circle who would face the middle students. The students in the middle will need to come up with the concept from lessons, a need for problem solving and the group outside will be required to participate bringing the solutions.

For some higher standard students, can think of something innovative and create an environment to help them work on the practical projects and bring in to innovate real time working models or gadgets. Thinks of something like the Google Room which has lots of colours, free space to collaborate and unleash their ideas to the fullest.

Ways to shift the level of Engagement in Students:

Since it carries to be done with lots of encouragements the students level of understanding and matching up with the new generation mind-set makes the most of every bit of engagement. The faculty need to choose the level of engagement which is been expected in the student for learning the subject and plan the motivation level to extract the right level of engagement in students.

Acknowledge the Talents in the Students

Well, this is the primary key to bring the benefits of student engagement. It should always be encouraged for the students to exhibit their talent and talent when given a platform for creativity it rocks and does wonders.

“Doing easily what others find it difficult is TALENT; Doing what is impossible with talent is GENIUS.”

In most scenario, the children seem to outsmart the teachers when it is related to the use of technology and in most cases students when given a supporting motivation they can do wonders. The teachers would need to give an appreciation to the student and when acknowledged the student to discuss more and exhibit more on the given subject they would get more creative and would excel in the same.

Provide Students an Opportunity

When one or few students are the early bird finishers of some complex assignment then here should be an opportunity provided to recognize their talents. The faculty should extend a welcome and allow them to help those who require support or find the concept difficult to handle. A perfect teacher encourages and ignites the spirit of teaching in student to help their peer groups.

The learning gets better and each time the opportunity is extended the relationship of the students gets improved and they bring better chance to help their classmates the best way. The teacher is also admired for the opportunity and the motivation provided.

Provide Students the required Comfort Level

This is recently experienced where in the teachers get struck over the smart classrooms or when they are demonstrating some app. Instead of deviating or putting a full stop over it when something goes wrong, instead provide the student a chance to explore and meet the solution. This encouragement when comes with freedom and permissions the young minds are seen to work multi-fold and they will soon discover and teach how things work.

Amazing results are experienced when such innovative trends are practiced in every day classrooms and of all stages of education.


Should the Class Ranking System be Retained?

Let us now forget whether we are towards the conventional or the contemporary methods. Schools comprehend the intent to provide the best for the students in terms of education and life skills. The primary exposure to students away from their family is obtained from the exposure received at the schools.

Schools does take unsurpassed care for the students to enhance their subject talent and predicts the level of concentration that is been required for each of the student to mark an excellence. In this stream of procedures and rather the multi-talented children are also prepared to the realities of facing the situations.

All the hard work and the learning is measured in terms of assessments. There are few other benchmarks of assessing the progress of the child and their noteworthy contribution is taken up for recognition.

Now I would like to break the ice to say that most schools are prepared to eliminate the class ranking system as they may demotivate the child. Although many concepts are emerging over the next generation standards, we may tend to think it is best to avoid the question in the title, but let’s consider an example over the how the next generation standards are with the subject Science.

The next generation standards:

Contemplate on the subject Science and the futuristic divisions will be based on Physical Science, Life Science, Space Science and Engineering Science. The interesting way which gets practiced over the learning and meeting the requirements will be to ask questions and define problems, develop models and show the applications, plan and analyse, indulge in computational thinking, design solutions, stand by the evidence and prove over the concepts.

Anyone would agree this is the right way of learning which is far more improvised than the traditional methods. So, this being the scenario added crosscutting concepts to support better learning emerges each time.

Competition Encouragement:

The assessment tools are amply and much rubrics methodology gets applied for the performance augmentation in students. Most assessment are done to understand the performance of the students rather their subject understanding and their intrusive clarifications over the concepts.

Such assessments are most essential and they are practiced way back of initial Gurukul method of education. So, now is the time when you see the difference of opinion in educators and how much of value been thought of in each of the process.

Reduce Student Stress with No Assessment:

It was intended as a good practice to avoid the assessment to students of young age as it reduces the stress built in them. When treated at par and all the desperate measures to improve the education and the child performance are welcomed but for the class ranking system. Keeps the child cheerful and allowing them to learn in their own pace will help in better education are the thought behind many reformers. These agitators are the reason behind the policies which get established.

The Sooner Taught the Better will be Managed:

Here comes the differential opinion of the activist over the class ranking system being functional. This is strongly recommended despite the arguments of stress-free learning as when students enter the competitive world where they cannot deny any form of assessment or evaluation they will fail to manage. We need to prepare students for such realities and they should have the self-esteem to keep their performance high.

The sooner they access the fact of being in competition the better will be their live-in future. The students who do not excel in certain subjects might get chance to prove in other fields, so it is not that once lacking behind must be depressed. It is a challenge taught to the students to fight the competition and come to the forefront. This is a great life skill which needs to be exposed rather taught to the child.

Over all, a great many ideas and thought provoking arguments although sets the things right, it is strongly believed and recommended that the class ranking system deserves retention for the simple and straight forward reason being the life skill learnt.

Artificial Intelligence driving all industries, does it include education sector?

It is quite understood what we see from the happenings around us that the world is running on the artificial intelligence. The technology advancement exists in all industries. We are amazed to see our day managed by apps, electronic systems and computers which play tracking our system in life and business, the google innovation upfront to the complete automation and what is lagging to great extend is the education industry.

More specifically in the recent days the advancement is been souring up and we see the model of the interconnectivity and high availability not just simplifies the tasks but gives much of intellectual systems. Just think of the recent advancements which is a breakthrough as we see companies to name Amazon prepared to pilot the drones to handle their delivery of packages. The wonderful GPS system laid its foundation for the driverless automobiles. The robotic decision making, another amazing intellectual happening is the potential and advancement in the video games which outperforms the human intelligence. The robotics housekeeping technology shows the difference.

Machine Learning:

This is one another greatest achievement of AI, around 50% of the people in technology have experienced this and it remains being adopted by their enterprise. The IQ of the machine when tested does have much potential and the machine learning is being used for research, customer satisfaction and reviews, market interpretations, security handling, office automation and some quality detection as well. It is nothing but in short, the fast food of thoughts and so the speed is mind-blowing in bringing the results and conclusions.

The Scientific Achievements:

Right from the domestic to the high space technology the scientific achievements are commendable. The driver-less electric cars, the drones, robot services, space optimization and the new spaceship. The Internet of Things is yet another innovation which facilities the biosphere to explore better.

Bringing to light, the AI is much significant in all the industries and wondering its aspect in the education sector. This is one sector which can be explored for the ultimate digitization. So far, the intelligence is seen taking place each hour of the day like the automatic parking sensors, warning, updates, schedules, collaboration and cloud connectivity.

Glance through the AI in education industry:

Obviously, education includes management, administration, teaching, mentoring, training and as well as the assessments. This is wide where the stakeholders are of different age groups. Wonderfully management systems are met with time delays, lack of collaboration, no proper systems. Here comes the need for digital interface and automatized systems.

School Management Automation

This is where the complete process of school administration which has transformed to digital platform, now being the era of automation you could see the systems managing the attendance with bio-metric, communication and collaboration, the best part is the intelligent and automatic grading system. This keeps the systems operate flawless and would be able to save on time and need no efforts in handling.

Education – the learning system

AI has grown to great extend to put the emphasis on learning. Student can experience and learn in real time with the demonstrative learning. Such adaptive learning is made available individually for each standard and they can create and impact nation wise.

Vertical Learning

AI systems which are available to solve the issues will help the students understand the solving methods and progressing in such an extensive manner will help in building the knowledge to the next level in students. Students need not look for special tutoring and need not wait to progress in standards too. This system will provide the best education and they will be provided an opportunity to keep them progressing with advance tutoring system.

A Shift in the role of Teachers

Teachers as we know would penetrate the minds of their students with the concepts but also deny the challenge to make him understand in the sharp way. As the introduction of the intelligent systems to the education which allowed the teachers to quickly handle the classes What happens to this shift as tutors will be only guide the students who have some setbacks. Hence, they are known for their exclusive consultation service.

Experiment your Learning

Artificial intelligence is a best try out although which helps the student to get the results instantly and the error spot which also provides the guidance for the improvements. This helps in acquiring skills the best way at any desired level of learning.

The education, teaching, learning, the systems would all be a revolutionary change in the coming decades and it would be in the hands of artificial intelligence. Students would upgrade their potential and intelligence multi-fold and the results would be seen for the betterment.