Teaching effectively with limited resources!


Thousands of teachers across the globe teach in very humble classrooms that have nothing except blackboards, chalks, and tables, sometimes nothing at all. Obviously it is, difficult to teach with enthusiasm in such classrooms in this modern age; however, there are teachers who know how to cope with this situation as they have no other option but to devise their own ways and methods to adapt to the situation. Today there are various skills and techniques that can help teachers work effectively without all those materials that “modern classrooms” are equipped with. In this article, we are going to explore some useful tips and ideas that teachers can follow in order to teach well in very traditional settings.

Have friendly rapport with your students

When the teacher is liked and admired by his students’ chances are, his overall teaching practices will effectively work. in a friendly atmosphere, students will surely try their best to interact actively with their teacher and will compete between each other to respond and show their talents; the teacher in this atmosphere is required to give chance to every student to participate without forgetting to respond to their answers with positive feedbacks to encourage them. This will certainly smooth the process of teaching and learning and it can all be done through simple activities like mini-talks and discussions that will enable students to improve their communicative skills.

Among other things that can help teachers create this friendly rapport, we can cite:

  • Warm greetings at the beginning of every session.
  • Eye contact with a smile makes students feel more relaxed and comfortable.
  • An audible clear voice that captures the attention of all the attendants.
  • Addressing pupils by their names and never ever call someone by a name that he/she dislikes.
  • Reward students who excel in tasks, projects, and tests with prizes or extra marks.

These above tips should all be adopted by teachers regardless of what type of classrooms they teach in, but are strongly needed in teachers who lack basic school materials in order to shift the focus of all the class to the teacher’s talk and explanations and to each student’s contributions.

Exploit what’s available in your classroom, maybe just blackboard and chalk!

The truth is that there are students who love to go to the blackboard and write, I have witnessed this type of students myself, whenever I enter the classroom I find them there standing in front of the board writing whatever pops up into their minds, words, sentences, their favorite team clubs…etc. this clearly shows that students are still deeply connected with chalk and the board, teachers should exploit this by integrating “writing in the blackboard by students” in all activities; by doing so, students will become more confident and less stressed and will definitely improve their handwriting. It is also advisable for teachers to use colors to help students differentiate between new vocabulary, structures, quotes and so on.

Conducting contests in the classroom

Teachers can organize small contests of public speaking, writing, and reading in the classroom, these activities do not require any materials and are easy to conduct, they help break the routine of lessons and are much enjoyed by students especially if the winner is rewarded at the end. If time doesn’t allow for extra activities these contests can be integrated within the lessons. When planning these contests teachers should prepare the activities, questions with the same degree of difficulty or simplicity to provide equal opportunity for all the participants and not to be seen as favoring one group or one student over the other.

No photocopiers!

Many schools today lack photocopiers especially in the so-called “third world”; therefore teachers are required to look for other ways to solve this problem, and the best thing to do is to prepare large flip charts and tape them on the blackboard for the whole class to see, students then can copy the exercises or whatever is in the flipchart in their notebooks, It’s like having a worksheet in one’s table and copying from it.

Group work


This technique can help students interact well with each other with common school materials. But when doing activities with group work teachers should make sure that each individual has an exact role to play in order to prevent the excellent students from doing or dominating all the work and to make it more effective each Group shouldn’t exceed more than five or six students.

To sum up, when facing new environment and tough situations most teachers find ways out to adapt and excel, the reality always defines what approaches and techniques we should follow. The fact is that it’s not all about having internet, library, projectors … in the class, most of all it’s about being willing and determined to work and help students discover and reach new horizons with whatever you have in your hands.

Artificial Intelligence driving all industries, does it include education sector?

It is quite understood what we see from the happenings around us that the world is running on the artificial intelligence. The technology advancement exists in all industries. We are amazed to see our day managed by apps, electronic systems and computers which play tracking our system in life and business, the google innovation upfront to the complete automation and what is lagging to great extend is the education industry.

More specifically in the recent days the advancement is been souring up and we see the model of the interconnectivity and high availability not just simplifies the tasks but gives much of intellectual systems. Just think of the recent advancements which is a breakthrough as we see companies to name Amazon prepared to pilot the drones to handle their delivery of packages. The wonderful GPS system laid its foundation for the driverless automobiles. The robotic decision making, another amazing intellectual happening is the potential and advancement in the video games which outperforms the human intelligence. The robotics housekeeping technology shows the difference.

Machine Learning:

This is one another greatest achievement of AI, around 50% of the people in technology have experienced this and it remains being adopted by their enterprise. The IQ of the machine when tested does have much potential and the machine learning is being used for research, customer satisfaction and reviews, market interpretations, security handling, office automation and some quality detection as well. It is nothing but in short, the fast food of thoughts and so the speed is mind-blowing in bringing the results and conclusions.

The Scientific Achievements:

Right from the domestic to the high space technology the scientific achievements are commendable. The driver-less electric cars, the drones, robot services, space optimization and the new spaceship. The Internet of Things is yet another innovation which facilities the biosphere to explore better.

Bringing to light, the AI is much significant in all the industries and wondering its aspect in the education sector. This is one sector which can be explored for the ultimate digitization. So far, the intelligence is seen taking place each hour of the day like the automatic parking sensors, warning, updates, schedules, collaboration and cloud connectivity.

Glance through the AI in education industry:

Obviously, education includes management, administration, teaching, mentoring, training and as well as the assessments. This is wide where the stakeholders are of different age groups. Wonderfully management systems are met with time delays, lack of collaboration, no proper systems. Here comes the need for digital interface and automatized systems.

School Management Automation

This is where the complete process of school administration which has transformed to digital platform, now being the era of automation you could see the systems managing the attendance with bio-metric, communication and collaboration, the best part is the intelligent and automatic grading system. This keeps the systems operate flawless and would be able to save on time and need no efforts in handling.

Education – the learning system

AI has grown to great extend to put the emphasis on learning. Student can experience and learn in real time with the demonstrative learning. Such adaptive learning is made available individually for each standard and they can create and impact nation wise.

Vertical Learning

AI systems which are available to solve the issues will help the students understand the solving methods and progressing in such an extensive manner will help in building the knowledge to the next level in students. Students need not look for special tutoring and need not wait to progress in standards too. This system will provide the best education and they will be provided an opportunity to keep them progressing with advance tutoring system.

A Shift in the role of Teachers

Teachers as we know would penetrate the minds of their students with the concepts but also deny the challenge to make him understand in the sharp way. As the introduction of the intelligent systems to the education which allowed the teachers to quickly handle the classes What happens to this shift as tutors will be only guide the students who have some setbacks. Hence, they are known for their exclusive consultation service.

Experiment your Learning

Artificial intelligence is a best try out although which helps the student to get the results instantly and the error spot which also provides the guidance for the improvements. This helps in acquiring skills the best way at any desired level of learning.

The education, teaching, learning, the systems would all be a revolutionary change in the coming decades and it would be in the hands of artificial intelligence. Students would upgrade their potential and intelligence multi-fold and the results would be seen for the betterment.