Here is why Teachers and Parents have to redesign to expectations!

Parent’s expectations over Teachers Vs Teacher’s hopes over Parents!

Just as I came across few difference of opinion from the parents who constantly seek to the teachers of their ward to understand the language and the interest of their children. This is the foremost interesting aspect of the parents in relation to the child education. To parents although it is the milestone to start off with sending their kids to school, it is rather a scary thing that each parents experience and they bound ample trust in teachers. The expectations of parents are beyond the consideration which requires each of the teacher to work with the complete passion.

Why? If this the question, it is not the right one as it is quite obvious that the child is exposed to the huge world for the first time and of course it is immensely a nerve-wracking part of each parent. So, what happens here is the teacher tend to hear from the parent of each of the child, meaning the child requires care and is precious to them. How do you think the teacher can react here? Yes! Of course it is not a defined job to proceed with the general systems and for which I had already quoted that it is the teacher on whom the faith and trust is imposed by each parent. Working with great passion is the best option to give best results.

The essential part of teacher is of course the teaching yet they may have to show desirable amount of strong participation in the overall development of the child.

How do you think this can happen and it is being understood that this has to be done mutually? Here is the start of your lesson to work on the betterment of your students.

The following points will cater to the everyday happenings and how the teacher can take advantage of spending and observing more time with the students.

  • Build strong relationship with the student getting to know their family and friends.
  • Observe the daily activities of the student.
  • Understand her mental behaviour, does the child participate actively
  • Get to know the strengths and dreams of the student
  • Manage to have an open discussion and provide valuable consultation

You are also responsible to share and communicate to the student parents either during the Parents-Teachers conference and even beyond those specific days. Most of the inputs the teacher transports to the parents would come as a wonder to parents. Parents bring their wards to your schools with the mindset of giving the best to the best and the general question to the returning child from the school would be how was your school today, don’t you think this is very generic and most parents would get the answer as ‘fine’, parents have less chance to see their child in independent atmosphere and at home they are taught to be kind, generous, friendly and punctual, this adds to the curiosity of the parents to get to know their child activities. With all these parents would shoot out questions like Is my child friendly? Attentive? Participative? sociable? Kind or boisterous? Punctual or deferred? Supportive or argumentive? Here will be a teacher not with full of energy but with full of passion caring and getting to know about the child delightfully and succeeding in winning the confidence and comfort of the parents.

So, challenges are not scarce for teachers, at the same time do not underestimate your value in the life of students. The child of any age will be thankful and obliged for the education shared, love, support, encouragement, care and guidance received from their teacher.

Now, looking at the vice versa,

Making the most with the parents of students is a real thing missing in our education culture. Upfront, Parents need to be considered the key players for the child education. During the schooling process the school provides the best possible learning at school and the subjects are generally supported at home learning. This is a strong method in which the parent gains a strong relationship with the school.

Teachers need to make use of PTA

The Parents-Teachers association is said to bridge the gap and cultivate a strong foundation to discuss about the child interest, progress in academics, improve in attitude and scan through the daily activities of the child. Why don’t the teachers make use of the parent’s feedback who are the key players in the child education.

Generally, for the school as well the feedback and the suggestions obtained from parents work out best for the overall achievement and the progress of the school credibility. Here should the management insist on the frequency of the parents meet which deliberates teachers to experience both support and condemnation.

Parents are the consultancy board without fees!

One thing understood here is that it is not necessary for the school and the teachers to consider every opinion of the parents but definitely it would benefit to make few constructive changes over the feedback. Parents are the ultimate, who have expectations, who deal direct with the public, who try to compare with other schools, who wish to give the best for the child. It cannot be isolated working with them and hence although some schools neglect or get nervous over inviting the parents, the confident school with the progressive mindset should implement such meetings and set goals for the ultimate satisfaction.

Parents are expected to support the school and the teachers to deliver best schooling experience for all children, they need to understand and adhere to the strategies to follow in the child progressive results.

More so the difficulties faced by the child need to be discussed and set solutions to work on the positive grounds. The collaborative functioning of both the responsible adults, the teachers and parents can make wonders happen in the life of every child. The first step is the sense of realization which helps take this forward optimistically.

The Conclusion:

Both Parents and the Teachers are powerful bodies who are required to work on the same platform with wider mindset and energetic over providing the best education for the children and adding values to their schooling and life.

Boost Education through Digital Game-based Learning!

There are times when a certain subject needs an alternative approach, or a ‘fresh set of eyes’, so to speak. Seeing and doing something in a new kind of way can help a person understand or learn better.

Education is no different. There are numerous pedagogical approaches used by educators, and one such approach is starting to pick up steam within the academic community.

Game-based learning, or the use of game applications, virtual tools and simulations for learning, is becoming more and more widespread in various regions across the world, including North America, Europe and Asia Pacific.

Before moving on, however, it is important to note that learning through this method is not a replacement for traditional studying. Instead, it is a form of supplement which further enhances skill sets and knowledge in a manner that’s not usually done in conventional schools and classrooms.

Is it Effective?
Education can become routine, and that in turn may lead to a dampened interest in studying for regular students. The familiar processes of reading, memorization, exams, and other conventional methods of studying are all well and good, but these get dull and aren’t enough for the students to really acquire what needs to be learned.

Entering with game-based learning is with the help of engaging and interactive applications and programs, the student will become more active and motivated to learn. Game worlds can provide environments that are familiar to the student, in turn effectively retaining his/her interest to play and eventually learn.

Games are also platforms that allow people to encounter challenges which can be applied in the real world. Problem solving, teamwork through multiplayer games, and perseverance are just a few of the abstract concepts easily grasped in game play.

Additionally, accomplishments such as completing a level for instance, gives the student a sense of optimism and self-esteem. On the other hand, failures and mistakes allow for experimentation and an ‘outside the box’ form of thinking, so as to effectively perform better next time. Alertness, concentration and task completion are few soft skills which each of the students need to practice and excel in their student life. These qualities seem to get well training by digital gaming.

One good example based on research were flight simulation programs. Consistent training improvements were observed on subjects who worked with combined simulation programs and actual aircrafts, as opposed to those who trained with an aircraft only.

Is it Sustainable?

In the field of higher education, reports suggest that the game-based learning market will have a compound annual growth rate of almost 14% from this year up to 2020. This is because game-based learning lets higher education students receive knowledge about more complex and technical matters through active and retained participation in advanced gaming programs.

In addition, the same demographic were observed to be more invested in learning about foreign languages and increase their fluency through relevant applications. They undergo learning courses in forms of games and simulations.

The ever-advancing tech the world has today also secures the place of game-based learning, especially through mobile devices. You get updates for your smartphone through your carrier or other sources, and game developers will follow the trend, never ceasing to create all sorts of gaming programs, thus, there will be no shortage of digital tools for this type of learning.

Beyond interactive whiteboards and the electronic reads that keeps the learning engaged, more on the platform of creativity and innovative thinking adds up when the children are experiencing game-based learning. So the future demands more of game creations and creating games are just not for entertainment or not just for learning but it should be created for both the purpose balanced solution to meet the objective. Once the game gets created it defines a goal or objective for the winning status and more strategies can be implemented. The brain storming concepts leads to the best creation for the best learning experience.

Lastly, it is not restricted to computer labs of schools nor advanced training facilities, as people nowadays have easy access to the internet. Therefore, online game-based learning is available to anyone. This allows for a convenient, personalized, hands-on experience for any student. All that’s needed is the desire to learn.

Best classroom is the one that is roofed by the sky, Why?

Schools known to  create opportunities for students to gain knowledge and perform well academically along with personality grooming. The study over and looking into few existing strategies have created a successful concepts from the ground up of the existing system that teaches on redesigning strategy to meet the highly challenging education and become ultra successful.

Just as the thought of working on the perspective of students to improve their grades, students prove performing better if schools opt for sky as roof! To make it more topic oriented I would rather try to mention this literature to be titled as 1. Outdoor learning to boost student’s skills in academics, 2. The 12 benefits really experienced in outdoor learning, 3. Classroom having sky as roof study a lot, why?

Schools are licensed based on the lavish outdoor space and the amazing grounds, all these while it is being known as the playgrounds and games spot. The recent researches began to see it as skill development and going back to years and ages of stone dwelling where the initial thought of schools originated, schools were outdoor in the open grounds. Before we study the advantage of outdoor learning let us quickly get to know how the children these days rationed with no breeze, no nature, no wide space, no touch of ground, no walk, no climb and ultimately no practical experience. Learning today has become more theoretical, imagery, descriptive and only representations of each thing is been familiar rather than the true living.

 The experts bring out the gains of outdoor learning and it is just not an overcome of pains of indoor learning. This subjects to the well being of the mental and physical boost ups for the students. This though can be explained but it’s something to be experienced.

To start with let us look into the benefits of outdoor learning. It would certainly increase the well-being and would co-ordinate well with the learning minds. In simple terms, let us briefly look at the refining and arriving skills on outdoor learning.

Boosts Self-confidence:

It is more of developing the strength over the co-ordination with the general fitness level and it psychologically improves the learning ability and over all the boost up of the self-esteem accelerates their performance with confidence to higher levels.

Obtain Relaxed and Focused minds:

Large space with nature creates focused thoughts and every word learnt gets into the minds. It is a great practice to do revisions outdoor, the question here is not having vast space but being in a nature spot acknowledges the freshness and feel stress free.

Builds a Sense of Exploration:

With the students are directly connected with the nature and community they automatically collaborate and they start exploring the betterment which indirectly creates a self-identity for them.

Quick Observation with Real-life:

Students gets gripped easily with the concepts and they relate the concepts and knowledge gained to the real environment and adds up meaning to the real life which would boosts their awareness to better extend.

Remembers better every word:

Outdoor learning makes it more memorable and the general thought is that we cannot take Maths, Science, Geography for outdoor but it is quite important to find strategies to look up on outdoor learning as the impact of better understanding and remembering is more than expected.

Well, although interestingly we learnt the benefits of outdoor learning, let us now relate to the direct academic benefits which is a supportive point to show sheer performance.
      • Improved Grades

        Doubtlessly, this opens up minds and grabs the attention of all educators. When the student is experienced in outdoor curriculum their cognitive skills improves and overall their caliber outsmarts the traditional learning.

      • Healthier health

        Outdoor leaning not only stimulates academically, as mentioned it induces better wellness of health in children which eradicates childhood obesity.

      • Feels happy

        In a natural way children feel happy and delighted among nature, this keeps them happy and minds fresh to gather more and more learning and knowledge.

      • Independent

        It is so true to prove the independence but such kind of experimental learning would certainly increase their confidence. It shows great willingness to outdoor activities and ultimately they seem to adhere to become independent to handle the outdoor challenges.

      • Motivated

        This is directly related to enthusiasm and in most cases children prove to be enthusiast at the outdoor activities which positive transform them to better learning. Students who undergo this scenario are highly motivated and that concludes the ultimate benefits of outdoor learning.

      • Good Attitude

        This not only mean willingness to learn outdoor but it takes a good leap in the positive attitude which get exhibited in students. They get more aware of the prevailing environment challenges which can make them responsible over the environment.

      • Promotes Communication Skills

        Most schools both primary and high school tend to conduct discussions, seminars, writing and speaking innovative topics, debating and much more related to creative speaking. Rather than the traditional manner when these activities are handled outdoor the spontaneity and fluency are enhanced and hence it proves to improve the communication skills.

Overall, the consolidated comment when the schools experimented over the outdoor learning declares that the trouble maker of the classroom is one of the leader in the classroom. Hence the so call open air classroom are best when compared to the traditional classrooms. It is quite true to the saying the best classroom is the one that is roofed by the sky. The children learn how to learn when in play and outdoor.

The 8 Ways to stimulate students to be creative!

Creativity is an inbound skill which takes expertise, unique thinking and motivation that drives you over building innovation, naturally allowing more individualism. Children possess these in great extend and what is required is the quick guidance, motivation and the drive to ignite the young minds to ultimate achievements.

Creativity may be cultivated making a balance in the thinking ability. The general practice at schools are the projects which foster creativity in students but to what extend is rather the question. Creating ample space to creativity, building confidence, encouraging curiosity, incorporating and integrating collaboration and cultural values, extending the resources are few of the desirable changes which inculcates the students to be creative.

Here are 8 intrinsic factors that can stimulate the creativity of students, focus on these points with right efforts to get results.

Meet up with challenge

Create challenging situations as difficult tasks triggers the creativity. Match with skill and interest to add its creativity. Students when set with challenging task would quickly cater to adopt inventively and seek for options to come out successfully, in this process the creative talent is been triggered to greater extend.

Desirable freedom

Allow to choose their desirable path, task might be to climb the mountains but never utter which mountain. Generates ample creativity here. When you are required to master the child with the creative ability you need to provide ample freedom over the decisions. Creativity can be triggered by large in the areas that interests the child.

Right resources

No more or no less the right use of time and money paralleled with the knowledge and equipment makes a leap to ignite the creativity. Limited or closed circumference would not be the right exposure, the resource of learning and experimenting the creative ability lies more vividly on the ample resources.

Constructive mindset

Creativity is contagious but the team working with must show varied talents. Although diverse team, each one should work with the similar mindset. Never let the mind dilute with the destructive ideas. Get your student work with the supportive minds.

Shouldering the responsibility

The level of enthusiasm cultivates creativity and on creativity comes the responsibility. Encourage, motivate and let students shoulder responsibility. It is the need of the hour that students have to possess skills to independently complete the task. When the task gets completed with the complete responsibility it triggers the sense of creativity to the peak.

Support as required

Should have a sense of support from the school, parents and friends as well. This needs a superfine handling as the feel of being supported is important. This might sound contradicting to shouldering the responsibility but the difference is that although support is extended the responsibility lies with the students.

Don’t just let them think

Thinking is an enemy of creativity, it dilutes the ideas, just start doing rather than thinking. By doing right things or things right you are successful. Most cases student just keep thinking all the way about achieving or creating something but the real prompt should be to stop thinking and start doing.

Encourage Solutions

Never jump into the scene, let them work on solutions and do encourage children to discuss solutions related to each problem. Keep the understanding in place that it’s the student duty to tackle the situation and keep on encouraging the solutions right from them and at one time they would get it right.

“Ultimately, you can’t use up creativity, the more you use it the more you gain”.


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Understanding the aggregation of Payroll Module!

Payroll management at schools is quiet a challenging task and critical to handle at each step. Substantially, the impact would be a financial hindrance and might cause chaos. Its close integration with the attendance and the calculations makes it challenging when handled manually. Experiences would bring in more examples of errors, compromises, mismatch data and cumbersome time consumption which proves troublesome.

A complete automation and accurate process can be experienced with digitalization. Just not a plug and play but quite an integrated software. PenPencilEraser has complete integration with the Payroll Management similar to its other modules. It tackles the payroll in a systematic way to hit the massive process with digitalization.


With the conjunction of dynamic features over the income settings and the expense setting, specifically goes for each of the employees. Irrespective of any fixed policy the system allows complete dynamism to be used for any schools across the globe.

The integration with the attendance module be it any kind of biometric or the manual attendance as the school opts for can be managed by this system. Quick and easy to track the leaves, shifts, over time, other reimbursements and the types of applicable deductions like the taxes, advances, PF, insurance and others. This system is a smooth sailing for all types of complicated calculations as once defined particularly and when the masters are set it proves to act smart over all requirements. Another best part is the cloud platform that enables you to access from anywhere and anytime.

Interestingly, set are the reports which aids to the complete bank details of the staffs and all employees and the payroll statement can be obtained for the required months. The competitive scenario existing in schools which also gives privileges, exemptions and compensations. All of these are smartly managed by the payroll module.

An uninterrupted and accurate payroll handling is a lot time-saving and error-free for the ultimate satisfaction for schools. Most schools who look for an integrated software proves to be successful in the complete digitalization. Although the availability of plug and play software talks on its features but without the integration it does not support extensively and the data may have to be duplicated each time.

Looking deeper into the Payroll module of PenPencilEraser, it gives schools across globe to use it with simplicity. With the complete master setting that captures the school payroll policies and the payroll system. Each month on the roll out of the payroll creation the details are automated and gives you an overall view of the generated payroll. The tight integration with the attendance module secures the payroll automation with the precision data.

“It is cool to use this system, no hurry-burry over the eleventh hour, our accounts team rocks by using PenPencilEraser, School Management Software”. – Accounts Department, Vidya Mandir School

“Payroll is one of the best feature of PenPencilEraser, we are able to generate reports instantly and pay slips issue is quick and easy. We would highly recommend it to all schools”. – Administrator, Blooming kids Schools.

Substantially, if your school is interested in digitalization of the school administration and management, you could request for an online demo here. Visit PenPencilEraser for more details.