Understanding the aggregation of Payroll Module!

Payroll management at schools is quiet a challenging task and critical to handle at each step. Substantially, the impact would be a financial hindrance and might cause chaos. Its close integration with the attendance and the calculations makes it challenging when handled manually. Experiences would bring in more examples of errors, compromises, mismatch data and cumbersome time consumption which proves troublesome.

A complete automation and accurate process can be experienced with digitalization. Just not a plug and play but quite an integrated software. PenPencilEraser has complete integration with the Payroll Management similar to its other modules. It tackles the payroll in a systematic way to hit the massive process with digitalization.


With the conjunction of dynamic features over the income settings and the expense setting, specifically goes for each of the employees. Irrespective of any fixed policy the system allows complete dynamism to be used for any schools across the globe.

The integration with the attendance module be it any kind of biometric or the manual attendance as the school opts for can be managed by this system. Quick and easy to track the leaves, shifts, over time, other reimbursements and the types of applicable deductions like the taxes, advances, PF, insurance and others. This system is a smooth sailing for all types of complicated calculations as once defined particularly and when the masters are set it proves to act smart over all requirements. Another best part is the cloud platform that enables you to access from anywhere and anytime.

Interestingly, set are the reports which aids to the complete bank details of the staffs and all employees and the payroll statement can be obtained for the required months. The competitive scenario existing in schools which also gives privileges, exemptions and compensations. All of these are smartly managed by the payroll module.

An uninterrupted and accurate payroll handling is a lot time-saving and error-free for the ultimate satisfaction for schools. Most schools who look for an integrated software proves to be successful in the complete digitalization. Although the availability of plug and play software talks on its features but without the integration it does not support extensively and the data may have to be duplicated each time.

Looking deeper into the Payroll module of PenPencilEraser, it gives schools across globe to use it with simplicity. With the complete master setting that captures the school payroll policies and the payroll system. Each month on the roll out of the payroll creation the details are automated and gives you an overall view of the generated payroll. The tight integration with the attendance module secures the payroll automation with the precision data.

“It is cool to use this system, no hurry-burry over the eleventh hour, our accounts team rocks by using PenPencilEraser, School Management Software”. – Accounts Department, Vidya Mandir School

“Payroll is one of the best feature of PenPencilEraser, we are able to generate reports instantly and pay slips issue is quick and easy. We would highly recommend it to all schools”. – Administrator, Blooming kids Schools.

Substantially, if your school is interested in digitalization of the school administration and management, you could request for an online demo here. Visit PenPencilEraser for more details.