How teachers can learn swiftly to present a flawless short speech?

Specifically, this is for Teachers and we know teachers are great in tutoring and presenting ideas all-round the year, grabbing the attention of the students as audience. Still, why should they enrich on their skills for speech? Yes! flawless speech is not a cakewalk but requires differently thinking ability and so is the need to get equipped with these skills. Here comes, the difference between tutoring and presenting before a public crowd. This generally gives jitters and different people have different strategies to get over these anxieties and comprehensions.

When interviewed most of them mentioned that presenting before the crowd gives them a shake and they were not been able to overcome it with even a rehearsal. The try out would definitely help a few but will not be stated as a solution for the problem. Most of the teachers disclosed that public speaking had never been great for them and participation was also incredible. So, is the efforts taken to study on building successful strategies.

The general insights in speaking speeches would be to figure out the core of the message which gets delivered fast. So, let us now prepare for a short talk and bring out the essence of the message. In other words, it means less talk gives more forethought. “If I had more time I would have written a shorter letter,” as quoted by Blaise Pascal which proves true to itself as the short notes and descriptions takes much strategic thinking and consumes more time but the initial efforts has its own advantage and proves to be long standing.

So, here is keeping you focused now on 6 Tips for Efficient Short Speeches!

  1. Quickly start-off with a puzzle or serve a problem to the audience to keep them keen on finding the solution. Most audience do not prefer to listen to the introduction or the general commercials and hence you could quickly have a start to grab their attention.
  2. Rather than discussing the facts, talk about the true stories which are much engaging. This will create an emotional arc and the narration will stay memorable along with the dedicated attention earned from the audience.
  3. Organize a slide show and start in a simple manner, quickly build the talk with few conceptual words and as the slides just outlines the flow of concept you could benefit the trying out either recording video or audio, now force yourself to watch you talk. If it requires iteration then go ahead repeating several times till it gets perfect.
  4. Practicing gives you the flow and you would quickly remember the points one after the other, this is much better than just memorizing and reading. This reminds me of the quotes, “There is no glory in practice but without practice there is no glory”, few others are “Don’t practice to get it right but practice so as to you won’t go wrong”, Practice like you have never won, perform like you have never lost”.
  5. You can see your speech appreciated when a small punch of humour is added. Specially, this goes well for the short speech as you could be pretty sure that something is there cheering.
  6. When you practice make sure that you could deliberate the chance to interact with the people of same wavelength. This will add up to your learning from each other and put you in the foot of presenter.

The prime importance of what has to go with is even if you mess up just carry on with it as never will others know what you have prepared to deliver or what is the sequence of the content discussed. Keeping this in mind with aid to proceed with better confidence.

Public speaking for a teacher is a great enhancement for their career and it is no way related to the learned talent. With great dedicated practice and interest one will able to leave a lasting impression in the speech delivered.

A quick overview of few other generally practiced tips of great speakers in the educational world. As stated by Ralph Waldo Emerson, “All the great speakers were bad speakers at the first”. Right from amateurs to great speakers adhering to few tips that are indispensable. Take the opportunity to glance at each of them.


“Be sure you can become a better speaker by delivering concept based rather than content based”

This states that when you memorize content it goes unnatural and would sound more dramatic on the other hand when you move forward with the concept based talk it attracts the attention to greater extend.

 “Speak clearly if you speak at all, crave every word before you let it fall”

This is a clear quote for the enrichment which can be put to use by delivering the speech which are concept based and not mere content based. Speaking clearly and naturally can be achieved only if it is your own words and the talk focuses on concepts. To achieve this focus on natural delivering style.

 “Warm up with the audience before the presentation”

This is a clever move that once you extend an introduction and start a discussion with the people who are available for the presentation will create a sense of warm up and you would also gain few interesting points to share in the speech, this is a wonderful attention grabbing technique.

“Focus on an interactive presentation and use the effective devices”

Start off, move on or end with, all stages can be pretty interactive with the audience. Most cases interaction shall be encouraged by expecting an idea share, an answer or queries. It also proves good to go with the presentation.

Here you are all set to flash your performance and few things taken for granted which are self-understood are don’t just read from the slides, secondly, focus on the audience than the required speech.

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