Best classroom is the one that is roofed by the sky, Why?

Schools known to  create opportunities for students to gain knowledge and perform well academically along with personality grooming. The study over and looking into few existing strategies have created a successful concepts from the ground up of the existing system that teaches on redesigning strategy to meet the highly challenging education and become ultra successful.

Just as the thought of working on the perspective of students to improve their grades, students prove performing better if schools opt for sky as roof! To make it more topic oriented I would rather try to mention this literature to be titled as 1. Outdoor learning to boost student’s skills in academics, 2. The 12 benefits really experienced in outdoor learning, 3. Classroom having sky as roof study a lot, why?

Schools are licensed based on the lavish outdoor space and the amazing grounds, all these while it is being known as the playgrounds and games spot. The recent researches began to see it as skill development and going back to years and ages of stone dwelling where the initial thought of schools originated, schools were outdoor in the open grounds. Before we study the advantage of outdoor learning let us quickly get to know how the children these days rationed with no breeze, no nature, no wide space, no touch of ground, no walk, no climb and ultimately no practical experience. Learning today has become more theoretical, imagery, descriptive and only representations of each thing is been familiar rather than the true living.

 The experts bring out the gains of outdoor learning and it is just not an overcome of pains of indoor learning. This subjects to the well being of the mental and physical boost ups for the students. This though can be explained but it’s something to be experienced.

To start with let us look into the benefits of outdoor learning. It would certainly increase the well-being and would co-ordinate well with the learning minds. In simple terms, let us briefly look at the refining and arriving skills on outdoor learning.

Boosts Self-confidence:

It is more of developing the strength over the co-ordination with the general fitness level and it psychologically improves the learning ability and over all the boost up of the self-esteem accelerates their performance with confidence to higher levels.

Obtain Relaxed and Focused minds:

Large space with nature creates focused thoughts and every word learnt gets into the minds. It is a great practice to do revisions outdoor, the question here is not having vast space but being in a nature spot acknowledges the freshness and feel stress free.

Builds a Sense of Exploration:

With the students are directly connected with the nature and community they automatically collaborate and they start exploring the betterment which indirectly creates a self-identity for them.

Quick Observation with Real-life:

Students gets gripped easily with the concepts and they relate the concepts and knowledge gained to the real environment and adds up meaning to the real life which would boosts their awareness to better extend.

Remembers better every word:

Outdoor learning makes it more memorable and the general thought is that we cannot take Maths, Science, Geography for outdoor but it is quite important to find strategies to look up on outdoor learning as the impact of better understanding and remembering is more than expected.

Well, although interestingly we learnt the benefits of outdoor learning, let us now relate to the direct academic benefits which is a supportive point to show sheer performance.
      • Improved Grades

        Doubtlessly, this opens up minds and grabs the attention of all educators. When the student is experienced in outdoor curriculum their cognitive skills improves and overall their caliber outsmarts the traditional learning.

      • Healthier health

        Outdoor leaning not only stimulates academically, as mentioned it induces better wellness of health in children which eradicates childhood obesity.

      • Feels happy

        In a natural way children feel happy and delighted among nature, this keeps them happy and minds fresh to gather more and more learning and knowledge.

      • Independent

        It is so true to prove the independence but such kind of experimental learning would certainly increase their confidence. It shows great willingness to outdoor activities and ultimately they seem to adhere to become independent to handle the outdoor challenges.

      • Motivated

        This is directly related to enthusiasm and in most cases children prove to be enthusiast at the outdoor activities which positive transform them to better learning. Students who undergo this scenario are highly motivated and that concludes the ultimate benefits of outdoor learning.

      • Good Attitude

        This not only mean willingness to learn outdoor but it takes a good leap in the positive attitude which get exhibited in students. They get more aware of the prevailing environment challenges which can make them responsible over the environment.

      • Promotes Communication Skills

        Most schools both primary and high school tend to conduct discussions, seminars, writing and speaking innovative topics, debating and much more related to creative speaking. Rather than the traditional manner when these activities are handled outdoor the spontaneity and fluency are enhanced and hence it proves to improve the communication skills.

Overall, the consolidated comment when the schools experimented over the outdoor learning declares that the trouble maker of the classroom is one of the leader in the classroom. Hence the so call open air classroom are best when compared to the traditional classrooms. It is quite true to the saying the best classroom is the one that is roofed by the sky. The children learn how to learn when in play and outdoor.

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