PenPencilEraser V1.4 Release Announcement!



Today we have been much pleased to announce the version release for PenPencilEraser V1.4, this release has a specialty with much waited and most desired feature, ‘The Mobile App for Parents’.

This release includes all the updates about the Mobile App feature for Parents, which it includes the required feature built in the web app. The amended, highly supportive and secured mobile app feature ascends with the best user-experience.

What’s the lead in Mobile App?

It’s a great balance to the school updates and takes your indulgence with your child school and the child performance to new heights with this instant collaborative mobile the Mobile App for parents.

Your child school should try this promising features.

It enhances the sense of attachment with the school

Balances the updates and performances

Helps to follow with the school anytime and no delays anticipated

Supports the best way and feel happy for the simple reason staying connected all while.

… and get the instant notification of all the updates and relax your state of mind with regards to the education.

What’s in this Release of Mobile App?


It can be said the other way as to all your expectation over the child in school comes as an update to the parent with the mobile app.

The parents get the consolidated updates over their children attendance, homework, notifications, messages in the dashboards for an instant look up.

The complete details of each of the child can be viewed in the same screen as an overview of the updates.

Each child details gets a detailed view. The attendance for the complete year, the homework with the deadlines and reference downloads, the parent can update the homework status along with the attachments.

The child messages can be received and replied or clarified.

The Exam schedules, the assessment reports, the fee tracking, the leave request and what more, send and receive birthday wishes from the class buddies.

You should really give a try to know more on the features and the best part is you can add multiple schools even when your children study in different schools integrated with PenPencilEraser. A quick move over the devices and secured will be access to the restricted devices in the log in mode. More so your school will be able to reset the device ids in case of the device lost scenarios.

Get it here:
Don’t miss any update from your child school!
Download the Official School App in your mobile.

Track, communicate, request, intimate, submit, clarify, and even apply over the mobile app instantly.

You could get this Android App on Play Store

Get it on Google Play

Updates in the Web App in this release

This release dedicated for the mobile app feature does include few amendments in the Admin panel for the schools, this allows the admin to create the School Code desired by the schools and associate with their school instances.

The schools are free to share the school code to their parents and the public who will be able to log in to the mobile app as a guest and be able to browse the website information about the school.

The parents who download the app and register their child name which automatically be updated in the web app of the school with the device id of the parents of the respective child. The control will be at the school admin level to delete the device id when not required.

Few other updates will be the added feature in the Homework module where the parents have the privilege to update the child homework status along with uploading the files. These submitted files can be viewed and evaluated by the respective teacher.

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If you have any questions or feedback, please let us know in this comment session or Contact us page. You are welcome to request for a demo at your convenient time. We are fully committed to improve PenPencilEraser, School Management Software experience and look forward to hearing from you.



The Acceleration to Version 1.3.5 meets the Destination with Distinction!

PenPencilEraser Version 1.3.5 Release has enriched features and it was remarkable with the team to roll out features which amplifies the school experiences and practices. Going digital proves to be the right decision for schools and most importantly enjoy scaling up features easily with PenPencilEraser.

Display of Students order:

It is now possible for the schools to make the choice of listing the student order across the module. The choice can be whether Boys list followed by Girls list / Girls list followed by Boys list / Combined list of boys and girls in the order of Alphabet.

The following image is the settings page where you can define your settings as per your school requirement.

settings 1

The choice will be one of the following listed below.

settings 2

settings 3

settings 4

Transfer Certificate process:

TC to be proceeded or printed can be viewed in the preview mode and the prints can be taken in the colour or B/W prints.

setting TC 1

Improved Report Design:

The Reports across the application has an improved pdf design, which can be saved for reference and produced for submissions. Right from the Attendance, Performance, Assessment and even the Payroll, Payslip and much more.

A View of the sample:  

attendence student

User History Tracking:

Most importantly the User History Tracking which allows the Super Admin to track the activities of the users of the application with the date, time, action and their log-in details. This serves as an ultimate security of the use of the application.  The Admin can be comfortable about the access given to the school stakeholders and yet keep the complete control and tracking of the operation. This has turned out to be the most appreciated and effective feature of our reviewers. Your school will also experience this advantage.

setting history1

Payroll with Decimal Calculation:

Now the school is at its option to set the Payroll in the most dynamic manner. The school can choose to calculate the LOP (Loss of Pay) with the option either based on the Basic Pay of the employee or on the Total Earnings of the employee. Further, it is now possible to mark the leave in decimal and calculate for even odd days with decimal.

Settings payroll 1

Thank you for reading and if you wish to explore or need a demo, request here while we would love to hear from you about the feedback and suggestions. You are welcome to share with us at



Hello & Warm Greetings!

We are glad to integrate few major updates in your PenPencilEraser in order to facilitate the better experience. The details of the update are as follows.

PPE Version 1.3 Release:

What’s New?

The PenPencilEraser Version 1.3 release has enriched features and has improved its functions across various modules. The following are the details of the Release 1.3. Give your feedback or need assistance mail to

Core Features/Major Updates:

Parents Request for Child’s Leave gets Automatic updates:

When Parents request leave for the their ward from the parents portal the request comes for submission for the Super Admin of the school or any other assigned authority. On review when approved or denied it is automatically intimation to the parents. While the student gets his/her attendance marked absent even for the future date when approved.

Take a look at the Leave Request Form in the Parents Portal:

PPE 1.3_01


Check on the list of students leave requests which are displayed in the Super Admin or the Authorized user application.

PPE 1.3_02


When the leave request for the particular student has been approved, the leave for the student gets automatically marked in the leave days even when it is approved for future date. This gives the teacher to easily understand that the leave has been granted. In case the student by chance is present, the teacher can move back the student to the present list.

PPE 1.3_03


Absent During Exams and Default Marks:

Well, if the above request made by the parent gets coincided during the exams schedule and when approved by the authority, the school can decide to set a default mark of 35 for the absent student automatically. The reports and the mark list gets updated automatically with the default marks. This feature is again dynamic allowing the school to decide whether they want to set it or not.

PPE 1.3_04


In case of approved leave by the student during the exams it gets marked (*) which denotes this student has approved leave for exams and hence will be granted the default mark of 35 which will appear in the reports.

PPE 1.3_05


Glance at the form for the update of marks for subjects:

PPE 1.3_06


Permission for Users and User-groups:

For Exams and Marks, the school can set to give permission either for the Subject Teacher or the Class Tutor. This gives ultimate security as in case of the Subject Teacher setting, only the teacher handling the class for that particular subject can enter marks and update while the class tutor in this case will have the view feature. On the other hand when the permission is set for the Class Tutor then the exams and marks can be set by the class tutor of that particular class while none other will have the permission.

Take a look at the screen where the Admin sets permission for the marks and exams.

PPE 1.3_07


Take a look at the screen where the subject teacher on permission gets displayed only for the class handled.

PPe 1.3_08


Home Work Module:

It is now possible to update the homework for the back date of up to 5 days as in case of teacher absenteeism or for reasons of internet issues. The updates can be handled in the future date. The Super Admin can have the perfect track of the homework updates and homework issue date.

PPE 1.3_09


Marks with Decimals:

The marks entry can now be given in the decimal digits and hence it allows to assess the students’ marks without the need of round up.

PPE 1.3_10


Other Improvements: Few other friendly features for better user experience has been improvised across various module which you would recognize as in process of use.

These updates will automatically scaled up in your version allowing you to fully enjoy the features.

Thank you for the support and encouragement!


Announcement: PPE Version 1.2.5 moves from “Doing to Done”

We are glad to integrate a couple of updates in your PenPencilEraser in order to facilitate the better experience. The details of the update are as follows.


Teacher Task Status Report in Dashboard for Homework and Attendance:

This is a new concept integrated for the convenience of the Admin of the school. The super admin are the designated personnel can new view the list of task completion for the Homework and marking of the attendance. This will facilitate the management to quickly and instantly track the functions of the schools and the teachers. In just a click the complete list gets displayed and so at the tracking of the tasks is now simplified for the management.


As highlighted you could view the assigned homework and the attendance task completion for the day at the dashboard overview.

When you click on the Homework tab, you could access the details of the homework assigned for the day and also check who has assigned and the details of the homework. You could also change the dates or filter the classes using the quick filer provided.

home work2

When you click on the attendance tab in the dash board, you can access the attendance report for the particular date and so the task of the teachers can be viewed and checked for completion. It is also possible for you to change the date and view the attendance for any different day.


TC Printing:

This is another added feature with an enriched TC design for the print with the choice of color of black & white. Here it comes with the option to discontinue the student by giving the required details and hold it for double confirmation, until the TC is been generated for issue the details can be edited and the student TC can be cancelled until generated. The TC also follows a number sequence for the tracking.

The following images explains the process and the updates in the TC module.




Sample of B/W Print:


Sample of Colour Print:

TC colour



The PenPencilEraser Release 1.2 has enriched features and has improved its functions across various modules. The following are the details of the release 1.2. Give your feedback or need assistance mail to

Core Features/Major Updates:

Student Attendance Module:  Tracking Late coming Students

Description: Now Late Comers can be marked in the attendance and a report can be generated for the same. This feature have been included in your current version as in the report the late comers are marked and is also been highlighted in different colour. Further the late comers are considered to be present by default. The feature of SMS intimation to parents can be given in a single click ‘Send SMS’.

Benefits: The school can just drag and drop the late coming students while working on the attendance. The list in the report gets the display differentiated in the colours as well, Green for present, Red for absent and Orange for late coming. The report specifically for the Present, Absent and late coming can be viewed.

ppe latecoming1

ppe latecoming2

ppe latecoming3

Fee Module: Addition of Miscellaneous Expenses

Description: Any applicable miscellaneous fees can be collected without the requirement of the preset amount. Any amount can be collected as miscellaneous fees for the student without presetting. This will help in case of any expense incurred by any particular student like additional book issue, damages bill etc. The reports for the same can be collected.

ppe fees1

CCE Module: Pre-Set Descriptive Indicators

Description: This is a privilege to the teachers while assessing on the student performance. It is possible to set any number of pre-set indicators for the teachers to choose from the drop down. The drop down of the comments in the descriptive boxes can be any number of descriptions separated with a (,) comma and the option to add dynamically in the master setting will be possible.

ppe cce3

ppe cce1

ppe cce2

Student Profile Update:

Description: The details of the schemes the student is admitted and which is applicable can be mentioned in the masters and the selection box with the multiple selection allows the school to categorize the student applicable scheme.

ppe scheme1

Consolidated School Report:

Description: Under the reports session, the new feature addition which allows the user to generate reports for the whole school. It is also possible for the user to generate report based on the selective classes. This will facilitate the school to view the details based on the total number of girls/boys and other related details for the whole school or for more than one class on the selection basis.

ppe consolidated school report

ppe consolidated school report2

ppe consolidated school report3

Application Form:

Description: The form to be submitted by the parents/students through the website has been improvised. It guides you through the step by step procedures. This makes it easy and effective to have the form submitted to the school without any hindrance.

ppe application 2