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We are glad to integrate few major updates in your PenPencilEraser in order to facilitate the better experience. The details of the update are as follows.

PPE Version 1.3 Release:

What’s New?

The PenPencilEraser Version 1.3 release has enriched features and has improved its functions across various modules. The following are the details of the Release 1.3. Give your feedback or need assistance mail to

Core Features/Major Updates:

Parents Request for Child’s Leave gets Automatic updates:

When Parents request leave for the their ward from the parents portal the request comes for submission for the Super Admin of the school or any other assigned authority. On review when approved or denied it is automatically intimation to the parents. While the student gets his/her attendance marked absent even for the future date when approved.

Take a look at the Leave Request Form in the Parents Portal:

PPE 1.3_01


Check on the list of students leave requests which are displayed in the Super Admin or the Authorized user application.

PPE 1.3_02


When the leave request for the particular student has been approved, the leave for the student gets automatically marked in the leave days even when it is approved for future date. This gives the teacher to easily understand that the leave has been granted. In case the student by chance is present, the teacher can move back the student to the present list.

PPE 1.3_03


Absent During Exams and Default Marks:

Well, if the above request made by the parent gets coincided during the exams schedule and when approved by the authority, the school can decide to set a default mark of 35 for the absent student automatically. The reports and the mark list gets updated automatically with the default marks. This feature is again dynamic allowing the school to decide whether they want to set it or not.

PPE 1.3_04


In case of approved leave by the student during the exams it gets marked (*) which denotes this student has approved leave for exams and hence will be granted the default mark of 35 which will appear in the reports.

PPE 1.3_05


Glance at the form for the update of marks for subjects:

PPE 1.3_06


Permission for Users and User-groups:

For Exams and Marks, the school can set to give permission either for the Subject Teacher or the Class Tutor. This gives ultimate security as in case of the Subject Teacher setting, only the teacher handling the class for that particular subject can enter marks and update while the class tutor in this case will have the view feature. On the other hand when the permission is set for the Class Tutor then the exams and marks can be set by the class tutor of that particular class while none other will have the permission.

Take a look at the screen where the Admin sets permission for the marks and exams.

PPE 1.3_07


Take a look at the screen where the subject teacher on permission gets displayed only for the class handled.

PPe 1.3_08


Home Work Module:

It is now possible to update the homework for the back date of up to 5 days as in case of teacher absenteeism or for reasons of internet issues. The updates can be handled in the future date. The Super Admin can have the perfect track of the homework updates and homework issue date.

PPE 1.3_09


Marks with Decimals:

The marks entry can now be given in the decimal digits and hence it allows to assess the students’ marks without the need of round up.

PPE 1.3_10


Other Improvements: Few other friendly features for better user experience has been improvised across various module which you would recognize as in process of use.

These updates will automatically scaled up in your version allowing you to fully enjoy the features.

Thank you for the support and encouragement!

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Published on behalf of PenPencilEraser.


Published on behalf of PenPencilEraser.

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