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User friendly application for schools, Being Non-Tech savvy is not an issue!

Some years ago, technology and people remained as two separate entities and tech-savvy people are numbered. But today, the scenario is different. Technology is designed to meet people’s demand and being user friendly is the first and foremost factor in designing a new software prototype. Moving to the core of our topic, technology is applied user friendly for school applications in the recent years encouraging more and more schools switch to technology to automate school administration task in no time.

How User friendly School Applications are really

Before we explore more, the term User-friendly denotes the readiness in using a device with no prior experience and the enhancement introduced newly compared to similar old devices. This user friendly attribute changes over time when people get used to technological updates and expectation varies from time to time. Similar to the case of devices, user friendliness is achieved in all new technological inventions both in hardware and software. Here in this article let’s walk through on the software applications designed for schools and check how user friendly it is.

Web applications have significantly improved over the last years and looks more appealing and user-friendly. The real fact is the entire application gets built with complex coding architecture to make it look simple for the user.

You can see today that many applications for schools arrive at an online subscription model designed highly competitive for school activities. These software concentrate to enhance the performance of students and decrease the work load of school management.

Enriching Student’s Knowledge with Applications

For Students starting from Kinter Garden to 12th Grade, many software applications inspire students with instructional technology inviting students to indulge and learn things on their own, paving way to new learning style of the modern era. Hundreds of amazing applications are available in the market designed with a unique concept of developing student’s knowledge which as well correlate with their academic curriculum.

For instance, Ingenuity Works is a top pick for students of fourth grade. It is basically a game like application where students travel across different country picking up commodities, meanwhile calculating their expenses. This naturally improve their math skills and expense management. Such user friendly applications should still be explored by schools and it is the school who should actually introduce their students to make used to such innovative applications. These user friendly applications make the world become the classroom for students.

Fulfilling the Urge of Administration Demands

For Schools, in fact, many software applications are must-have to save huge time of teachers, staff and clerical administrators. And most important, the SaaS model or web based school management system provides a list of features which connects home and school and tend to be an easiest way to communicate with the parents.

For instance, PenPencilEraser is first-of-its-kind school management application offering over 100 features to handle school administration effectively. It build a professional way of managing school routine activities and provide interim reports of any essential data at any point of time. It act as a centralized system for schools leveraging and coordinating any type of administration task from admission to transfer and attendance to payroll and yet stay user friendly ahead of delivering effective school management system.

To Conclude, this topic is valued as school is one of the places where data handling is huge, hectic and routine. User friendly application employed in schools ease the work of the management greatly. This include attendance, exam, fee, payroll, transport, admission, transfer, leave, reports and even more. The data is complex and accuracy is crucial at any stage of file storage. But with the advanced technological solution such as Cloud Computing, academic data processing, storage and retrieval are managed easier with simple-to-use user interface.

You are probably missing out the effective use of technology at school, if you’ve not tried it before.

Don’t wait to explore. Depriving approach to modern applications is completely pointless as most advanced technology solutions has arrived in the market surprisingly at affordable pricing plans. Check out latest pricing plans of PenPencilEraser here.

Cloud Technology, Observe the Pros and Cons for Schools!

Imagine carrying your system of files and applications wherever you go! Nevertheless an imagination, cloud technology make this a reality. Software are on cloud, Server on cloud, you can handle your data at extreme convenience with cloud technology, receiving huge applause from worldwide businesses. With Internet connection, hardware and software turns accessible with extravagant technological solutions turning office into virtual office.

Decent-sized organization especially schools are already in process to move all data center processes to cloud. It might take months to adapt to cloud computing but at the end you achieve updating to latest and future technology organizing your administration process effectively.

In day to day life, we rely more on Cloud technology naively like in the case of smartphones where we synchronize our files, images, to other devices through some apps and access from anywhere. These things are possible with only Cloud technology and Put it simple, Cloud computing is nothing but the use of internet-based services for personal or business processes. Like in any other substance, this advanced technology also has the pros and cons to be weighed. Let’s today have a walkthrough on the pros and cons of employing this amazing technology for schools across the globe.

To begin with, there are four models of Cloud Computing


Also, three variations of Cloud are being employed and these three clouds vary by how they utilize On/Off Premises and Internal/Third Part Applications. For Instance, Investment Banks using Latency Applications for their core program may not be willing to disclose their data process on Public Cloud and wish to adopt a Private Cloud Structure with limited access.


Below is the most discussed Pros and Cons of Cloud Technology and how your school enjoy Cloud Computing.

The Advantages

• Access your school data anywhere, anytime with internet access
• Cost efficient as it eliminates purchase and installation fee
• Quick adoption for novice, so clerical staffs do not need to be tech geeks
• Improved Performance and highly scalable as the student strength grows
• Huge storage and retrieval power
• Eco friendly for various reasons
• IT expenses reduced with PaaS model
• Multi Backup of Data ensuring no data loss due to software failure
• Avoids investment on licensed software
• Maintenance free & Eco friendly
• Up to Date meeting latest trends
• Location independent of using cloud applications
• Enjoy sophisticated technologies at a lesser price
• Less personnel training is needed

The Disadvantages

• Encryption of data to be stored in cloud to avoid security vulnerabilities
• Incremental cost when business gets expanded gradually
• Limited control on software unlike licensed version
• Unexpected downtime is expected
• Large file storage demands high amount of network bandwidth for fast processing

Certainly Pros outweighs Cons! Switching to Cloud environment for schools build agility which enhance communication among management, teachers, students and parents delivering modernized atmosphere at your school.

GPS, Know How it helps in School Fleet Management

GPS or Global Positioning System provides accurate time and location of the GPS enabled object and stay error-free in any weather conditions with the space-based satellite navigation system. Initially used for military and civil purpose, now GPS technology is available for commercial users. This expedient technology caters school administration ensuring student’s security and raising school standard to a greater extent. The advantage is assorted, for over a decade, GPS is continually seen employed in schools across countries realizing its timely advantage for school transportation, especially when school hire private fleet management.


GPS enhance the transport operation at schools by sending real-time information on the bus route, vehicle speed, student drop-off and pick up times which by integrating into the payroll management system of the school minimize the workload of managing driver timesheets.

Outline of School GPS:

Any school in today’s competitive world should stay updated and go smart by introducing technologies wherever applicable. Switching to modernization not only ease the school administration but adds to the reputation of the school.

Check out the collective benefits of employing GPS technology

• Improve Student Safety
• Enhance Transport Management
• Optimize Route Management
• Report Real-time data of Student drop-off and pick-up
• Syndicate Driver attendance with Payroll management
• Alerts potential danger with advanced Geo fences system
• Reduce fuel usage by monitoring driving patterns
• Altogether, persist as a better Return on Investment.

GPS-based solutions in fact bring improvements in future operations and planning. The information gathered from GPS assist in developing effective route plans in future and support decisions to extend or contract the existing route plans. The location and time is no more guesses or assumptions as all information are reported timely which enable the management to take reliable decision from both real-time and historical analysis.

There are many significant advantages of GPS in school bus operation. The graphical mapping synchronized to video surveillance easily guide school bus operators with a clear visual reference of exactly where the vehicle was during an event. Useful standard GPS data include longitude, latitude, heading, speed, time and date.

More than all, with a real-time GPS system, Parents are delighted since they could if required easily locate their student easily by communicating with operator who could precisely provide information tracked on the system. On whole, activating GPS benefits the school community.

Ruminate installing a better GPS technology for the best School Fleet Management!

Five Smart Trends that take your School to Top Position

The smart trends derives with the research of standards to deliver the information so as to help the school to redesign the process if they desire. They show the assimilation of the trends to improve the quality standards which is a kind of not a scary thought. Let us flinch to know the five trends that could push your school to the top position.


Innovative Ability:

The core cause for the increase in the performance and staying competitive which are the main reasons for the prosperity comes from the innovation. This ability keeps the school on whole refreshed and it also promotes the ability to rethink to adopt new strategies to keep the functions of the school highly motivating and distinguished. One may wonder how the innovation works for the educational institutions but the fact is the support of technology which is the key player to bring positive changes and also encourages quick and easy solutions.

Inspired by Technology:

Technology for schools is the design and a supportive element for the teachers, students as well as the management. Integration of the right technology keeps the task completion simpler, easier and as well as richer. You might also think of options to promote digital classrooms for the student where the interaction is more and the concept is also clearly understood by the students. The technology can be handled right from the entry of the student to the school with the biometric attendance and until the child safely reaches home in the school fleet which is again tracked by RFID Smart ID Cards. The day also takes a full-fledged technology support in a way of enhanced learning programme with the digital smart boards, the assessment which also goes the digital way. You have another interesting technology for schools which is known as School Management Software which will be discussed soon.

Update with the Student Performance Analysis:

There may be a lot of talk about this concept but what is meant about the performance analysis is that the base of the expectation for the parents to send their wards to schools. It has to be paid more attention and should be referred in constant intervals. Here lies the duty for schools to analyze each student in various angles to bring out the hidden talents and support the parents identify the strength of the child and vice versa to help improve in the short comings. As discussed an effective assessment in a continuous process will help solve this issue. Technology supports the way the school thinks. An effective school management software is the solution which provides an automatic generation of the CCE Reports with the options of grading, weightage of marks which are dynamic as it allows the school to set on its own. This report is made visible in the parents and students portal which can be viewed instantly by the parents and help compare all the assessments and keep the steps forward for the performance of the child.

The Web Presence so called Internet Presence:

True! This is another vital part for the school to keep the information about the school public and with the great visibility the power of happenings and the results is the perfect word of mouth to popularize the schools. Just getting the service from a school management software which is highly cost effective will also provide a school website with the Content Management System. The school is at ease to manage the contents of the website anytime at will and maintain the website refreshed as always. The school website is also provided with the portal for parents and students where they can access with the log in to check the happenings of the school and the performance of the child.

Transformation from Traditional Methods.

In the present day the sophistication is much more in the education sector and this is mainly because of the support of the technology and the innovation process. We are rightly in the crucial point where we are in a position to adapt to the new technology and forego with the convention methods. This acceleration has driven many schools to the success point and hence one cannot take the risk of being ignorant. One right example on the daily basis is the issue of homework in the digital way which is more effective to follow the completion, intimate the parents, provide reference materials, create deadline for completion and so on. There are quiet a many internet things for the communication, data maintenance, RFID identification, smart class rooms, messaging and much more components integrated in an effective school management system.

On the whole it can be explicitly stated that these five trends followed by schools can see it transforming to a new position with better opportunities. They are the perfect solution to handle the whole school management, support effective learning experiences, and ensure better supervision and control. They are identified as the core reasons in standard observations and research.