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PenPencilEraser IDEAL WORDSMITH Global ’2014

Enter & Win the Contest of the Season!

Dear Readers,

Are you a Passionate Teacher, Mentor, School Administrator, Education Consultant or in anyway related to schools or education?

We take immense pleasure in announcing “IDEAL WORDSMITH Global ‘2014″, a newsy contest for individuals engaged in the field of education across the globe. We take this as an opportunity to reveal the extraordinary writing talents amongst you and help you showcase your writing works as never before. All qualified articles penned under the author name will be definitely featured in PenPencilEraser’s blogging community to let all valuable articles with priceless piece of information for the world to read.

Education has the power to transform the entire civilization, we give you a platform to share your ideas and experiences in the field of education. The information you submit here as an entry to the contest will not only be eligible for winning prize but also act as a tool to express your views to the world which in some way benefit the society.

Apart from the contest, Favorite authors of the contest shall be granted a featured Guest Authorship account in PenPencilEraser ‘s Blogging Community, the growing initiative to collaborate all Education professionals on a common platform.


Don’t wait to act, the contest is already open. Utilize, Win & Get Featured!

How to Participate & Win

Being an Education Management Professional, you might have faced interesting experiences worthwhile to share as an article sensible for readers. It might reflect some things you realized as you teach, the moment of glory or any instances that solidified your thinking of studies or some ideas that could provoke a complete change in the field of education. At any instance, include your thoughts on your article and support it well to get qualified in the contest. Your article must be at least 400 words in length.

How to Submit Your Entry

  • Logon to and send your article as a Word or Pdf document supplying your bio on or before November 20th, 2014.
  • Please take care of submitting only original contents and you are allowed to submit up to three articles at once.

You are half way there. Get on & Get it!

We are excited to read your posts and to get to know a little more about you!

- Best Wishes from the Team of PenPencilEraser!


Hello & Warm Greetings!

We are glad to integrate few major updates in your PenPencilEraser in order to facilitate the better experience. The details of the update are as follows.

PPE Version 1.3 Release:

What’s New?

The PenPencilEraser Version 1.3 release has enriched features and has improved its functions across various modules. The following are the details of the Release 1.3. Give your feedback or need assistance mail to

Core Features/Major Updates:

Parents Request for Child’s Leave gets Automatic updates:

When Parents request leave for the their ward from the parents portal the request comes for submission for the Super Admin of the school or any other assigned authority. On review when approved or denied it is automatically intimation to the parents. While the student gets his/her attendance marked absent even for the future date when approved.

Take a look at the Leave Request Form in the Parents Portal:

PPE 1.3_01


Check on the list of students leave requests which are displayed in the Super Admin or the Authorized user application.

PPE 1.3_02


When the leave request for the particular student has been approved, the leave for the student gets automatically marked in the leave days even when it is approved for future date. This gives the teacher to easily understand that the leave has been granted. In case the student by chance is present, the teacher can move back the student to the present list.

PPE 1.3_03


Absent During Exams and Default Marks:

Well, if the above request made by the parent gets coincided during the exams schedule and when approved by the authority, the school can decide to set a default mark of 35 for the absent student automatically. The reports and the mark list gets updated automatically with the default marks. This feature is again dynamic allowing the school to decide whether they want to set it or not.

PPE 1.3_04


In case of approved leave by the student during the exams it gets marked (*) which denotes this student has approved leave for exams and hence will be granted the default mark of 35 which will appear in the reports.

PPE 1.3_05


Glance at the form for the update of marks for subjects:

PPE 1.3_06


Permission for Users and User-groups:

For Exams and Marks, the school can set to give permission either for the Subject Teacher or the Class Tutor. This gives ultimate security as in case of the Subject Teacher setting, only the teacher handling the class for that particular subject can enter marks and update while the class tutor in this case will have the view feature. On the other hand when the permission is set for the Class Tutor then the exams and marks can be set by the class tutor of that particular class while none other will have the permission.

Take a look at the screen where the Admin sets permission for the marks and exams.

PPE 1.3_07


Take a look at the screen where the subject teacher on permission gets displayed only for the class handled.

PPe 1.3_08


Home Work Module:

It is now possible to update the homework for the back date of up to 5 days as in case of teacher absenteeism or for reasons of internet issues. The updates can be handled in the future date. The Super Admin can have the perfect track of the homework updates and homework issue date.

PPE 1.3_09


Marks with Decimals:

The marks entry can now be given in the decimal digits and hence it allows to assess the students’ marks without the need of round up.

PPE 1.3_10


Other Improvements: Few other friendly features for better user experience has been improvised across various module which you would recognize as in process of use.

These updates will automatically scaled up in your version allowing you to fully enjoy the features.

Thank you for the support and encouragement!

Biometric Authentication Getting Popular !

Use of Biometrics promotes healthy academic administration at schools. Biometrics is the best solution for verification and identification at schools. It secures, saves time, money and energy and improves the standard of the school. Employing Biometric benefits in terms of convenience and is the safest measure to track students and also to maintain accurate data of peoples at schools.

Why your school need a Biometric System?



Filtering the benefits, employing Biometric at schools include the following

  1. Unique for School: All people of school carry his/her identification to school, making oneself as a citizen of the school.
  2. Measurability: The verification process is instant and the data is processed in a flash with accuracy in the biometric system. The waiting time is reduced.
  3. Ease of Use: Biometric technologies over other automatic identification systems is proved to be of ease for the people who actually use the system. In other kind of identification system where a proof of identity in form of objects is required, Biometric certainly overcome the situations in case if the person forget to bring along or lost the card making him/her in trouble.
  4. Comparability: Makes it digitally comparable to others. The reports are being linked to the system with which varied reports can be generated to better compare and understand the statistics.
  5. Inimitable: Biometric are unique and matchless, the records are proof written and irreproducible by other means. The less reproducible, the more likely it will be authoritative.

Besides verifications, schools depend on Biometric popularly to manage attendance, library access, labs and in school vehicles. These are the obvious places where Biometric is employed, besides many schools use it to identify the visitors into the school and in event days.

In Attendance: Biometric system can deliver the accurate timing report besides saving time and paper. This applies to students, teachers and all staffs in the school. Every single record is accurate and since Biometric is strictly adhered to verification elements which is unique from individuals to individuals, it reduce or eliminate fraudulent data.

In School library: The use of Biometric at Library help in recording the library usage. Fingerprints, unlike a card or money, cannot be lost or forgotten on the way to school!

This Biometric Authentication has transformed over the years utilizing more than one physiological or behavioral characteristic to allow access into the system of purpose. It is capable enough to scan from fingers to veins based on the purpose. The accuracy and the authentication of the biometric is undeniable. Most advancement are taking place in this thought. Technology outsmarts the smarter minds and gets going rapidly. The recent innovation in the biometric concept is identifying with the person body odor. This gives much more in personal identification. It has travelled from the finger print, voice, face and so now the new technique with new concept.



Here’s the list of advanced biometric system in market today

1. Smartcards: Smartcards void the need of verifying the facial nuances by direct contact, instead the biometric system is capable of reading the facial and related information encrypted in the card. This technology is used to minimize the time in scanning the facial image at the point of verification. It used Radio Frequency Identification to verify, helpful at places where no network access exist.

2. Vein Recognition: Vein recognition works by sending infrared rays and capture the image by reflection method. This way, the deoxidized hemoglobin in the vein absorbs the infrared rays and thus make the vein appear as a black pattern which will be the captured pattern. This is insisted at places where ultimate security is required.

3. Multimodal Biometrics: This technology uses more than one biometric identifier to verify the person. It is to improve the accuracy at situations where verification should be confirmed to process.

Cutting-edge schools are realizing the advantages of Biometrics and are testing or deploying to improve both the data handling and the student’s safety which also enhance the school process. More than all, safety is the foremost factor that any school consider of high importance. With biometric attendance, schools make sure student gets off the school at the right place. The technology works great and Parents love it.

The possible advantage are many, and schools are one among the places where the system is huge and is defined by the peoples in it. Hence, a Biometric System will be supportive and of great support for the management.

Know your destination - You are the driver of your life!

Life’s Solitary Ride
I am the driver of my life!

For a simple introduction, I am a big attention seeker who loves spot-light and adulation. I am an easy going, lavishly loved and a much pampered soul. But today I am making an honest confession, baring my heart & acknowledging one of my inadequacies… a tough revelation indeed.

Well, I am bad with roads, really bad and all instructions given to this effect fall flat on my deaf ears. It isn’t that I haven’t tried but despite decent efforts, I haven’t gained an inch of knowledge or experience. So, I remain what I was at birth – naïve and novice. And truthfully speaking, I am really-lousy and seriously-sloppy. Strange and contradictory.. but precise and correct.

Look, I am not solely responsible for this inherent or manufacturing defect, you have to give due blame to my gracious elder brothers, caring husband and a large circle of magnanimous friends who meekly remind me yet chivalrously cater to my needs. Needless to say, I also blatantly ask people to escort me instead of guiding me to the destined destinations.

So this was about me, my flaw and my cover-up. But God has his ways and he carves out a perfect hurdle race for each individual to try, stumble, rise and fall. Probably, it was my turn to take his test and therefore an important meeting was scheduled about 58 Kilometers away. His plans are immaculate and as luck could have it, my chauffeur asked for a day off at the very last minute. His excuse was legitimate, thus leave had to be granted while I candidly instructed him to check the fuel, tyres and gear-oil. Seemingly all was set, only I was upset… the steering wheel was staring at my timidity and every passing minute was adding more nervousness to my already anxious nerves.

Actually, the fear of unknown and our false apprehensions are the biggest road blocks. We can easily track any road provided we have the basic preparation and preparedness to take on life’s challenges. We just need unfailing will-power to unfold the mysteries that slowing and eventually resolve with a little effort and time. I knew it all, yet the heart was thumping and the pulse rate was dropping.

By the way, I have a legal driving license. (How?.. From where?.. are questions you should refrain from asking) But, just for your benefit I wish to disclose that may spot this bundle of nerves driving distressful at all odd hours. So, you better find out my car number and watch out for personal safety!!

So, as you know, I have driven before but I only enjoy the narrow congested roads full of traffic not because I love claustrophobic spaces but because it gives me the chance to drive on second gear with minimal speed and maximum maneuvering. Needless to say, it also helps to create an impeccable impression. Good impression was made but then, the broad and well laid out roads scared me, as if they would engulf me in their vastness and the expanse of speed weakens my senses. Well, I am a bird of small flights. The small-bird was burdened to rise like an eagle and soar to success.

Am I confusing you?.. Did you only know of people who could either drive or not?.. Does this variety surprise you?.. It may, I can understand, for I too have lived on this near-borderline threshold of driving skill for years where I can’t decide to either give up or owe up. The only obvious choice seems to hone more skill, refine and accomplish. I am at it, so as expected, I googled the location and zoomed endlessly to understand and remember each road, by-lane, all buildings and milestones. ‘Get-set-go’… and I was off to this solitary ride.

Was it tough?.. Did I manage?… no wonder I have opened your mind to these curious queries and kept you guessing for more. Well, it took me 148 minutes and though I worried, I panicked and even stopped for directions, I eventually reached right in time realizing that life itself is a travelogue, where we wish to zoom and capture the future but life is a mystery and life’s myriad hues slowly bloom and blossom along the way.

This was the most memorable journey and the sheer pleasure of reaching, exploring and venturing made me a hero in my own eyes. The age old axiom, ‘persistence pays’ was revised and I re-invented the thought that if you think you can, then, you can..


‘The roads also travel
And you might marvel
At their length
And their strength
For they are truly unending
Real and never pretending.’