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Employee Payroll Management System : PenPencilEraser

Managing Employee Payroll has never been easy before. Schools of this era are blessed with modern school management system at affordable pricing rates to manage hectic school administration with fingers on the technology. There is been continuous increase in the number of school software sign up.

PenPencilEraser established with the motto of providing all management solutions in a single software also offer payroll management in addition to other services. Accordingly, payroll management solves all hassles in the crucial employee payroll processed on a monthly basis. The benefits of in-built payroll system is discussed in today’s blog post.

Whether your school employs 50 or more, PenPencilEraser gives full support to process all their salary online in just minutes. The admin no more requires to manually collect the time record and produce the leave records. Since the leave application process is carried within the software, the admin has quick access to view the leave records of the teachers instantly to ensure that the deductions are remitted accurately. The design of payroll is made dynamic which is the sole feature of PenPencilEraser. The employee payroll process differ from school to school. To make sure that the software adjust to all kinds of management policies,  the columns are made dynamic so that the management can define the list of values to be calculated in the payroll which then serves as the basic for calculating net pay.

Sample Salary Data:

emp sal

Benefits of PPE’s Payroll Software:

1. Define Usergroups:

The school can categorize working staff into different usergroup level to make payroll processing easy. For instance, if a school employs around 200 staff including Teachers, Head Masters, Admin, Manager, Driver, Security officers & Maid, to individually calculate salary for each cadre of employees, PPE provides option to set the usergroup level in Masters section where the school can put employees of similar designation into a single usergroup level. Consider the same example, all drivers of the school can be grouped under new” Drivers” group in the Master’s section. Later when the admin opens the Payroll module and select Drivers Usergroup, the complete list of drivers along with the details of salary including attendance, earnings, deductions and net pay will be listed along with the option to generate the payslip. This way of managing school payroll system saves time and effort and streamlines the entire way of salary calculation.

Reach through Users > User Groups

Please note that when you add a new staff to the school, you will be prompted to enter the Usergroup level initially so that each one of the staffs enters automatically to their respective Usergroup.

2. Print Payslip:

You can download the payslip of staff with all details of salary in two different formats i.e excel & pdf.


Generate as PDF to print or store for future use.

The software sets difference from other school management software in two means. One is that the software is web based which gives provision to access and process payroll from anywhere and anytime online. Secondly, the payroll being in built reduces the cost of dedicated payroll management software to the management.

Tell your management policies of salary calculation to PenPencilEraser once, Sit back & generate the salary slip all time.