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Announcement: PPE Version 1.2.5 moves from “Doing to Done”

We are glad to integrate a couple of updates in your PenPencilEraser in order to facilitate the better experience. The details of the update are as follows.


Teacher Task Status Report in Dashboard for Homework and Attendance:

This is a new concept integrated for the convenience of the Admin of the school. The super admin are the designated personnel can new view the list of task completion for the Homework and marking of the attendance. This will facilitate the management to quickly and instantly track the functions of the schools and the teachers. In just a click the complete list gets displayed and so at the tracking of the tasks is now simplified for the management.


As highlighted you could view the assigned homework and the attendance task completion for the day at the dashboard overview.

When you click on the Homework tab, you could access the details of the homework assigned for the day and also check who has assigned and the details of the homework. You could also change the dates or filter the classes using the quick filer provided.

home work2

When you click on the attendance tab in the dash board, you can access the attendance report for the particular date and so the task of the teachers can be viewed and checked for completion. It is also possible for you to change the date and view the attendance for any different day.


TC Printing:

This is another added feature with an enriched TC design for the print with the choice of color of black & white. Here it comes with the option to discontinue the student by giving the required details and hold it for double confirmation, until the TC is been generated for issue the details can be edited and the student TC can be cancelled until generated. The TC also follows a number sequence for the tracking.

The following images explains the process and the updates in the TC module.




Sample of B/W Print:


Sample of Colour Print:

TC colour


Butter makes Bitter life, Better life!

Schools as they are responsible for the academics they are also in the platform to motivate the students and keep them certain about their successful future. Motivation is one of the toughest aspect where in the factors of attitude and the understanding level matters. Further, facing live positive and understanding the struggles and the feeling of various emotions, perseverance, annoyance, frustration and much more which is touch to explain to with a sense of courage and positive attitude. Here’s a sweetest poem illustrating life by Dr.Anshu Arora


I earnestly want to churn
Fresh and sweet-smelling butter
From the free-flowing cream

It is a simple deed indeed
Then, what do I ponder?
Whipping cream with the blender

Sometimes it’s temperature
Sometimes consistency
That gravitates procedure

But butter is my dream
Buried inside the cream
dollops, I wish to skim

It lies at the core
Wanting patience galore
To show and then roar

Cream is concoction
Mix of life’s moments-
Lazy, waste & precious

Butter is our destination
Centrifuged by determination
It’s our ultimate salvation

Excuses forever delay
And efforts eventually pay
As labour toils each day

If there are chunks of butter
they will manifest and glitter
And slowly get better from bitter

You just sail through the tide
Holding time by your side
Keep trust, it may be the last strife

Butter has to coagulate
Buttermilk will separate
That is the final fate

Neither babble nor rattle
Just show your mettle
Make ‘butter’ & win life’s battle

-  Anshu Arora

Scheduling School Exams in PenPencilEraser: Take a look

The process of conducting an exam at school is found quite difficult due to factors like student’s strength, classroom breakdown structure and of all, the examination dates fall simultaneous for all classes in the same month. However, schools put in enough time, effort and cost to conduct the exams and follow up accurately till the date of results which in fact is hectic and time consuming. Now installing PenPencilEraser at your school drive away all your exam management difficulties just by simplifying the process online. This feature proved to reduce ample time spent in preparing the workflow of exams.

With your PenPencilEraser account for schools, just in three simple steps the exams are scheduled.

Taking you over to the Exam Management feature of PenPencilEraser

Before you begin preparing the exam timetable, visit Masters and define the examination names and grades accordingly.

Exam Mgmnt 2

Proceed following the below instructions to enter and complete your school’s exam timetable.

Step: 1

Log in to your PenPencilEraser account, navigate to Class - > Exam Schedule on the dashboard.

Exam Dashboard

Step 2:

Now choose the Board and Class followed by Exams which you prefer to schedule as shown in the below screenshot.. Find and hit “Create an Exam” option to view the exam details form.


Step: 3

Now in the screen(refer below), input the exam details of a class such as date, syllabus, duration for all subjects. Repeat this procedure for all classes in the same manner.




You are now done with your exam timetable creation.

Looking how to announce your students about the exam schedule???

That’s pretty easier with PenPencilEraser, simply select the Status as Active to make it appear on the student’s dashboard which they could login and view any time. This way, you can prepare the exam timetable of your school for the whole year at once and announce at the appropriate time by choosing “Active” status.

Exam Management

Watch a Live Demo of Scheduling Exams in PenPencilEraser:

Play the video to watch a live demonstration of preparing Exam Calendar in your school. The process is as simple as you believe.

Drive away the hectic exam management process at your school. In a few simple steps, PenPencilEraser help you to

  • Schedule the exam even for the whole academic year &
  • Display the timetable with syllabus to students and parents through the school website in no time.

To have a walk-through on the complete list of PenPencilEraser features, visit


The concept of cost savings and RoI is positive with School Management Software

Adding technology to your school subtracts expenses to a greater dismay. Here’s the exact list of expenses you can avoid by installing a school management system.

For the list of benefits added here, we have cited PenPencilEraser‘s school management system which the schools are already experiencing it to be to prove the statements highlighted below.

1. Delivers enhanced Resource Management for schools


By installing a school management system, Super Admin(usually Principal, VP or Authorized person of the Management) who is in charge of all school administration task monitor and manage all works on the system. This system of control call off the requirement to enroll separate staff to administer different departments of school such as Fee, Payroll, Inventory, HR Finance and so on.

A Super Admin can feed all data into the system and track all money management flow in the school with a few clicks and in software like PenPencilEraser, money management is a distinguished feature in built to streamline the expenses and income of schools. Such system has the facility to create n number of users with different admin privileges to access the system and the super admin can divide the task to different admins who complete prompt on the system.

2. Conveying information through sophisticated channels


Personal communication often is required at schools to contact parents and teachers on any important announcement or emergencies through call or message, accounting to the cost to the management. Especially for a school of high strength, it’s time consuming and costlier. A school management software with communication features inbuilt, SMS can be rolled out in no time saving cost, time and energy together.

3. Cutback the running time for future


Time is priceless, and when a school management system saves your time, you can utilize it in finding other ways to improve the academics, streamline the management and more on the whole giving more time to focus on strategic task at your school.

4. Paperless Administration as Resultant


One exceptional quality of any school management system is it reduces the amount of paperwork and the cost incurred for spending on stationary. In PenPencilEraser, the teachers can apply leave online with their individual login created for every staff at the school wherein the head of departments approve/deny the leave which gets notified to the leave applicant. Such intelligent system get rid of minute paper works which saves money to a greater extent.

5. Multiple Board Management on a composite dashboard


The other notable advantage is that when schools follow different board structure combined, managing all boards efficiently together requires accuracy and individual staffs to maintain the activities. This again can be avoided by a school management system since all the board structures can be predefined and school can start working with a single admin to control the activities of school dashboard.

To conclude, Many licensed or subscription based models of school software exist in the market. Considering the total operation cost held to the management, installing a school management system definitely lowers the expenses and also found to be a better return on investment concept for schools. These online software can hold records of any size with their cloud computing technology and is scalable and customizable to meet schools of any size and structure.