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Time for a School Photoshoot

Adding Photos of various events, achievements and celebrations of the school is immense to let viewers see the ongoing happenings in schools and it is the best way for the management to virtually communicate with parents and other users. It is the first best way that any school attempt to picture and showcase their school activities that build loyalty among parents in a most appreciating manner. Today, Google plays a prominent role in any kind of business which means a person does a Google search of anything before getting out real. Even parents search for the best schools online in modern era where a school is compelled to present the best for bringing students in their school and teach the best. PenPencilEraser makes it little easier for schools by offering a free Photo Gallery section on the website with an easy backend structure to upload photos of your school and show it to users on the web.

Read on to know how to add your school photos

At the Backend:

Login with your admin privileges. You will find Gallery in the dashboard, click and choose Photo Gallery. There is option to Add New Album if you wish to display photos based on the category. Click on the Add New Album button and enter the Album name and choose Active or Inactive to display or save the photos. The Status “Active’ means that this album will be visible on the website photo gallery.


Once after creating the New Album, a default image with the Title you entered will be shown in the album section as above. Double click on the image and you find a new dialog box with necessary options to add photos to the album.

The Sample final output of the process is shown below


Get ready to rock your school uploading fascinating Photo collection online.

Benefits of Attendance Management Software

Online Attendance management system at schools eats up a lot of valuable time of a staff required to record and maintain the attendance. Maintenance may not be tedious but not to retrieval.

Preparing an attendance report, usually included at the end of every examination is time consuming. The staff should plan and work carefully to retrieve all recorded data and prepare the attendance percentage of every student studying in their class. This report is mandatory to present perfect or else spoils the value of the school for providing wrong information of the students. To manage school attendance, PenPencilEraser has included a clean Attendance management system which by so many ways, attract the schools to switch over a convenient data management system. We offer All-in-one solution to perform all operations related to attendance of staff and students.

The complementary benefit of PenPencilEraser is the SMS notification. Staff can easily apply for a leave online which is reviewed and approved by School Admin or the Principal who is the master admin. The approval message will be sent through SMS or the teacher could login to his/her dashboard and view the status of the leave application. While a teacher is on leave, an alternative teacher who is free will be allotted to the particular class.

Benefit’s of PenPencilEraser’s Attendance Management Application:

  • Smart user interface
  • Easy way to easy change manual recording to computerized one.
  • No more hand written data
  • Fast retrieval of all data even the oldest one
  • Convenient Report Generation
  • Improves formal communication between school and teachers online
  • Proper Time Planning & Classroom management
  • Save a lot of time for other activities


Project your school achievements for the world to see!

Achievements section brings you the simple solution to post your achievements on the school website at much convenience. Academic achievement is crucial to present school as of high standards. PenPencilEraser offers a separate web page to portray all school achievements which is visible for parents and users. Achievements are also categorized into different school levels to add achievements in each level individually. This way, all school achievement does not mingle. Parents can look at the school level achievements in which their kids are enrolled.

Look at this screenshot


School Achievements help parents to understand the school activities and it is the easiest way to convey parents about the School’s privilege.

School Admin possess the rights to access and add the Achievement details in the “Achievements” Section at the back end which will be displayed on the website once after successfully saved.



How to Print a TC in PenPencilEraser

Now it is far easy to generate a Transfer Certificate at school. PenPencilEraser is solely aimed at providing the best features to provide an easy school management system. On that note, the latest version of PenPencilEraser brings a new TC printing system into the online school software. This completely eliminates the lengthy and tedious works undergone for TC generation.

Instructions to print a Student’s TC is below

  1. Log on to the Admin Dashboard and find the School Modules - > TC Printing
  2. In the following dashboard, locate Discontinue on the top right
  3. Here, present students list is shown.Choose a student which you wish to print a TC and click Discontinue
  4. Now the student gets swapped to TC Printing List
  5. In the Discontinue section, you can select and move as many number of students subjected for a Transfer. The selected students list moves automatically to TC Printing. If in case, a student is accidentally selected, you can simply remove it at the TC Printing list.  The removed student get back as available student in the Discontinue list again.
  6. Now choose TC Generation next to.
  7. Comments & Last Working Date on the first row is to print multiple TC at a time. Choose the students beneath for whom you wish to print a TC, enter the comments and last working date on the first row provided if comments & last working date are similar. If you wish to print TC one by one, then select individually enter the comments and working date in the text column provided next to the student name and click Generate
  8. A PDF professionally designed pops up and ask you to Save or Open to view

Save it, Print it. The TC printing process is complete.


School Savings, a New Idea!

School serves as the basic ground of developing basic etiquette in children. For every kid, Schools is the foremost place to learn the act of studying, playing, sharing, writing, speaking and much more activities which provide fundamental strength to live a quality life. Such a school plays an important role to shape a student into a perfect human being. Apart from education, a school largely concentrates on extra-curricular and co-curricular activities.

indexTo make school influence more on a student’s lifestyle in a much positive manner, one recommended idea is to introduce a school bank. Open a school savings account for every kid and encourage students to save as much money as they can and let it to collect at the end of every academic year. This indirectly prohibits students from spending on things unnecessarily. When a student sees his/her money growing up in their individual account, he/she will give more importance to slowly build up their account. This saving practice influence the student’s saving awareness which stay life-long.

Every good habit should be practiced right from the young age. Even though an adult could interpret and understands the best good qualities, it is not easy to adopt. Every good quality should be learned and practiced at the very young age which serves far in the long run of one’s life. Besides parents, a school could tailor all healthy practices for a student.

Handling Bank related issues become more common in day to day life. In some way, everyone gets connected to a bank and depend on banking for many needs. Teaching kids about banking in their young age with the so-called savings account definitely help in their adult age and they feel much comfortable to deal with bank for any necessitate.

The school’s part in saving bank structure does not just end by creating individual account for every student. The school should also motivate kids with special gifts and interest to appreciate their practice of saving.