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Education Death Valley, Time to Create the Rain!






“Education Death Valley” this sentence will eternally stay embed in my memory thanks to a man who poured most of his life to one goal “Restructuring the Educational System”, he is Sir Ken Robinson one of the prominent figures in this domain, he sheds the light on how school kills creativity and how our endeavour to produce outstanding students is merely a futile farce which its main goal is to dwindle our children’s creativity, to elude from a higher responsibility, squander many talents and bright minds with a distorted scheme which its main purpose is to dim these candles who could light this foggy world.

SirKenRobinson QuotesWe all agree that deep inside one of has there is a tacit agreement which says that the educational system vividly advocate to more work like a machine which follows laws and rules with a recurring system rather to indulge in unleashing creativity which should be the coveted goal, in one of Sir Ken Robinson’s lectures he gave a beautiful example on how school kills creativity.

A teacher asked her students to draw what ever they want and as usual the teacher started to ask what their drawing represent, the teacher came to a girl and asked her the usual question and the girl’s response was that she is drawing GOD the teacher was surprised and she said that nobody knows how God looks like and she said “They are going to know now”. This example shows how children think deep and how they are innocently rational.

Sir Ken Robinson said once that the failure of the educational system is symptomatic to our irresponsibility but there is always hope, he mentioned one of the beautiful things which i have ever heard, for those who don’t know what is the death valley is it’s a valley which exists in place where no one can survive in, but in an extraordinary phenomenon one day it rained in the valley the thing that made the valley green the day after as life came back to it, to some extent Sir Ken Robinson compared our educational system to this valley as even if this system is full of deadly trapes there is a chance that it may rain someday.

PenPencilEraser IDEAL WORDSMITH Global ’2014

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Announcement: PPE Version 1.2.5 moves from “Doing to Done”

We are glad to integrate a couple of updates in your PenPencilEraser in order to facilitate the better experience. The details of the update are as follows.


Teacher Task Status Report in Dashboard for Homework and Attendance:

This is a new concept integrated for the convenience of the Admin of the school. The super admin are the designated personnel can new view the list of task completion for the Homework and marking of the attendance. This will facilitate the management to quickly and instantly track the functions of the schools and the teachers. In just a click the complete list gets displayed and so at the tracking of the tasks is now simplified for the management.


As highlighted you could view the assigned homework and the attendance task completion for the day at the dashboard overview.

When you click on the Homework tab, you could access the details of the homework assigned for the day and also check who has assigned and the details of the homework. You could also change the dates or filter the classes using the quick filer provided.

home work2

When you click on the attendance tab in the dash board, you can access the attendance report for the particular date and so the task of the teachers can be viewed and checked for completion. It is also possible for you to change the date and view the attendance for any different day.


TC Printing:

This is another added feature with an enriched TC design for the print with the choice of color of black & white. Here it comes with the option to discontinue the student by giving the required details and hold it for double confirmation, until the TC is been generated for issue the details can be edited and the student TC can be cancelled until generated. The TC also follows a number sequence for the tracking.

The following images explains the process and the updates in the TC module.




Sample of B/W Print:


Sample of Colour Print:

TC colour


Certification & Recognition – A Real Experience!

In the contemporaneous scenario one cannot deny the influence of the computers and the technology is seen to be applied in all industries. The use of software has become the most irrefutable requirement, while the software comes to actuality the training and implementation also stands to be a vital part. The certification programs are also available for the individuals who need not necessarily be the software engineers but are interested to have the knowledge of working with the software who are commonly known as the Application Specialist. Rather when the professionalism improves and the capability escalates you could apply to being a Training Specialist. This does improve your confidence and would be playing a better role in the market.

Interesting it should be for the aspiring minds and to enroll in the certification programme does come with few formalities which vary based on the software application and the providers.  PenPencilEraser is an effective online school management system which caters to the wholesome management of the school activities. It is an integration of many modules and features with more than 100 functions. The application is provided to schools along with the integration of school website which is highly dynamic and its CMS is available in the application.

Eventually, this certification programme is about 5 days training with hands-on experience. For those who desire to take up online can take the assistance of the guidelines, materials,  help videos and various demos sessions aided for its learning. You will learn about the handling of the application, its masters, the permissions and the using of the application at various levels.

As a part of the PenPencilEraser school care team and being the Application Trainer, I am glad to share the experience of the training programme of a prominent educational institution at Tirupur, India. The interesting part is that you would also get to know how a Certified Application Specialist, today known to be a Certified Application Trainer which was possible being keenly interested in the application, thinking out of the box, with great aptitude of real time management and we take pride to state this success to Ms.ValliKannu, HR of Subbiah Group of Institutions, Tirupur, India.  The training event took place early this year in the month of January 2014 with a group of school staffs deputed by the school management. The training programme was scheduled for 3 full days which was followed by an assessment. The spirits seen was high as each of them were provided with independent system along with the trainer system with the projector display. The session progressed as planned with amply cherishable moments. The team underwent the assessment and they were acknowledged for their proficient performance. This directly strengthened us for the successful training given along with the keen intention and interest of the participants.


Well, the reality comes now as with the real time experience with the application the school easily transformed from the traditional methods to the digital methods making them contemporary with an added specialty to the school features. As of the School Team they we always comfortable with on real time application as they were able to use their training in an enriched manner. Today the chief Certified Application Specialist gets qualified to become Certified Application Trainer. PenPencilEraser Congratulates Ms. ValliKannu for this achievement. We do not end here, more to share on certifications and achievements so keep visiting!


Happy NewYear Wishes 2014 !!!

Abstract Blue Floral Vector Illustration

Our Sincere Thanks to Schools & Partners who supported and welcomed PenPencilEraser with great appreciation and satisfaction! We continue to extend our gratitude with more advanced and enhanced versions of PenPencilEraser in the forthcoming years.