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The PenPencilEraser Release 1.2 has enriched features and has improved its functions across various modules. The following are the details of the release 1.2. Give your feedback or need assistance mail to

Core Features/Major Updates:

Student Attendance Module:  Tracking Late coming Students

Description: Now Late Comers can be marked in the attendance and a report can be generated for the same. This feature have been included in your current version as in the report the late comers are marked and is also been highlighted in different colour. Further the late comers are considered to be present by default. The feature of SMS intimation to parents can be given in a single click ‘Send SMS’.

Benefits: The school can just drag and drop the late coming students while working on the attendance. The list in the report gets the display differentiated in the colours as well, Green for present, Red for absent and Orange for late coming. The report specifically for the Present, Absent and late coming can be viewed.

ppe latecoming1

ppe latecoming2

ppe latecoming3

Fee Module: Addition of Miscellaneous Expenses

Description: Any applicable miscellaneous fees can be collected without the requirement of the preset amount. Any amount can be collected as miscellaneous fees for the student without presetting. This will help in case of any expense incurred by any particular student like additional book issue, damages bill etc. The reports for the same can be collected.

ppe fees1

CCE Module: Pre-Set Descriptive Indicators

Description: This is a privilege to the teachers while assessing on the student performance. It is possible to set any number of pre-set indicators for the teachers to choose from the drop down. The drop down of the comments in the descriptive boxes can be any number of descriptions separated with a (,) comma and the option to add dynamically in the master setting will be possible.

ppe cce3

ppe cce1

ppe cce2

Student Profile Update:

Description: The details of the schemes the student is admitted and which is applicable can be mentioned in the masters and the selection box with the multiple selection allows the school to categorize the student applicable scheme.

ppe scheme1

Consolidated School Report:

Description: Under the reports session, the new feature addition which allows the user to generate reports for the whole school. It is also possible for the user to generate report based on the selective classes. This will facilitate the school to view the details based on the total number of girls/boys and other related details for the whole school or for more than one class on the selection basis.

ppe consolidated school report

ppe consolidated school report2

ppe consolidated school report3

Application Form:

Description: The form to be submitted by the parents/students through the website has been improvised. It guides you through the step by step procedures. This makes it easy and effective to have the form submitted to the school without any hindrance.

ppe application 2


The 5 Essential Features to Guarantee an Efficient School Management System

Delivering a quantifying performance is obvious with an effective school management system. The organic system of school working with different peers including teachers, students, parents, staff and the administrative body involve a set of functions to conduct on a daily, monthly and yearly routine making it chaotic at times. To reduce the manual work and systemize the entire way of working, a school is in need of an efficient school management system, truly sophisticated and deeply integrated.

Are you planning for an efficient management tool?

Take a look at the list of essential features to be equipped in any proposed school software you invest.

Power of One to Many Administration Access

Not all software gets designed to coordinate all administration function on a single dash-let. When you plan of streamlining all school activities combined, it is recommended to look for a well programmed management system equipped to handle all kinds of school administration online, starting from admission to transfer, exam to marklist, attendance to payroll, and more. Aim at implementing a centralized dashboard mechanism for your school to optimize your work better. Nevertheless investing in such a solution, reduce your time, money and workload.

Multitasking software for instance, should avoid toil on paper. The system should be skilled to collate and send data fed into the system for multiple processing, and should be capable enough to deliver more filtered results. Try software which connect your data to different functions accurately and utilize it to the fullest.

Delivering Instantaneous Performance

Generally, a software is meant to secure data, to reduce the manual calculation and management of works. Reliability plays a keen role in the management process, the academic data is huge and accurate processing is must to conduct a smooth administration at school. In an automated school record management system, Data are systematically processed helping you improve productivity and build organized data management within your institution, lasting error free at any junction.

With the advent of Cloud computing technology, automatic system accompanied by cloud computing ensure the data are safe and backup are on time, eliminating the worry on data loss out of system failure. Go for web based model to ensure data access round the clock and your data is retrieved anytime 100%.

Parent/Student/Teacher Compact

Parents portal option enrich the connection between school and the parent as informed discussion happen on the material taught, important school announcements, homework’s and a better visibility on the coursework of their kids which in deed increase their active participation and contribution to their child education. This on the other hand, yield positive results since parents don’t need to wait till the parents-teachers meet to discuss on their kids progress as all updates are available in their dashboard.

Auto SMS feature is now implemented almost in all schools which should be a part of the school software too. In fact, it reduces the cost to the management raised to communicate with the parents especially when the school has high strength of students.

Ease of Printing Reports

The main convenience expected in installing a software is the ease to retrieve data of any academic data for any specified condition. A well-structured platform allow download of various report fast and filtered. For instance, in mark list report, the manual work exit right after entering the mark into the database and the rest of the calculation is done by the software. You should be able to generate the progress report online and this data should also be applied to figure out the performance of the student for any given time period.

As mentioned earlier, the system should be able to utilize data wherever applicable and print the report reducing 90% work of the admin which shall be utilized to improve the administration.

Ultimate Money Management

Money management at school is one of the time consuming activities as fee entries occupy the office and expenses queue up apparently. Particularly in finance administration, payroll, fee and school expense are handled by the administrator regularly and where accurate report is required to manage all defined cash flow. Hence, a school management system must be loaded with single click solution to monitor the cash flow inside the administration and maintain bills accurately.

The above discussed are key essential features to find in a school software. This whole setup of school management software is constantly evolving and today, in the market many solution exist to refine the administration process and the need of school software is expected to grow by 2015. While you see the growth happens, consider all aforementioned points before finalizing the solution for your school since it should be user friendly not just to the school management but equally to the school administrators, teachers, parents and the students. Give a try on PenPencilEraser school management system, delivering more than what your school look for. Try Free for 30 Days.

Big Data, Schools can get Intelligent

Big Data may be a buzz word of today but would you like to still explore on why? What? And How? I am sure most of you would ensure to catch the concept and one can be sure that it is just not mere the collection of data for the future use but the concept is well expanded and proven to improve business, analytical, performance and of course the commercials. Well, you would be wondering the reasons, the data analysis stands to be at peak which does support on the improvement of any industry. Big Data is nothing but the uncovering of the crust so as to pave way of exploration.

Although preserving Data has been for centuries in a convectional manner and it goes traditional, the highlight today is the digitalization which has popularized and whereby one could easily derive strategies. This has gained importance and the accumulation of data are at the increasing rates. Tracking the details and understanding the probabilities is the prime concept which is pertaining in the current scenario and sooner it would change into the Artificial Intelligence as computers are becoming powerful and when we imply logical analysis by way of huge data then we would easily abide by the results and the decisions of the computers.

In simple words imagine the data currently available is right from all the browsing, our sign up, the profiles in various sites, the bank account, the details of the transaction and much more which we keep adding data to our life history. Don’t you feel that our future generation could easily analyses the life we had lived, the bliss and sins of our life? Simple, it goes the same. The Big Data is a concept where the analysis starts at all ends. Fine, now let us start to know about the preserving and the protection of data. It is a scary thing to feel our privacy is dependent on the artificial intelligence but the protection of data is much more advanced and is been supported with the policies and laws to make it stronger.

So now you are with the concept understood and here we are to discuss more on how it could help schools and what the Big Data for schools mean. The opportunities to analyze are many and in particular is the child needs to be monitored and analyzed the history of data tells about the progress, likes, dislikes, the preference, a perfect SWOT analysis can be obtained without dealing with the child directly and only based on the records.

Keeping it more interesting about Big Data is imagine the analysis that can be made for the simple action of the restaurant menu or the shopping cart, don’t you think an artificial intelligence can be applied here which can predict your taste and give you in advance or tell you what is suitable to your interest. Then it is where the assistance that is digitalized comes to picture to act as your personal assistance. It is not very far to get there as it is based on the mere collection of data and once it is collected we would behave with the analytics.

Coming back to the school concept, now I am sure you can relate to the various aspect of school where the student interest, learning curve, the focus, the score, the performance, parents participation, the expectations, the dreams and the future predictions are easy to be make possible with the Big Data Analysis. So it goes the same with the teachers, mentors and the tutors of the school and soon you would see how the education system would change.

Like me I’m sure many would admit that the big data platform and data protection is the buzz word of today. When it comes to data it is about thinking on its volume, the velocity and the diversified variety which takes your mind to the confused state. Data are the valuable source for the decision making and only when it is in an organized manner that can be accessed with quick leverage to handle the challenging situations. The incomparable solution for data protection is the one based on technology and it is a feasible one. Keeping pace with the trend and keenness to protect the data has become the prime target of all industries. A well protected data saves the business and trust of the customers.
Let us soon walk into the world of Artificial Intelligence which is going to be the outcome of Big Data.