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Delivering a quantifying performance is obvious with an effective school management system. The organic system of school working with different peers including teachers, students, parents, staff and the administrative body involve a set of functions to conduct on a daily, monthly and yearly routine making it chaotic at times. To reduce the manual work and systemize the entire way of working, a school is in need of an efficient school management system, truly sophisticated and deeply integrated.

Are you planning for an efficient management tool?

Take a look at the list of essential features to be equipped in any proposed school software you invest.

Power of One to Many Administration Access

Not all software gets designed to coordinate all administration function on a single dash-let. When you plan of streamlining all school activities combined, it is recommended to look for a well programmed management system equipped to handle all kinds of school administration online, starting from admission to transfer, exam to marklist, attendance to payroll, and more. Aim at implementing a centralized dashboard mechanism for your school to optimize your work better. Nevertheless investing in such a solution, reduce your time, money and workload.

Multitasking software for instance, should avoid toil on paper. The system should be skilled to collate and send data fed into the system for multiple processing, and should be capable enough to deliver more filtered results. Try software which connect your data to different functions accurately and utilize it to the fullest.

Delivering Instantaneous Performance

Generally, a software is meant to secure data, to reduce the manual calculation and management of works. Reliability plays a keen role in the management process, the academic data is huge and accurate processing is must to conduct a smooth administration at school. In an automated school record management system, Data are systematically processed helping you improve productivity and build organized data management within your institution, lasting error free at any junction.

With the advent of Cloud computing technology, automatic system accompanied by cloud computing ensure the data are safe and backup are on time, eliminating the worry on data loss out of system failure. Go for web based model to ensure data access round the clock and your data is retrieved anytime 100%.

Parent/Student/Teacher Compact

Parents portal option enrich the connection between school and the parent as informed discussion happen on the material taught, important school announcements, homework’s and a better visibility on the coursework of their kids which in deed increase their active participation and contribution to their child education. This on the other hand, yield positive results since parents don’t need to wait till the parents-teachers meet to discuss on their kids progress as all updates are available in their dashboard.

Auto SMS feature is now implemented almost in all schools which should be a part of the school software too. In fact, it reduces the cost to the management raised to communicate with the parents especially when the school has high strength of students.

Ease of Printing Reports

The main convenience expected in installing a software is the ease to retrieve data of any academic data for any specified condition. A well-structured platform allow download of various report fast and filtered. For instance, in mark list report, the manual work exit right after entering the mark into the database and the rest of the calculation is done by the software. You should be able to generate the progress report online and this data should also be applied to figure out the performance of the student for any given time period.

As mentioned earlier, the system should be able to utilize data wherever applicable and print the report reducing 90% work of the admin which shall be utilized to improve the administration.

Ultimate Money Management

Money management at school is one of the time consuming activities as fee entries occupy the office and expenses queue up apparently. Particularly in finance administration, payroll, fee and school expense are handled by the administrator regularly and where accurate report is required to manage all defined cash flow. Hence, a school management system must be loaded with single click solution to monitor the cash flow inside the administration and maintain bills accurately.

The above discussed are key essential features to find in a school software. This whole setup of school management software is constantly evolving and today, in the market many solution exist to refine the administration process and the need of school software is expected to grow by 2015. While you see the growth happens, consider all aforementioned points before finalizing the solution for your school since it should be user friendly not just to the school management but equally to the school administrators, teachers, parents and the students. Give a try on PenPencilEraser school management system, delivering more than what your school look for. Try Free for 30 Days.

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Vijina Jairaj

As a Content Crafter with PenPencilEraser, She looks into more topics extremely vital for schools that resonates with general audience as well.

About Vijina Jairaj

As a Content Crafter with PenPencilEraser, She looks into more topics extremely vital for schools that resonates with general audience as well.


  1. Now a days the school management started to take the advantages of the resources that are available in the market, that are useful for the proper and smooth management. The parent-teacher-student relation is the important thing in these kinds of management systems. Due to the busy schedule of individuals, schools are forced to explore the wide use of internet for this.

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