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What’s actually needed for Students of Tomorrow? Is it just Education or something more?

The world of today is advanced and the civilization faced tremendous changes these years in accordance to the developments happening each day. The future is simply impossible to figure out, the exact scenario of lifestyle and jobs what people will do. But at this stage, new education challenges arises for all countries to reform the learning agenda shaping students of future. Education sector must realize and act to bring in programs today that build skills for students of tomorrow.

The fact is our business and personal lives has more connection to the data accumulated from all over the world. Any business from any place in the world can make a difference in a person’s life making the world look more interconnected. This expectations in changes welcome more changes in the way of business in every industry. In such a rapidly evolving landscape, education is the key to survive and today, we discuss what skills do actually students must also build on parallel to their learning period.

Consolidating below the 7 most and must-have skills to impart in Student’s Education for building a stronger future:

Moral Living Cognizance

“Fill the brain with high thoughts, highest ideals,
place them day and night before you,
and out of that will come Great work”
-  Swami Vivekananda

Apart from Education, Students of today and future should adhere to moral policies to understand and live a meaningful life in essence. The sole purpose of education is to influence students how to think, act and connect between characters and as well approach the life positively. Hence, schools must term the social glue in education that defines how individuals should live together more in real world than in the virtual world.


Fitness Physically and Mentally

As opposed to moral education, physical education becomes important for a student well-being. Mental well-being is again a credible factor to consider in children education. Program and activities are crucial to shape minds of students to think broad and explore more which eventually improve student’s performance. Educators should put in conscious efforts to eliminate habits of laziness and sloppiness and help acquire habits of self-control and diligence amongst students physically and mentally.


Critical Thinking & Logical Skills

Gone are the days of business which is monotonous and reserved. All businesses of today strive hard with series of improvement to beat competition and acquire the market. The market is global with eCommerce meaning the competition is global. Students must be aware of this competitive world and should develop their intelligence to be able to think rapid and smart to solve the problems in their career. They must be responsive enough to analyze a situation and deliver the right solution. With more number of students entering profession with strong capabilities to rethink products or services, it marks the transformation of the world of tomorrow.


Effective Communication

In today’s world, one must be frequently communicating over a number of channels such as phone, social media, business meet, and online forums and so on. Effective communication is highly mandatory to deliver your points and win the situation. Unless or until this skill is developed, students run into extreme struggle to find their position in their career. To do this, students must be very well aware of its importance right at their schooling and the school must take all steps to educate the consequence in case of poor communication with facts and figures to stress its urging importance. From drafting an email to sharing a comment on social network, schools can teach their students to understand the etiquette of communication on all platform which will greatly help in their career and also behave well in the society.


Digital Learning Talent

The information uploaded to web is exponential which may not be covered to read even in a life time. Hence, it becomes critical to increase the interest in finding and knowing information and as well understand the difference of usual and trivial information on web. Making the most of internet in terms of downloading reference materials, finding answers of questions, discussing issues on a common platform can nurture brain with wealth of information to store for future reference. Plenty of website are available online to make learning easier and interesting which are credible for student’s education.

Naturally, there must be an Appetite to Learn for students of tomorrow.


Leadership Skills

An importance skill to develop for students of future. Variety of tools and activities are available to build the characteristics of leadership. These program aspire students and encourage to improve self-confidence, humility, enthusiasm, authenticity, emotional intelligence, responsibility, courage and flexibility. Preparing curriculum with room for activities to experiment and develop leadership quality make extraordinary leaders of tomorrow. More than a leader, it is important to acquire leadership quality for a student to face challenges in search of opportunities and go through tough times at life.



Team Work

Team work involves collaboration and serve as an empowerment to unite and strengthen each other capacity in a group.  Students learn how to cooperate and be loyal to the team while involving in team building activities. Apart from developing leadership quality, being a good team player adds value to their profession. Many successful organizations of today achieved their success with team work founded on trust, loyalty, talent and confidence. Every kid must be given a chance to be a team leader and as well a team player to handle the pattern of responsibility and build their capabilities in handling both on the same extent. Extraordinary team work bring cheers to the entire team and students must be a good team player to adopt to the profession of tomorrow.


This applies to education globally, all are united somewhere and somehow and the aforementioned points if given equal importance to learning irrespective of borders will delight the world together. Let’s break the traditional pattern of studies and teach what is really required. A drastic transformation is expected to integrate real-world context in education.

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Vijina Jairaj

As a Content Crafter with PenPencilEraser, She looks into more topics extremely vital for schools that resonates with general audience as well.

About Vijina Jairaj

As a Content Crafter with PenPencilEraser, She looks into more topics extremely vital for schools that resonates with general audience as well.


  1. This is a well balanced article on education. I would add that all skills and knowledge acquired should help individuals to add value in their lives and that of others. Developing countries should be careful to select a curriculum which not only sharpens consumer instincts among the citizens but encourages them to be productive and protective of their environment.

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