Reconnecting with Schoolmates far easy in an App-Driven Life!

Miss your childhood memories?

What if it will be like if you reconnect with your schoolmates after years!

It’s true that school friendship is innocent and a lasting one. As we grow older and move on with our lives running behind time and profession, we lose friends, classmates, and teachers who have contributed something to become who we are today. It’s a good feeling to reconnect with school mates, recapture old memories and move ahead with old friends of life.

And that’s pretty easier in today’s App Driven life. Technology has become a part of our life and a powerful medium of communication, no matter how far, communication is promising and certainly finds your missed schoolmate and there are many ways to locate a person.

First and foremost idea is to surf your friend name along with your school name on Google. If their profile is somewhere on web, definitely you spot them in the search results. Then it’s simple to get connected.

Some find on LinkedIn where a discrete option is available to find people, refined by school and location. Especially on LinkedIn, the professional network, it’s more likely to meet many of your friends on the network using Find Alumini or just by searching their name with school info.

Sites like has more than 55 million registered accounts and class directories spanning more than 25,000 high schools and it’s a great resource for Americans to locate school friends.

All above are some quick tips to locate your missed schoolmate but interestingly some schools/colleges take advantage of technology and plan earlier to help their students stay connected with their school and schoolmates with various apps even after their graduation.

Before we discuss, here are few examples of how

Stanford University law school created its own Facebook-like social network for alumni and students that includes legal wikis that they can collaborate on for specific practices, said Lisa Farris, associate director of web communications and identity at the Stanford law school. The wikis include overviews of different practices, key skill sets and more information that students and alums can share together.

M.I.T. (@MIT_alumni) has had similar results with its LinkedIn alumni group, which it allows students to join before they graduate so that they can network with alumni.

These founded networks help collectively to

  • Unite Students & Alumini
  • Conduct Education Conferences
  • Help find a job
  • Make meaningful connections &
  • Share inspirations, thoughts and reflections

Besides school owned & operated networks, there are many networking sites available for free to achieve school & student networking

  • LinkedIn Groups
  • Facebook Page for School
  • A place on School’s website

While Social Networking or the so-called networking benefits in lot of ways, schools/colleges equally should be concerned over the unethical internet activities. This is certainly possible to execute and here’s what we recommend to ensure that the purpose of the network is well-maintained.

In this comprehensive approach, schools need to

  1. Define a clear policy & the educational motto of the network. The instruction on usage must be circulated and well educated among the audiences to effectively utilize the medium.
  2. Apart from School-owned network, Schools must take time in imparting education about online safety and responsible use and the threats involved in the usage since student’s addiction in these network is getting increased.
  3. There must be effective oral and technical monitoring.

Of course, helping former students stay connected is just one reason universities are turning to social media; Awareness is another, and there are many more. At the end of the day, it is evident that through technology, everlasting connection with school is possible. Even if your school doesn’t have a network, make your first step in finding and connecting your schoolmates that benefit each other and possible in an App-driven life!


Vijina Jairaj

As a Content Crafter with PenPencilEraser, She looks into more topics extremely vital for schools that resonates with general audience as well.
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3 thoughts on “Reconnecting with Schoolmates far easy in an App-Driven Life!

  • February 23, 2022 at 3:20 pm

    Great insights there. Thanks! These should all be taken into consideration to avoid getting out of network in the fast world.

  • October 14, 2022 at 9:37 am

    Happiness is meeting an old friend after a long time and feeling that nothing has changed!!and this is a nice idea of getting connect to our old friends..


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