What Type of Teacher are you?

What type of teacher are you? Let me tell you we all know it but, why again do we have to lustre the perceptions would be the thought in your mind. But, here is something novel that is worth exploring and I would tell you it is easy to speculate occasionally but when we wish to obtain it copiously, it is worth the details which are thought-provoking.

The two prime types of teachers as their behaviour and personality depicts.
• Teachers as Motivational Leaders
• Teachers as Perfect Managers

Teachers as Motivational Leaders!

“Teachers who inspires students to dream more, learn more, do more and become more as innovators and inventors.”

The teachers who have the aptitude of motivational leaders does have a different approach in the classroom and in the way of teaching. The most differentiates are informal approach, open and friendly, permissive and encouraging, humorous and emotional, chiefly focused on student learning, checks on learnt concepts, scores on innovative answers, encourages flipped learning, joins with students, chats and eat, meets parents over progression, innovative teaching using technology, builds relationship.

Teachers as Perfect Managers!

“Teachers who train the students to be well organized finding time for each task, strict over discipline, always settle in advance and be well prepared.”

While we come to the approach and the disciple of the perfect managers the following can be experienced with them in both the teaching and the classroom. Formal approach, reserved over the relationship, restrictive on approvals and permissions, serious and rational, mainly focus on Student behaviour, checks on work completion, scores based right answers, does not encourage student intervening, strict over lunch, meets parents over only on complains, orientation teaching methods, builds reputation.

Well, now as we discussed over the types of teachers, it is now that we look at “The Making of Best Teacher”. For this we need to understand the Students outlook and approach over the interactive class of the best teacher. The responses and the behaviour of the students depicts the performance of the teacher.

We would always wish to hear the students say, It’s interesting, I prefer to know more, Is this the trend about the modern changes? Let me explore more, provide me few reference books, when would be the next session? What is the next topic coming up? Show me the examples of practical applications of these learning, thank you and please stay for more while.

A Final Outlook:

Teachers need to be as Motivational Leaders than perfect managers! A cardinal principle in the type of teachers decides on the continuous improvement in students, positively progressing with perfect academic development striving for the innovative skill development in students.

Technology forces teachers who are Perfect Managers to transform as Motivational Leaders!
Technology Learning Innovations are Flipped classrooms, Online learning, Mobile app learning, Game-based learning and Virtual classrooms. While these bring in more challenges to the teachers to face the e-safety challenges like the online privacy, data protection, copyright issues, online reputation, password protection, social threats and much more. Teachers who are motivational leaders perform better and show up greater results.



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The 8 Ways to stimulate students to be creative!

Creativity is an inbound skill which takes expertise, unique thinking and motivation that drives you over building innovation, naturally allowing more individualism. Children possess these in great extend and what is required is the quick guidance, motivation and the drive to ignite the young minds to ultimate achievements.

Creativity may be cultivated making a balance in the thinking ability. The general practice at schools are the projects which foster creativity in students but to what extend is rather the question. Creating ample space to creativity, building confidence, encouraging curiosity, incorporating and integrating collaboration and cultural values, extending the resources are few of the desirable changes which inculcates the students to be creative.

Here are 8 intrinsic factors that can stimulate the creativity of students, focus on these points with right efforts to get results.

Meet up with challenge

Create challenging situations as difficult tasks triggers the creativity. Match with skill and interest to add its creativity. Students when set with challenging task would quickly cater to adopt inventively and seek for options to come out successfully, in this process the creative talent is been triggered to greater extend.

Desirable freedom

Allow to choose their desirable path, task might be to climb the mountains but never utter which mountain. Generates ample creativity here. When you are required to master the child with the creative ability you need to provide ample freedom over the decisions. Creativity can be triggered by large in the areas that interests the child.

Right resources

No more or no less the right use of time and money paralleled with the knowledge and equipment makes a leap to ignite the creativity. Limited or closed circumference would not be the right exposure, the resource of learning and experimenting the creative ability lies more vividly on the ample resources.

Constructive mindset

Creativity is contagious but the team working with must show varied talents. Although diverse team, each one should work with the similar mindset. Never let the mind dilute with the destructive ideas. Get your student work with the supportive minds.

Shouldering the responsibility

The level of enthusiasm cultivates creativity and on creativity comes the responsibility. Encourage, motivate and let students shoulder responsibility. It is the need of the hour that students have to possess skills to independently complete the task. When the task gets completed with the complete responsibility it triggers the sense of creativity to the peak.

Support as required

Should have a sense of support from the school, parents and friends as well. This needs a superfine handling as the feel of being supported is important. This might sound contradicting to shouldering the responsibility but the difference is that although support is extended the responsibility lies with the students.

Don’t just let them think

Thinking is an enemy of creativity, it dilutes the ideas, just start doing rather than thinking. By doing right things or things right you are successful. Most cases student just keep thinking all the way about achieving or creating something but the real prompt should be to stop thinking and start doing.

Encourage Solutions

Never jump into the scene, let them work on solutions and do encourage children to discuss solutions related to each problem. Keep the understanding in place that it’s the student duty to tackle the situation and keep on encouraging the solutions right from them and at one time they would get it right.

“Ultimately, you can’t use up creativity, the more you use it the more you gain”.


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5 Tips for handling project-based learning stimulating 20 soft-skills in students!

Delighted are the students when working on practical projects which is normally considered messy and waste of time, but most thoughtful parents or the mentor would not feel the same ever. There are ample reasons. I am also a person who wish to share that the lessons every day completed will tend to look beyond and gather more information.

One of the recent study states that the social-emotional skills needs to be a component that sees improvements as the years pass by. You would also tend to look into the child capabilities over the skills like communication, collaboration, empathy, solution provider and much more. The whole aspect of education is a merge of soft skills, hard skills and intellectuals which cannot be denied. Even for the grown up children demands an advisory session which will carve their talents and focus on the growth.

What is exactly required is the real time and the project-based learning which sours up the soft skills of the individual. There are many platforms for the child to build the social-emotional skills and creating such opportunities would become the responsibility of the parents and the school. Well, when we say the practical environment and children engaging themselves will stand to build the skill.

Permit and provide access: This is a wonderful strategy to allow student to collaborate, choose their own group and provide the complete takeover of organising and addressing the concerned. It could also be a public address and when handling by the student themselves things are achieved on the upfront.

Forgive any apologies: When playing the real way might seem organising things could easily be messed up and there might be a lot of complains over the unorganised and shabby work. It is also inevitable to maintain good spirits but it needs to be thought its fine and accept the mess to have them corrected.

Inquire and Guide: It is a great idea to check with the children about the challenges entered in the real time execution and finding ways to help the child improve over the diversified challenges which could be academically, socially or emotionally. I once took up the responsibility to guide over and as I prompted few questions like, “What best you liked over the project? Which was the difficult task? How time consuming was the complete process?” this gave me a good insight to guide them better.

Provide a platform: Exhibiting the uniqueness of the student does motivate the group and it becomes a learning pace for other children to adhere the talents. “I did see all students backed with soft skills as they start their schooling, to my wonder a child possessed cool confidence and rightly chosen to the leadership role, she did inspire many of her age children”, so let’s always provide the opportunity.

Motivate and Encourage: One thing that could directly provide immense motivation is by giving a positive feedback and it does encourage to do better each time and always.

“I encountered with a child who was overwhelmed, as his product creation has been praised by his mentors”,

He is required to move further and rightly my guess turns to reality when he won laurels.


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Practical Involvement in order to adapt with School Management Software!

practical involvement

Although we learn from the experienced about the adoption of school management software, would you not think of acquiring the quantum of feedback and that is something which can be obtained research based which predicts the majority in practice.

To add up with the consolidation you will learn from the below infographic the matching scenario that is being faced at your schools. Most times we do personally check over the digital availability for schools and how good and beneficial it turns to be instantaneously,  in due course it does come with the recommendation which may be more helpful.

Yes, schools here can quickly get involved with this brief infographic study for better and brilliant decisions.

Practical involvement to adapt

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