How PenPencilEraser can help different types of schools?

Different types of schools

Hello Schools! It’s wonderful being at the start, mid or the end of the academic year. You may be new or experienced with the school digitalization. Your school may be using some sort of school management software or some specific modules like Timetable, Attendance or Accounts. Rather your school might be located in any part of the geographic location in the globe. Irrespective of these we would say that your school should glance at PenPencilEraser that gives you more ideas and has an edge over the many software.

Here comes the new change in the overall school management and administration which goes digital. Watch out to get this effortless and incredible software integrated into the center of your school system. Delays, miscommunication, homework, intimation, time consumption worries that drag the delays of success and the ability being questioned are eliminated.

Take a chance to look into the features of this effective school management software that guides you through the complete school management which is suitable for any schools.

Schools that are Management-Centric

Here you are to experience the wholesome interesting features that give you better ROI, keeps you updated and enhances peace of mind.

  • Stay updated always with anytime, anywhere access
  • Access information in the friendly dashboard
  • Stay updated with the various happenings in the school in a single screen view
  • Keep track on all user activities
  • Consolidate reports over attendance, payroll, fees, schedule, exams etc.
  • Communicate and send instructions anytime across the platform
  • Manage the school website with any additions in menus, sub-menus, notifications and other information
  • Publish the school achievements, images, accolades and reviews
  • Invite new applicants through the website
  • Submit various reports as required by the education board and other related government bodies
  • Manage school accounts with the customized audit reports

 Schools that are Teachers Centric

The most stressed with a lot of crunch in time are the teachers of any school. The faculty members who are the backbone of the school should always aim to spend more time with the students enriching them all academically, socially and disciplinarily. To them, the tasks being handled are ample which takes away much time in planning and later to the execution. This form of digitalization which keeps them away from some routine tasks and makes them gain much more time with the students and their lessons.

  • The first primary responsibility of attendance comes to a total solution with the digital system
  • The issue of homework is again automatized
  • Collaborating with parents becomes the simplest and easy task
  • Schedule for exams, issue of timetable, portions becomes a swift process
  • Planning the lesson plan eases the job
  • Allocating the marks and consolidation of marks for various subjects from the respective class teachers becomes simple.
  • Updating and issuing of the consolidated CCE report are automatic.

All of these will certainly work better on saving time and energy and it proves to be a welcoming change in any schools. The schools which provide their faculty with more time in teaching is the first sign of the school being successful.

 Schools that are Parents Centric

Parents are the people who provide feedback and rating to the school and their prime expectations are their child’s education and safety. The parents look for updates from school, track the student’s performance and stand by their child to help overcome the troubles if any. So, they are the most delighted to have a school app in their smartphones to check and track all the updates of the schools.

  • The mobile app features is an award winning Android app for schools.
  • They are able to track the attendance, time schedule, exam schedule and others
  • Simple to track the marks, fees, balances and the periodic report cards
  • Communicate with the school management and the teachers
  • Take the print of the CCE report
  • Submit their ward’s homework with the respective attachments
  • Request for leave, send reminders and get the approval status
  • Understand the various happening in the school with other classes too
  • View the gallery and download the corresponding pictures as required.

The above features would certainly impress the parents and they get closer to the school with the better understanding of the school systems and their child’s performance.

Schools that are Students Centric

The complete success of the application can be experienced as the convenience experienced by the students. It relatively brings about the updates from the school and makes it notified instantly to the students. Students tend to keep all things related to school and education within the palm. This makes them work competitively and does not miss any work assigned. This relatively increases their interest, discipline and the performance in the school activities and academics.

Similar to the parents’ features, students would be able to access the updates from the school in terms of homework, attendance, exams, marks, messages and website intimations. Along with these, they are able to wish the birthdays of their buddies and also receive wishes for your birthday. Access the gallery images, the website updates and all this related to exams and schedules.

Schools which are new to the digital platform

Just stay cool and we would take you to complete transformation in an easy and effective manner. The Schools although with large database and yet to digitalize should find this to be the right time to adhere. So much so the schools may think of security, convenience, and reliability. This would rather be enriched and gives you better peace of mind when you adhere to the digital platform. All that we expect from schools is to initiate a discussion by submitting the contact request or the demo request on our website.

 Schools which are partially digitalized

You may be with schools which have some sort of digitalization, may be a Timetable management or attendance management or admission management. In this case, you have a feel for how convenient it works saving on your time and energy.

Just the thought of having an integrated platform for the complete management of the school activities will be ideal to go with forever. You would be pleased to have PenPencilEraser as a part of your school management as it takes you with the comfort of the overall digitalization. The best part is that as the new modules keep updating you have the advantage of scaling up.

Schools which are fully digitalized

Schools which already engaged with some kind of school management software may be the one built for your school or had signed up for SaaS subscription. Now is the right time to analyze if you have been completely satisfied and how much of added convenience can be experienced with an outright comparison.  You should be prepared to do so and would tell you the results would be amazing.

It is indeed much simpler to shift the digital platform to any service provider, your data is in the digital form and hence the migration can be taken care easily by our team. All that is required is an analysis and keep in mind the demo would be delivered by our team on your request.

It is interesting to reach the world through this post and building much awareness to the schools across the globe. Only when systems are in place the effective running of the institution can be experienced. Making sure that all the best part put together we wish to discuss with your school and hereby request to you to submit the demo form here.


PenPencilEraser, the online school management software serves schools globally, its integration of various modules makes the school management simple and effective. Here is explained the how schools of different types find it best to work with PenPencilEraser, look into the features of communication modules and so is the details of other modules which can be glanced for an insight. Providing you a quick glance of few modules Homework Management, Attendance Management, Fee Management and Payroll Management. You can request a demo here for better understanding, demonstration and guidance over the various features.

Education Technology in Schools – A Reality!

Education Technology in Schools – A Reality! Technology is the most important aspect of any industry and so it is for the education industry. During the most common days we discuss and converse over the education and the technologies pertaining to the education, researches have also brought forward that adaptive constraints of technology in the education industry.

Education is a sector which have not practiced with full-fledged technology and the adoption to the technology is less or none. But, reasons are unknown it is also argued that education sector should certainly be the one with the best technology.

Just as I inquired a leading school management with a simple question of “Have you tried Education Technology for your school, if yes what was the results? The gentleman shared a few break down of what happened with all the errors over school technology and that it is just not working.

We need to go think over this and in no time, we need prove the right solution and in this episode of school technology we need to learn how well it can be implemented for schools of any size.

Now was a genuine offer made to the school official saying if the right help is being given and showing you significant advantages, would transform you confidently and make you feel it round work best. If you do this do you think it would be the best given to your school. Let me know your thoughts over this and sharing the level of services will make a difference and such schools are a great experience to the digital world.

The world is transforming digitally and so the adoption of the schools should also be embraced, one might think, why is this pressure on schools, School think modern and progressive in providing innovation and transmitting values and principles to the new generations. They are high in productivity about the child rearing actions. They are also collective in nature when you account all educators but what is agreed is they root and nurture the best young minds in terms of knowledge, ethics, culture, and desired motivation. Children are the high resources for better tomorrow.

When considered education as an industry and when you know running schools is precisely the high-stake procedures which is the reason to limit the technology. The mere concentration is with the learning depth and the outcomes which is considered as the success and the profits for the schools. So, being the reason many schools willing to adhere to technology to benefit the learning skills. Where is the real pause or hinge of technology difficulty and why does it not work for schools?

When this was explained the schools across the globe and the common project at top universities noted that what other industries adhere, will not work for the education sector as the underlined point is that teaching is a service and not a business.  It is the act of human activity which gets transformed from one person to another which is the teaching medium.

Still it is great to know the relevant and latest technology and innovations which are in the current day handled by the schools and the swift decision by all schools to come into this sphere of technology will prepare them for future and so will the student gain wholesome.

What are the Education Technology that lasts till tomorrow?

The emerging technologies paves way to the future of education and they hold the future of the promising education for the children. Schools must adopt to them and give way to the innovation, inventions of the young raising start. The top technologies are the cloud technology, Augmented reality, and the 3D printing.

Cloud Technology:

This merely is the connectivity and the school management, the school management can control, connect, collaborate and track the school happening in a single platform. They would be able to connect, collaborate and manage the school deliverables on time. The school management software in the SaaS model is the best serving for swift management.

Augmented Reality:

The interesting innovation for learning that takes the world to much higher technology. This gives the students a clear chance to explore the world with the devices and the experience makes them learn the real and imaginary things. The innovations like the Google glass, Sky Apps to learn astronomy and other realistic gaming products.

3D Printing:

This is another great technology in classroom where the teaching can be done by showing. The examples can be created in prototypes and the students learn with the mini models. The designs are engineered and together the students get to know the modelling of the images. On the other hand, the theoretical concepts can be brought to visualization which helps in better understanding.

Online for social and learning:

Much advanced is the online virtual learning environment which encourages the students to participate in the discussion and forums and it helps to exchange ideas from students across different nations. These integration and social connections with each other are based on the cloud technology and it boosts the student’s confidence.


Just beyond the common biometric identification system blows the Eye-tracking technology through which the mentor would be able to capture the interest of the students and their attention towards the concepts. The system gets integrated in the general class room section and overall, much improvements can be realized.

Technology teaches the young generation to make innovation learning to think about knowledge, technology and relate them with one another and show up the best innovation. So, hereby it is implied that education technology is most important for schools and the reasons why most schools skip is still the unknown.


User-Activity Tracker, a Vital feature in School Management Software


penpencileraser user activity tracker


Before I explain the User-Activity Tracker functions much let me share an experience of the School Top Management and the Principals experience. That was one fine day and just after our deployment of the software, as we discussed more on the need of school management software, the benefits, convenience, and swift work flow that directs to the massive success of the school performance.

The school Management quoted saying,

“I think I’ll be honest here as when my school employed the first school management software we really did not know what we could do and what we have been doing.

We had used it extensively posting all the data of the students and teachers. A handful people at our school were in control and I was supposed to have a worth over it. That was when I decided to have good control and run into a lot of anxiety, I had to take confirmation about the changes or updates the team did over the software.  It was so weird and am sure anyone at my place would experience this tough time.

That was when I decided to explore the experiences and I tested different software and found many standing out from the rest. It was when I browsed over a website called PenPencilEraser, I immediately contacted them and checked my concerns specially the one related to control the updates. The best part that attracted me in my process of evaluation was the user activities tracker and that provided all the answers and here I am successful with the digitization of my schools and many others in my contact”

Data is important and managing the activity based on the data should be something in control and the admin should have the complete history of the user activities. We are sure you would learn much today in this article.

The one ranking factor that you must agree for the success of any software is the tracking of the updates. How this formula worked with PenPencilEraser. Here we are to show you the process and how without moving from your desk you tend to keep the control of the overall security.

penpencileraser useractivity filters

Check out the detailed explanation and faq’s when you have finished reading and observing leave a comment below to let us know what you think.

What is User Activities Feature?

In the Users module, you have the User Activities page which is accessible only to the Super-Admin, the highest order in position or grant control of any authorized user.

While you glance at the module you will see all the activity of different level of users gets displayed with the latest on the top. By default, PenPencilEraser displays the timeline of the data in the sequence which bundles up-to-the-day and minute activities. You can choose to filter by any module, sub modules and any action of the user. The modules you choose gets displayed in the drop-down menu in a single click. It shows the details as exact time of the activity and all the of the users.

How is it different from other software?

Generally, software when given access or restricting access it provides to the fullest, but the main difference with PenPencilEraser is the user-activity tool which is the History tool which shows the complete action taken place like added, edited, deleted, printed, downloaded, removed, updated log in, log out and much more related to each specific module.

How to handle the volume of data daily?

You need not worry of the accumulation, as PenPencilEraser registers and tracks each moves and operations in the software, as an administrator you can systematically track the updates of the day and to gather the previous or the accumulated data, the system allows you to filter the required data.

What is the function of the Filter here?

You may have to understand that the filters streamline the required data and controls the unwanted data to display the output in the best required information. The admin can simple view the details of the user activities on specific span of time or on any date, possible to view based on specific module based, more so choosing the specific module you can filter it based on the sub-modules as well. Further, the specific action mode can also be determined and even the activities of specific users can be obtained. This is seamlessly a perfect concept to go with.

What happens if deleted or the function stops?

It is nice enough pf PenPencilEraser to give the feature a  perennial mode and there is no option to stop or delete. Eventually, the data gets archived at the end of the academic year. During the specific academic year, the data can be accessed and tracked at any point of time.

PenPencilEraser provides the school with all the complete modules and activity controls along with providing the access permissions. This module provides much tracking benefits and gives peace of mind. Of course, you could contact us and gain a demo of this sure-fire way of managing schools.


PenPencilEraser, the online school management software serves schools globally, its integration of various modules makes the school management simple and effective. Here is explained the functions of User-Activity Tracker and so are the details of other modules which can be glanced for an insight. Providing you a quick glance of few modules Homework Management, Attendance Management, Fee Management and Payroll Management. You can request for a demo here for better understanding and guidance over the various features. 

Proven 6 Tips for Academic Success in Students!

The general perception of students would be to feel the schooling as a task. When you yourself as a student feel that there is no other choice except to go to school, change your attitude and take personal ownership of your knowledge and career, you’ll find the task much more interesting. Give attention to self-learning, not just to listening to classes and studying for exams. Get your future visualized that how your studies may benefit you and your surroundings. Your inculcation can become a like a personal mission or the commencements of your ministry. So put in effort yourself because no one else is going to do it for you and make a choice of yours and not theirs.



Here are few tips which would keep you focused on your mission for a successful career and life.

Stimulate an orchestration - Map your exam, map your week, map your day:

Make good practice of using the monthly or semester calendars, work planners and time management. List out all the critical dates of your semester and stick on the wall or other that you might see them frequently. Shake off last minute reading and try to map your target for the forthcoming weeks. At the end of each day take an index on what you have covered up and what is left out. Mark with a red letter on your triumph.

Frame a periodic:

Being periodic is a hectic but that makes your life smoother and easier. Immediately after you are assigned with your exam schedules put them on a time management and work accordingly. Practice them and make to a periodic, one week might look very boring and similar to the next this becomes routine.

Sleep, eat & exercise:

In order to perform effectively students must stay healthy. Make sure to get the right amount of sleep and consume healthy food and avoid the junk foods, most importantly work out every day.  This in turn will supply you with the lavish energy that energizes your mind sharp and active.

Evade multi-tasking:

Multi-tasking actually creates the stress life and makes us to feel restless. If you are studying a particular subject just focus on that subject, nothing else. In order to take care of this, you need to shut off your gadgets and make your mind relax before starting up anything.

Take pattered and earned breaks:

Every individuals needs a break from time-to-time. It actually refreshes our minds and push a little forward with some energy. Breaks can be utilized in different manner like doing some exercises, prayer and meditation etc.

Join up with the support system:

Gravitate towards the friends who support you in your hard and tough situation and that study hard and make good grades. This way you can strengthen each other and be accountable to them.

Verbalize positively to yourself:

Our attitude and the things we believe will frame our feelings and motivations. Believe in yourself that you are going to have a good study period. Recollect your good grades that you’ve got in the past. Put across yourself that you are smart enough to learn everything that you need. Call up the courage and give your best in all the aspects.

These may be called as the 6 wonders of successful education, it is not age specific and hence stands applicable to all the levels of education. Schools can take it as an opportunity to tune up the students with the more focused skills which will keep them aspiring and leading in the academic fronts all through the life.


Practical Involvement in order to adapt with School Management Software!

practical involvement

Although we learn from the experienced about the adoption of school management software, would you not think of acquiring the quantum of feedback and that is something which can be obtained research based which predicts the majority in practice.

To add up with the consolidation you will learn from the below infographic the matching scenario that is being faced at your schools. Most times we do personally check over the digital availability for schools and how good and beneficial it turns to be instantaneously,  in due course it does come with the recommendation which may be more helpful.

Yes, schools here can quickly get involved with this brief infographic study for better and brilliant decisions.

Practical involvement to adapt

You are free to share this infographic using the below embedded code.

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