Extensive Customization of Fees - Comprehensive, Secured & Automated Module!

The fee management at schools are the most essential which is something been transacted in great volumes and deals financially. The schools tend to define the fee structure bringing all the categories into it. Just does not stand to be another module of the school management software - PenPencilEraser but it gives many customized option. We could show you impressive features over the handling of fees at schools, while we are pretty sure that schools expect much more over this.

The allocation of the fee collection and fee entry responsibility can be customized and the member in-charge at schools can be given access over this module.

One another interesting feature over this application is the user activities which is available over various modules. The authority of your school can view the various activities that takes place in the software. This gives the first and foremost clarification of the changes implemented.

Again coming to the security and reliability, the infrastructure is built in is highly secured platform with reliable storage, back-ups and speed. Built on Microsoft Azure platform stands to benefit.

There is going to be nothing much to talk about the fees collection of the schools but would you be astonished to note its simplicity when you know the actual functions that are available. The list follows:

  • Create the type of fee heads
  • Create the applicable fee amounts based on the type of fees
  • Include the installment details along with the dates, installment amount, due date
  • Possible option to fix the late fee on basis of daily or fixed amount

Things will go on-time only when being reminded and yes, the feature exists, the schools can set up to 10 alerts of different time span and as scheduled the parent of the respective student will receive the alert reminder. This will help to generate timely fee collection and in the parents prospective they would stay away from the late payments and penalty fees. Collaboration here is deliberately required and hence, again each of the fee report as denotes the students fee status comes with the instant SMS feature which allows you to forward a reminder SMS to the parent regarding the fee due.

Setting up and allotment of fees:

Here is as shown below the set up screen for the respective fees head, the applicable students can be all or per class or any individuals from assorted classes. Once the fee is allotted to the student it gets on to the student account which the student is expected to pay.

You would also notice that the receipt number can also be customized that lets you to set the prefix and the number sequence would be take for the receipt generation.

Here is the convenience added for fee collection, get the insight of the student fee allocation, fee pending, due amount, due dates, payment history, receipt reprint and more in just the same screen. This makes it convenient for the schools to quickly allot the fees to the respective fee heads.

Fees3 - edit

As the fee allocation is pre-alloted and it goes as per the schedule, there might be some kind of unexpected or miscellaneous fees which could have incurred some amount to be collected from the students. To facilitate this feature the schools are allowed a final step which permits you to collect the fees mentioning the details in the description. This keeps the school petty cash account with proper reference.


Here is a quick review over the payment history of the particular student. In case any prints of the receipts required it could be obtained instantly and attested by the school as a copy of the issued receipt. Many schools have acknowledged this feature being added to their convenience as they are able to serve the requested parents at ease.

This is one such module which demands reports of various criteria. The different lists of fee collection can be obtained setting up the requirements, it could be based on class, fee type, payment status type, periodically, month-wise, short span providing the start date and end date search. All of these fee details gets listed and the report can be printed, exported to excel or could be converted to pdf format.

With being provided the complete solution over this Fees module the school benefits the elimination of search of files, automated system, quick reference, instant reports, consolidated details for decisions makes the school closer to their vision and mission. You may also be interested in our Homework Module and Attendance Module for a quick reference, which are just a part of our wholesome 100+ features, here is glancing at the complete features of PenPencilEraser, School Management Software.



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6 thoughts on “Extensive Customization of Fees - Comprehensive, Secured & Automated Module!

  • June 13, 2022 at 11:25 am

    All the features mentioned here was really fantastic and makes everyone to feel strees free from the fees collection work. Great work!

  • June 13, 2022 at 11:31 am

    Great post!. I have gone through not only the fees module but also the entire features of Penpencileraser. It seems to the best software ever which I have came across.

  • June 13, 2022 at 11:37 am

    It makes me feel so good and relief from a big thing. I have gone through the entire feature of the software. Will get in touch with you soon.

  • June 20, 2022 at 6:28 pm

    hello… really all features are useful and fantastic and This kind of features are making some work more easy to fee collect work and time saving. its really great work and also appreciate able work. Thank You.

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