Simplicity of Attendance Module in PenPencilEraser!

School Attendance: Quick and Instant Attendance handling for Faculty and Students.

Attendance Module

One among the most and highest time consuming yet important tasks managed in schools on daily and hourly basis are the attendance marking. This is highly tasking for the schools to manage effectively. A clear understanding and keen sense of management is required to perform this task mapping with the past and future requested leaves. Also, the students have to cater to the minimum required leaves to meet the board expectation and teachers driving to the interest of the students all day long.

May require a break, true to get them out of the routine manual updates! Bring in more support to handle the attendance of students. Well! It would rather be a boon when the same support could be applied for teachers and other school staffs. The one that really works will be the digitalization, there are ample software available to digitalize the attendance but what is important is the simplified method of managing attendance.

You would have also known about the concept of biometric integrations, it provides unique code based on the finger print or any other physical identity like face recognition, voice, gestures, aroma and much more of the individual and records the attendance when the student enters the campus, they are required to recognize their identity by passing the finger print or other registered identity in the installed hardware unit. This marks the attendance automatically. It would rather bring in better integration by consolidating the attendance and sending out the alert message to the parents stating the absenteeism of the child for that day. This is also something expected by the parent who wish to stay updated with the child performance and attendance having much concern over the security as well.

Much more than just the student attendance it also stands to be a platform for the performance analysis. Now is the time to look into the application of PenPencilEraser which gives better support over managing attendance of schools in different frontier. Here is something that allows you to quick generate report of the absentees for the day, for the session be it fore noon or second session. It also makes a point to look into the late coming status of the student which triggers an SMS notification of the late coming status to the respective parents. Another great aspect is that the parents are at ease to request for leave for their wards online by simply stating the reason and also make some relevant attachment in case required to support the leave application.

For Faculty and staffs:

The attendance handling does serve as an important update for the teachers, faculty members, admin and staffs. This does not just meet to mark of attendance but it does makes it complete for scheduling and work planning of the respective faculty. It does allow the individual to request online based on the nature of leave. The leave calculation will be based on the allotted leave for that particular individual. Making it simpler the approved leave will be notified to the respective staff where by it does reflect in the payroll of that particular individual. Well, here is everything that is been expected by the school for their smart management. Request, approve, schedule, payroll, optimize and much more.

For the Parents & Students:

Quite apparent that students leave intimation should be streamlined and well notified. This works for the complete integration making it simpler by submitting the request to the approval authority of the school. The respective teachers get notified and hence can share intimations and other relevant works with the student in the selective homework assigning group. It makes the parents to quickly get notified on the status of the leave. The leave approval will be handled as approved, denied or pending. In case denied the management can also rely with the denial reason that helps avoid misconceptions.

For the Management:

Management of schools will have to work frequently over the attendance of the faculty and staff, right from the follow up of their syllabus and exams it is also necessary for them to work with the payroll of the staffs and teachers, When the payroll works automatically with the leave calculations the job gets simplified multi-fold and would experience the real value of digitalization.

Overall, it is quite obvious that all features are integrated and the complete school management software handles the entire happenings and stuffs for the efficient functioning of the school. Obtain a free demo for the complete walk through of the comprehensive school management software.



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