Simplicity of Attendance Module in PenPencilEraser!

School Attendance: Quick and Instant Attendance handling for Faculty and Students.

Attendance Module

One among the most and highest time consuming yet important tasks managed in schools on daily and hourly basis are the attendance marking. This is highly tasking for the schools to manage effectively. A clear understanding and keen sense of management is required to perform this task mapping with the past and future requested leaves. Also, the students have to cater to the minimum required leaves to meet the board expectation and teachers driving to the interest of the students all day long.

May require a break, true to get them out of the routine manual updates! Bring in more support to handle the attendance of students. Well! It would rather be a boon when the same support could be applied for teachers and other school staffs. The one that really works will be the digitalization, there are ample software available to digitalize the attendance but what is important is the simplified method of managing attendance.

You would have also known about the concept of biometric integrations, it provides unique code based on the finger print or any other physical identity like face recognition, voice, gestures, aroma and much more of the individual and records the attendance when the student enters the campus, they are required to recognize their identity by passing the finger print or other registered identity in the installed hardware unit. This marks the attendance automatically. It would rather bring in better integration by consolidating the attendance and sending out the alert message to the parents stating the absenteeism of the child for that day. This is also something expected by the parent who wish to stay updated with the child performance and attendance having much concern over the security as well.

Much more than just the student attendance it also stands to be a platform for the performance analysis. Now is the time to look into the application of PenPencilEraser which gives better support over managing attendance of schools in different frontier. Here is something that allows you to quick generate report of the absentees for the day, for the session be it fore noon or second session. It also makes a point to look into the late coming status of the student which triggers an SMS notification of the late coming status to the respective parents. Another great aspect is that the parents are at ease to request for leave for their wards online by simply stating the reason and also make some relevant attachment in case required to support the leave application.

For Faculty and staffs:

The attendance handling does serve as an important update for the teachers, faculty members, admin and staffs. This does not just meet to mark of attendance but it does makes it complete for scheduling and work planning of the respective faculty. It does allow the individual to request online based on the nature of leave. The leave calculation will be based on the allotted leave for that particular individual. Making it simpler the approved leave will be notified to the respective staff where by it does reflect in the payroll of that particular individual. Well, here is everything that is been expected by the school for their smart management. Request, approve, schedule, payroll, optimize and much more.

For the Parents & Students:

Quite apparent that students leave intimation should be streamlined and well notified. This works for the complete integration making it simpler by submitting the request to the approval authority of the school. The respective teachers get notified and hence can share intimations and other relevant works with the student in the selective homework assigning group. It makes the parents to quickly get notified on the status of the leave. The leave approval will be handled as approved, denied or pending. In case denied the management can also rely with the denial reason that helps avoid misconceptions.

For the Management:

Management of schools will have to work frequently over the attendance of the faculty and staff, right from the follow up of their syllabus and exams it is also necessary for them to work with the payroll of the staffs and teachers, When the payroll works automatically with the leave calculations the job gets simplified multi-fold and would experience the real value of digitalization.

Overall, it is quite obvious that all features are integrated and the complete school management software handles the entire happenings and stuffs for the efficient functioning of the school. Obtain a free demo for the complete walk through of the comprehensive school management software.

Here’s how the Homework Module of PenPencilEraser works and assists!

Homework & Assignments: Assign, Track, Attach, Comment, Notify, Approve & much more.


Homework is the key to student success in academics and more effectively it engages the free time of the students and after school hours. The undeniable fact is that each of the school be it any boards does implement some kind of home study and they do have incorporated a strategic application of additional learning.

The quiet known fact is that it does not end here and it extends to evaluation and grading. So, doubtlessly homework are meaningful integration in schools and they do require some kind of management to handle for deliberate success.


The homework is a strategy which is relevant to the students, teachers and parents. All academicians will generate the schedule for homework and it calls for high professionalism. All the more it is an everyday task which might required keen attention. Try and ask the impact of homework among the stakeholders. It is definitely time consuming in evaluation says the teachers. More research and help required tells the student of higher grades.

Just as an observer would you not wish to think of some kind of automation. Wow! That will definitely work over the simplicity of handling homework.

Homework module in school management software:

In the recent days the added element in schools are the effective school management software. Just get keen over how it works with the software PenPencilEraser.

For Teachers

The faculty member add up the homework for their students prescribing the homework details.

  • Subjects mentioned
  • Homework details
  • Issue date and Deadline date
  • If required the dates can be set in any required date both past and future.
  • Attachments
  • Choice of students – either the complete class or the selective students.
  • Alert through the SMS either student, parent or both.

What more? It’s a great go for any teacher to handle the homework in a single form with the ultimate user friendly software.

For Parents & Students

Instantaneous for the parents to get the details of their child homework in the dedicated parents portal with the secured login.

  • Check the details of the homework for the prescribed day.
  • Download the attachments sent by the faculty.
  • Look for the details in any past dates.
  • Clarify instantly to communicate with the teachers.
  • Check all the homework and update the completion status.
  • Message to the related teachers for the queries.
For Teachers & Academicians

Review of homework which is the vital part for the student performance.

Teachers can view the homework status and can filter by the ‘Completed homework’ & ‘Pending Homework’. This status review helps them to generate an instant comment over the message or intimation to have it completed. These reminders serve as time saving techniques for schools.


Perfectly designed to meet the overall expectations of the schools and hence they can totally rely on the student performance and academic achievements.

As a reader if you belong to a school, we wish to serve you full-fledged and you may request us for a demo anytime

10 Tips for Students for New Academic Year

How to arrive to School, the Mystic world to Read, Write and Learn!

Students, you might have been in break from school for quite a long time that kept you away from studies, assignments, uniforms, schedules and of course your friends and classmates. Your chase with time and schedule is back and be sure you would need to catch up better than your previous year in terms of organizing, studies, knowledge, soft skills, academics, co-curricular activities and of course disciple and self-confidence. Here is sharing with your few tips that would let you head start your new academic year.

Yes! The tips are for the returning students as for commencing students the experiences are far different. You would certainly come back to school in a progressive grade and now with the aspiration to meet the expectations of your parents, teachers and well-wishers.

Seek the following tips from my experience which are sure to lift you up the ladder.


10 tips


1.   Always Be Positive

Set your goals, enjoy the learning process as it is only in schools you are been taught and as you grow teaching diminishes and you would be exploring on your own. So, now is the best time to being taught and explore with self-interest. Remain positive about academics, friends, environment and teachers and do remember that you are being there to achieve something and hence avoid being influenced, instead influence others in the right path.

2.   Get Involved Wisely

  • The new academic year would certainly start with many activities, new groups, new rules and regulations and new updates.
  • You might have to be choosing among various activities, languages, classes and much more.
  • What is important here is to act wisely each time and every time.
  • Get to know the idea behind each decision, here is where you should not get afraid to take guidance from the faculty, senior students or class mates.
  • Clarify your doubts before making decisions and do not assume.
  • Remember you should act promptly on doubts and decisions as there may not be a second chance.

3.   Eat well and Stay Healthy

Be sure this is one of the important criteria that lets you travel in the success platform all through the year. What need to be realized is that your hard work accompanied with perfect health only supports in your all round success and staying healthy is the furtive behind consistent hard work and effective learning. Target and practice daily on balanced diet, personal hygiene, healthy surrounding and clean habits. If you are able to do so, nothing can stop you being an achiever.

4.   Be Organized Always

Right from day one be on duty to organize your things and activities well, only a self-organized person can stay motivated and can be prompt of handling stuffs. You need to know what is where, where to start, what to learn, how to learn, how to present, what to achieve and of course how to use the things effectively.

Practice makes a person perfect! And so if you are not of this kind, do not worry but start practicing from this moment.

5.   Be Complete with Assignments

Here what I wish to quote is that as an aspiring student you need to complete your day to day tasks promptly, some might leap a step ahead and work out things in advance but that may or may not prove well, still my insist is that your portions and assignment need to be on time and without any doubts in understanding. This will save more time and hence your revisions on these subjects can be increased from 2 to 4. Interesting is it? Give it a try consistently and there is nothing impossible about it.

This will save more time and hence your revisions on these subjects can be increased from 2 to 4. Interesting is it? Give it a try consistently and there is nothing impossible about it.

6.   Ask for Help without Hesitation

Some of the things may be new to you and you might not be open to clarify but please do not hesitate to ask for help you might have a student board who could guide you through. Clarify on all your doubts instantly. Seek out your teachers help and advice in case of lesson clarifications. All those who have the ability to seek help will have a quick turnover on results as nothing holds them from performing well. So do not feel negative about asking for help.

7.   Check the Bulletin Board Constantly

The general practice of any school is the bulletin board which displays the important announcements and intimations. So the good practice is check and read the bulletin board as you pass by or stop over it at least once a day to check for updates. Don’t assume your friends, classmate or teachers will intimate you, you are responsible for your performance and hence mark it as your duty to check the bulletin board and stay updated.

8.   Be Prompt, Be Alert

Time and again you would hear the advice of be prompt which means to complete your stuffs on time to avoid the last minute blues. This is not some extraordinary talent or ability, it is just the matter of interest and willingness. When you set your attitude to be prompt in all the activities and stay focused and alert in things you do, you would certainly gain a forefront recognition.

9.   Library is Interesting, Get there frequently

It is not me the only person telling this, but the well-known fact is that only books can teach you many concepts and a lot of what you acquire in knowledge and talent is what you gained in books. So, do not hesitate to read books, you are in the world of exploring new things happening around you and the key result lies in how much more you know when compared to others in your age group and class room, so for this only reason I would say library is interesting and books are the only source of ultimate knowledge. If you are the one who engages in books often then you are the one to succeed.

10.   Create a Road map for Achievements

Every task has a road way, an appreciation, a target, an achievement and it also applies to school students for their academics. It is time to set for the new academic year so focus on results creating a road map for the success. Create few small targets like full marks on all class assessments, daily learning for 30 mins on each subjects, being punctual, completing assignments and so on. Achieving all of these small targets will certainly bring you a success platform and you would be the topper of your school. With much appreciations and encouragements I wish you the best in this academic year.


Teaching Science with a Smile and Learning with Rhythm

Being fortunate enough to teach all subjects in primary and Science in class VI and class VII. This method of teaching Science through rhymes and poems proved very successful and there is a significant improvement in academic performance.

The purpose of this innovative method is to present several topics in Science to children. Using these approaches, children learnt poems and have written poems that convey different science topics.The purpose of this innovative method is to present several topics in Science to children. Using these approaches, children learnt poems and have written poems that convey different science topics. The purpose of this innovative method is to present several topics in Science to children. Using these approaches, children learnt poems and have written poems that convey different science topics.

The purpose of this innovative method is to present several topics in Science to children. Using these approaches, children learnt poems and have written poems that convey different science topics.


Students will be able to:

  • Identify science topics
  • Discuss the science conveyed in each poem
  • Memorize the poems with the identified topics
  • Write their own science poems

Teacher will need be manage to try this innovative approach of teaching Science, sets the true spirit of integration in science. Here is an example of inter-disciplinary in school subjects of Science, English and Drama. A teacher role is never confined to one subject or classroom. This method can bring a change in school environment and encourages co-operation and co-ordination among different departments.

The various teaching aids that can be incorporated are tape recorders, video tapes and play back equipments. Books on poems. One could take up the duration of about 2 to 3 weeks depending on student’s vocabulary and teacher’s inspiring encouragement.


Step 1: Simple poems which have real meanings to the students should be collected by the teacher.
Step 2: The poems should initially be read aloud to the children with explanations about the content. The rhymes in the poems should be emphasized.
Step 3: Gradually, there should be a transformation from simple everyday poems to science poems. Here, it becomes imperative to explain the poems bringing out the science concepts depicted.
Step 4: The students should note the Science concepts. After a reasonable number of poems have been studied and the children have shown considerable interests, they should then be encouraged.

Teaching Science through poems surely put a smile on the faces of the children. As much as is possible, the lessons should be recorded on audio and possibly video tapes and can be showcased during open house. As a Science teacher, I demonstrated resourcefulness in teaching. Co-operation between the Language and Science Departments is the key success factor behind this concept. The poems learned during a particular lesson are recited in class, school assembly and later at the school “Open House’ where the parents can be invited.

Learning outcome:

The level of success of this lesson is determined by the general interest shown in learning science by the students. The students are able to carry science beyond the four walls of the classroom. Also, the number of new Poems contributed by the students should be a good measure of success. Student’s latent talents and creative skills are easily captured through this activity.

Poem by class VII students with little guidance from teacher

If you want to know how a plant grows
It takes water, air, sunlight and makes cellulose
Every plant can do this fundamental process
And we can call this photosynthesis

Unlike me and you plants take carbon-dioxide
And they make oxygen and stop us turning blue
Every plant can do this fundamental process
And we can call this Photosynthesis

It is a miracle flow all chlorophyll captures
Sunlight in the leaves of the plant and trees
A plant of any size can do it thrice
And not green so we can’t be photosynthesized.

The 7 Must-Have Skills for Students of the Future

What’s actually needed for Students of Tomorrow? Is it just Education or something more?

The world of today is advanced and the civilization faced tremendous changes these years in accordance to the developments happening each day. The future is simply impossible to figure out, the exact scenario of lifestyle and jobs what people will do. But at this stage, new education challenges arises for all countries to reform the learning agenda shaping students of future. Education sector must realize and act to bring in programs today that build skills for students of tomorrow.

The fact is our business and personal lives has more connection to the data accumulated from all over the world. Any business from any place in the world can make a difference in a person’s life making the world look more interconnected. This expectations in changes welcome more changes in the way of business in every industry. In such a rapidly evolving landscape, education is the key to survive and today, we discuss what skills do actually students must also build on parallel to their learning period.

Consolidating below the 7 most and must-have skills to impart in Student’s Education for building a stronger future:

Moral Living Cognizance

“Fill the brain with high thoughts, highest ideals,
place them day and night before you,
and out of that will come Great work”
-  Swami Vivekananda

Apart from Education, Students of today and future should adhere to moral policies to understand and live a meaningful life in essence. The sole purpose of education is to influence students how to think, act and connect between characters and as well approach the life positively. Hence, schools must term the social glue in education that defines how individuals should live together more in real world than in the virtual world.


Fitness Physically and Mentally

As opposed to moral education, physical education becomes important for a student well-being. Mental well-being is again a credible factor to consider in children education. Program and activities are crucial to shape minds of students to think broad and explore more which eventually improve student’s performance. Educators should put in conscious efforts to eliminate habits of laziness and sloppiness and help acquire habits of self-control and diligence amongst students physically and mentally.


Critical Thinking & Logical Skills

Gone are the days of business which is monotonous and reserved. All businesses of today strive hard with series of improvement to beat competition and acquire the market. The market is global with eCommerce meaning the competition is global. Students must be aware of this competitive world and should develop their intelligence to be able to think rapid and smart to solve the problems in their career. They must be responsive enough to analyze a situation and deliver the right solution. With more number of students entering profession with strong capabilities to rethink products or services, it marks the transformation of the world of tomorrow.


Effective Communication

In today’s world, one must be frequently communicating over a number of channels such as phone, social media, business meet, and online forums and so on. Effective communication is highly mandatory to deliver your points and win the situation. Unless or until this skill is developed, students run into extreme struggle to find their position in their career. To do this, students must be very well aware of its importance right at their schooling and the school must take all steps to educate the consequence in case of poor communication with facts and figures to stress its urging importance. From drafting an email to sharing a comment on social network, schools can teach their students to understand the etiquette of communication on all platform which will greatly help in their career and also behave well in the society.


Digital Learning Talent

The information uploaded to web is exponential which may not be covered to read even in a life time. Hence, it becomes critical to increase the interest in finding and knowing information and as well understand the difference of usual and trivial information on web. Making the most of internet in terms of downloading reference materials, finding answers of questions, discussing issues on a common platform can nurture brain with wealth of information to store for future reference. Plenty of website are available online to make learning easier and interesting which are credible for student’s education.

Naturally, there must be an Appetite to Learn for students of tomorrow.


Leadership Skills

An importance skill to develop for students of future. Variety of tools and activities are available to build the characteristics of leadership. These program aspire students and encourage to improve self-confidence, humility, enthusiasm, authenticity, emotional intelligence, responsibility, courage and flexibility. Preparing curriculum with room for activities to experiment and develop leadership quality make extraordinary leaders of tomorrow. More than a leader, it is important to acquire leadership quality for a student to face challenges in search of opportunities and go through tough times at life.



Team Work

Team work involves collaboration and serve as an empowerment to unite and strengthen each other capacity in a group.  Students learn how to cooperate and be loyal to the team while involving in team building activities. Apart from developing leadership quality, being a good team player adds value to their profession. Many successful organizations of today achieved their success with team work founded on trust, loyalty, talent and confidence. Every kid must be given a chance to be a team leader and as well a team player to handle the pattern of responsibility and build their capabilities in handling both on the same extent. Extraordinary team work bring cheers to the entire team and students must be a good team player to adopt to the profession of tomorrow.


This applies to education globally, all are united somewhere and somehow and the aforementioned points if given equal importance to learning irrespective of borders will delight the world together. Let’s break the traditional pattern of studies and teach what is really required. A drastic transformation is expected to integrate real-world context in education.