What Type of Teacher are you?

What type of teacher are you? Let me tell you we all know it but, why again do we have to lustre the perceptions would be the thought in your mind. But, here is something novel that is worth exploring and I would tell you it is easy to speculate occasionally but when we wish to obtain it copiously, it is worth the details which are thought-provoking.

The two prime types of teachers as their behaviour and personality depicts.
• Teachers as Motivational Leaders
• Teachers as Perfect Managers

Teachers as Motivational Leaders!

“Teachers who inspires students to dream more, learn more, do more and become more as innovators and inventors.”

The teachers who have the aptitude of motivational leaders does have a different approach in the classroom and in the way of teaching. The most differentiates are informal approach, open and friendly, permissive and encouraging, humorous and emotional, chiefly focused on student learning, checks on learnt concepts, scores on innovative answers, encourages flipped learning, joins with students, chats and eat, meets parents over progression, innovative teaching using technology, builds relationship.

Teachers as Perfect Managers!

“Teachers who train the students to be well organized finding time for each task, strict over discipline, always settle in advance and be well prepared.”

While we come to the approach and the disciple of the perfect managers the following can be experienced with them in both the teaching and the classroom. Formal approach, reserved over the relationship, restrictive on approvals and permissions, serious and rational, mainly focus on Student behaviour, checks on work completion, scores based right answers, does not encourage student intervening, strict over lunch, meets parents over only on complains, orientation teaching methods, builds reputation.

Well, now as we discussed over the types of teachers, it is now that we look at “The Making of Best Teacher”. For this we need to understand the Students outlook and approach over the interactive class of the best teacher. The responses and the behaviour of the students depicts the performance of the teacher.

We would always wish to hear the students say, It’s interesting, I prefer to know more, Is this the trend about the modern changes? Let me explore more, provide me few reference books, when would be the next session? What is the next topic coming up? Show me the examples of practical applications of these learning, thank you and please stay for more while.

A Final Outlook:

Teachers need to be as Motivational Leaders than perfect managers! A cardinal principle in the type of teachers decides on the continuous improvement in students, positively progressing with perfect academic development striving for the innovative skill development in students.

Technology forces teachers who are Perfect Managers to transform as Motivational Leaders!
Technology Learning Innovations are Flipped classrooms, Online learning, Mobile app learning, Game-based learning and Virtual classrooms. While these bring in more challenges to the teachers to face the e-safety challenges like the online privacy, data protection, copyright issues, online reputation, password protection, social threats and much more. Teachers who are motivational leaders perform better and show up greater results.



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Simplicity of Attendance Module in PenPencilEraser!

School Attendance: Quick and Instant Attendance handling for Faculty and Students.

Attendance Module

One among the most and highest time consuming yet important tasks managed in schools on daily and hourly basis are the attendance marking. This is highly tasking for the schools to manage effectively. A clear understanding and keen sense of management is required to perform this task mapping with the past and future requested leaves. Also, the students have to cater to the minimum required leaves to meet the board expectation and teachers driving to the interest of the students all day long.

May require a break, true to get them out of the routine manual updates! Bring in more support to handle the attendance of students. Well! It would rather be a boon when the same support could be applied for teachers and other school staffs. The one that really works will be the digitalization, there are ample software available to digitalize the attendance but what is important is the simplified method of managing attendance.

You would have also known about the concept of biometric integrations, it provides unique code based on the finger print or any other physical identity like face recognition, voice, gestures, aroma and much more of the individual and records the attendance when the student enters the campus, they are required to recognize their identity by passing the finger print or other registered identity in the installed hardware unit. This marks the attendance automatically. It would rather bring in better integration by consolidating the attendance and sending out the alert message to the parents stating the absenteeism of the child for that day. This is also something expected by the parent who wish to stay updated with the child performance and attendance having much concern over the security as well.

Much more than just the student attendance it also stands to be a platform for the performance analysis. Now is the time to look into the application of PenPencilEraser which gives better support over managing attendance of schools in different frontier. Here is something that allows you to quick generate report of the absentees for the day, for the session be it fore noon or second session. It also makes a point to look into the late coming status of the student which triggers an SMS notification of the late coming status to the respective parents. Another great aspect is that the parents are at ease to request for leave for their wards online by simply stating the reason and also make some relevant attachment in case required to support the leave application.

For Faculty and staffs:

The attendance handling does serve as an important update for the teachers, faculty members, admin and staffs. This does not just meet to mark of attendance but it does makes it complete for scheduling and work planning of the respective faculty. It does allow the individual to request online based on the nature of leave. The leave calculation will be based on the allotted leave for that particular individual. Making it simpler the approved leave will be notified to the respective staff where by it does reflect in the payroll of that particular individual. Well, here is everything that is been expected by the school for their smart management. Request, approve, schedule, payroll, optimize and much more.

For the Parents & Students:

Quite apparent that students leave intimation should be streamlined and well notified. This works for the complete integration making it simpler by submitting the request to the approval authority of the school. The respective teachers get notified and hence can share intimations and other relevant works with the student in the selective homework assigning group. It makes the parents to quickly get notified on the status of the leave. The leave approval will be handled as approved, denied or pending. In case denied the management can also rely with the denial reason that helps avoid misconceptions.

For the Management:

Management of schools will have to work frequently over the attendance of the faculty and staff, right from the follow up of their syllabus and exams it is also necessary for them to work with the payroll of the staffs and teachers, When the payroll works automatically with the leave calculations the job gets simplified multi-fold and would experience the real value of digitalization.

Overall, it is quite obvious that all features are integrated and the complete school management software handles the entire happenings and stuffs for the efficient functioning of the school. Obtain a free demo for the complete walk through of the comprehensive school management software.

Unknown facts about Homework fetching high quality learning!

Homework is a simple term common among schools and it is quite debatable on purpose and learning goals. So, why don’t we rethink on it and find a new purpose of it. When this was taken to discuss in a group got flashes with so many points from educationalists, parents, mentors and faculty. Just with the thought to use it to reprogram the consciousness left in minds and gain more purpose out of it to learn faster and become abundantly well versed in the subject.

Go on and complete reading this article which shows a good way that integrates rethinking about the concept effortlessly.

The general thought over the homework are to establish better learning and understand the concept better. These home assignments are responsible for better learning. But, the scenario is hard to accept as it is seen lack of tolerance and enforcing homework on the child becomes intolerant. Would it not be a debatable one? As told already think it in a different perspective which would create a new blanket over encouraging homework in schools.

It turns to surprise when told that it also teaches the various concepts of obedience, meeting goals, managing deadlines, presentation skills and much more. Would you not agree over these being the best life skills which needs to be incorporated in the early education? What do you think will be the best in focus and practice such great skills. Let us take it on trial that how hard and harsh will be the situation when the student is fired over in-completion or the missing to meet the deadline. This becomes a habit and leads to the immense frustration. Think more intricate it also disturbs the skills of the child and it becomes a consequence for the lacking brain performance with fading results.

There were many who would think or wish to say, “I can’t think of such hard stuffs and consequences related to homework handling”. Right! What I would say is at least use them for the inclining performance of the child in an effective management and life skills to perform responsibility regularly rather occasionally  and the best felt way to incorporate this skill is to encourage homework and assessments for schoolers and early childhood.

Homework and Assignments are required…

As the supported inclination to the overall grooming of the child as a responsibility holder will agree over encouraging homework in schools and the child needs to face the tolerance over handling it to the best of the ability over the real world expectations managing with the knowledge and the skills.

What more? The doubts flashes…

  • Should the student be taught over the responsibility in taking up homework?
  • If the main focus over the soft skills then why not focus more on the responsibility level of assignments?
  • Should the homework be assigned to the selective or all students?
  • Will the need be to determine the deadline for all works assigned?
  • How about providing grace period?
  • Should the assessments submitted be compared and ranked?

This is quite a many to go… wish to emphasize more on the actual purpose of the homework which is basically to deepen the learning concepts, understanding and rehearsing over the materials studies and boarding the concepts for better understanding. The authenticity of the homework is posted for better learning and securing good academic performance. So, again this does not ignore the other skills which was discussed and ultimately they also stand to the goals of the schools in the approach of assignment.

Grace time flexibility

So, has been questioned about the grace time which is quiet acceptable as in the real world too we come across many flexibility, second change and the real grace period, so why not give it to the students to experience the last chance for the penalty and drop points.

Schools don’t have to struggle over this concept and here is few strategies which will bring in more delivery of the benefits of homework.

Understanding before declaring

This is the prime thing which helps in bringing better results. You may be required to understand the student mind set and the order of learning and you would have to encourage few of the many who are not keen over the homework.

Focus on Relationships

Get to know your students and have them get to know you. You may discover that some students learn best with a week’s notice in order to balance their lives with lengthy projects. Or, you may learn that homework assignments need to be differentiated depending on the needs of your students. Once students discover you care about them and know them as individuals, they will do their best to complete assignments in a timely manner.

Get the students to choose the assignments

This will definitely help to increase the ratio of the interested students and mostly the homework would be completed successfully as it is been discussed with them and hence the best efforts would be involved.

Talk, Guide and offer support

Massive results can be expected when the students are involved in the discussion about how the homework can be taken forward. There may be some reluctant or the passive student who fear over the helplessness, identify them and give them the complete guidance, reference material and accessibility to the reference materials.

Few among you may still be unconvinced over this concept so put it on a trial basis, reinforce concept, respond promptly to the inquiry, make an agreement with the student if necessary,

I am now sure you would come in the bracket of agreeing to certain extend about the benefits and bring to operation with the positive attitude.

Here’s how the Homework Module of PenPencilEraser works and assists!

Homework & Assignments: Assign, Track, Attach, Comment, Notify, Approve & much more.


Homework is the key to student success in academics and more effectively it engages the free time of the students and after school hours. The undeniable fact is that each of the school be it any boards does implement some kind of home study and they do have incorporated a strategic application of additional learning.

The quiet known fact is that it does not end here and it extends to evaluation and grading. So, doubtlessly homework are meaningful integration in schools and they do require some kind of management to handle for deliberate success.


The homework is a strategy which is relevant to the students, teachers and parents. All academicians will generate the schedule for homework and it calls for high professionalism. All the more it is an everyday task which might required keen attention. Try and ask the impact of homework among the stakeholders. It is definitely time consuming in evaluation says the teachers. More research and help required tells the student of higher grades.

Just as an observer would you not wish to think of some kind of automation. Wow! That will definitely work over the simplicity of handling homework.

Homework module in school management software:

In the recent days the added element in schools are the effective school management software. Just get keen over how it works with the software PenPencilEraser.

For Teachers

The faculty member add up the homework for their students prescribing the homework details.

  • Subjects mentioned
  • Homework details
  • Issue date and Deadline date
  • If required the dates can be set in any required date both past and future.
  • Attachments
  • Choice of students – either the complete class or the selective students.
  • Alert through the SMS either student, parent or both.

What more? It’s a great go for any teacher to handle the homework in a single form with the ultimate user friendly software.

For Parents & Students

Instantaneous for the parents to get the details of their child homework in the dedicated parents portal with the secured login.

  • Check the details of the homework for the prescribed day.
  • Download the attachments sent by the faculty.
  • Look for the details in any past dates.
  • Clarify instantly to communicate with the teachers.
  • Check all the homework and update the completion status.
  • Message to the related teachers for the queries.
For Teachers & Academicians

Review of homework which is the vital part for the student performance.

Teachers can view the homework status and can filter by the ‘Completed homework’ & ‘Pending Homework’. This status review helps them to generate an instant comment over the message or intimation to have it completed. These reminders serve as time saving techniques for schools.


Perfectly designed to meet the overall expectations of the schools and hence they can totally rely on the student performance and academic achievements.

As a reader if you belong to a school, we wish to serve you full-fledged and you may request us for a demo anytime http://www.penpencileraser.com/demo.php

Certification & Recognition – A Real Experience!

In the contemporaneous scenario one cannot deny the influence of the computers and the technology is seen to be applied in all industries. The use of software has become the most irrefutable requirement, while the software comes to actuality the training and implementation also stands to be a vital part. The certification programs are also available for the individuals who need not necessarily be the software engineers but are interested to have the knowledge of working with the software who are commonly known as the Application Specialist. Rather when the professionalism improves and the capability escalates you could apply to being a Training Specialist. This does improve your confidence and would be playing a better role in the market.

Interesting it should be for the aspiring minds and to enroll in the certification programme does come with few formalities which vary based on the software application and the providers.  PenPencilEraser is an effective online school management system which caters to the wholesome management of the school activities. It is an integration of many modules and features with more than 100 functions. The application is provided to schools along with the integration of school website which is highly dynamic and its CMS is available in the application.

Eventually, this certification programme is about 5 days training with hands-on experience. For those who desire to take up online can take the assistance of the guidelines, materials,  help videos and various demos sessions aided for its learning. You will learn about the handling of the application, its masters, the permissions and the using of the application at various levels.

As a part of the PenPencilEraser school care team and being the Application Trainer, I am glad to share the experience of the training programme of a prominent educational institution at Tirupur, India. The interesting part is that you would also get to know how a Certified Application Specialist, today known to be a Certified Application Trainer which was possible being keenly interested in the application, thinking out of the box, with great aptitude of real time management and we take pride to state this success to Ms.ValliKannu, HR of Subbiah Group of Institutions, Tirupur, India.  The training event took place early this year in the month of January 2014 with a group of school staffs deputed by the school management. The training programme was scheduled for 3 full days which was followed by an assessment. The spirits seen was high as each of them were provided with independent system along with the trainer system with the projector display. The session progressed as planned with amply cherishable moments. The team underwent the assessment and they were acknowledged for their proficient performance. This directly strengthened us for the successful training given along with the keen intention and interest of the participants.


Well, the reality comes now as with the real time experience with the application the school easily transformed from the traditional methods to the digital methods making them contemporary with an added specialty to the school features. As of the School Team they we always comfortable with on real time application as they were able to use their training in an enriched manner. Today the chief Certified Application Specialist gets qualified to become Certified Application Trainer. PenPencilEraser Congratulates Ms. ValliKannu for this achievement. We do not end here, more to share on certifications and achievements so keep visiting!