Money Management, the integral part of School Management Software!

The school system functions with the handling of the finance day-in and day-out, where in most cases the department for finance and accounts operates independently. This is a break through to the concept of independence and in the management perspective we shall discuss over how the system would function effectively and efficiently.

At the outset, let us discuss over the best outcome with the advantages to cater the requirement of such integral money management. It is perfect for the management to inspect the daily movements of cash inflows/out flows. Quick to identify the respective payments and the individuals with their associated with the school. Simple enough for the management to approve and decide over the financial happenings. Like other modules the simplified and easy to handle money management gives to the understanding of the officials. More over, the highlighted aspect is the customization over the receipts, payments, categories and sub-categories.

Transaction made simple!


The simple and user-friendly layout to handle the financial updates, as the payee gets selected from the school data and a quick receipt or payment can be made, while the balance can also be tracked. Here is another added convenience which allows you to enter the total amount and then split them as required to the different account heads or the different users. Would it not be the best way to ease the job? Eliminates the confusions with the clear reports and strategical flagging and locking system. As you lock over the transaction which gets secured from editing. There are few more security enhancements and rollovers which would be detailed on the implementation. A clear auditing system can be experienced where the periodic audit can be decided by the management. You are free to discuss over these by contacting us at your convenient time.

Gain a walk-through of the insights!


The categories can be set dynamic which gives best customization allowing to set to the understanding of the school. Here again editing and adding several categories is simple and convenient.


Each of the category type say it may be a type of expense or income while you many have to set them in their respective category group. Once the sub-categories are created which leads you to access these headings during the live transactions, an all-together setting may be required here which goes with the benefits of the convenient and clarity accounting. Most of the schools who experienced this feature readily mention that the system is user-friendly and it goes with the talking terms within the campus. Keeping is as simplified right from the accounts heads to the transaction modes it has meant to be the primary accounting platform. Given a complete understanding this platform can also be used for the petty cash handling of each department.

You can also view the applying screen to set the relevant sub-categories to the main category. This adds to the preference to add the details in the right head. Accounts is simplified when the ability to customize is available and this application makes it possible. So, what’s more you can also have desired reports based on the different account heads. Here we can go with Spending by category, Spending by payee, Transaction report by category, Transaction report by Payee, Accounts Transaction, Income and Expenditure. Add to the benefits your school experiences and digitization is the future of school management.

PenPencilEraser, the online school management software serves schools globally, its integration of various modules makes the school management simple and effective. Here is explained the functions of Money management and so are the details of other modules which can be glanced for an insight. Providing you a quick glance of few modules Homework Management, Attendance Management, Fee Management and Payroll Management. You can request for a demo here for better understanding and guidance over the various features. 



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