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School Management

One Place to Organize and Manage your schools.

Power your schools with PenPencilEraser! It does great things, satisfies Teachers, Students and Parents.

It's simple & easy, works anywhere and all time, on cloud, affordable, flexible, scalable, provides integrated school website, highly secured and much more.

Teachers & Faculty Members

Great way to work! Simple & Systematic to engage works.

Daily Tasks Managed with digital solutions! Spend less time on attendance, messages, home works, updates, marks and report generation!

Organize, schedule, personal account, access anywhere, user-friendly, quick approvals, easy search & find, daily reporting and much more. You can integrate with online elearning platforms like Coursera & Udemy.

Students & Parents

Access the Complete Digital Platform!

Helping Parents to better track the Performance of your children!
Students Stay Connected and Updated with your school always!

Always accessible, takes a leap to study the student performance, Timely Interactions, Daily Reporting and much more.

What is PenPencilEraser?

“The most desirable School Management Software for complete control and administration from one place.”

Over 100+ Features for schools!
See what they are, they really benefit schools!

  • Application
  • Admission
  • Class Management
  • Syllabus Management
  • Time Table
  • School Website CMS
  • Exam Schedule
  • Detailed CCE Reports
  • Holiday Setting
  • Permission Settings
  • Replace Staff
  • Designate Staffs
  • Manage Leave types
  • Create Receipts
  • Check Balances
  • Non-Scholastic Report
  • Transport Management
  • Quick Search Options
  • Guardian Details
  • Messages
  • Message Approvals
  • Leave Application
  • Announcements
  • Achievements
  • Notice Board
  • Download Session
  • News & Events
  • Assign Day Time Table
  • Approve User Messages
  • Allot Class Rooms
  • Include Courses
  • Create User Groups
  • Manage/Print Receipts
  • Reports on Accounts
  • Event Calendar
  • Student Late Coming
  • Manage Banner Image
  • Siblings Details
  • Marks Entry
  • Reports
  • Home Work
  • Assignments
  • Payroll
  • Managing Teachers
  • Scheduling Classes
  • Photo Gallery
  • Message Intimations
  • Discontinued Record
  • Infrastructure Control
  • Community
  • Choose School Theme
  • Set Finance Category
  • Staff Performance
  • Birthday Reminder
  • Government Reports
  • Send Instant Message
  • Privilege Scheme Input
  • Money Management
  • Fee Management
  • Feedback Counter
  • Transfer Certificate
  • Parent/Student Portal
  • SMS Notification
  • TC Reprinting
  • Academic Roll Over
  • SMS Intimations
  • Archive Database
  • Flexible Grade Setting
  • Manage Languages
  • Manage Website
  • Manage Payee
  • Manage Payee
  • Free Scaling up
  • Instant Help Videos
  • Check Daily Activities
  • Anywhere, Anytime Connectivity

PenPencilEraser, online school management software is available for schools administration across the globe and for schools willing to transform their school administration digitally. PenPencilEraser, the perfect school management system empowers schools to manage activities and functions effectively at all ends with ERP solution. Bringing a revolutionary change in educational institutions engaging paperless school administration which keeps our development a perennial process. Simple and effective online school management system which functions in the cloud, requires no installation, quick start as no experience required, affordable, suitable for schools of any size, any frontier and any board, it is a highly secured school software with constant back up.

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