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PenPencilEraser is an online school management software, any schools, any size, any boards of any country can integrate PenPencilEraser to their system and manage the school functioning digitally.
PenPencilEraser is an unique software which is highly customizable that is available in cloud providing anywhere, anytime access. This helps to digitalize your schools and supports the requirements of management, teachers, parents and students. It has integrated modules which works combined to stay connected in presence and performance.
Online School management system is effective in communication, it provides integrated website which can be updated and used for publishing information anytime. It saves on time, collaborates easily, 100+ features, quick updates and works effectively over complete school integration with many modules about which you could get a detailed understanding here.
PenPencilEraser is available online so you would not require any special hardware. It is compatible with all major Web Browser like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer 9 or above.
PenPencilEraser is hosted in the cloud and is backed by Microsoft infrastructure. Schools can enjoy PenPencilEraser Software-As-A-Service which allows you to sign up based on number of student and access the software online.This is a cloud version which will be deployed exclusively for your school and your school data is highly protected by Microsoft Infrastructure. It allows you to access anywhere and anytime. It does not require any special hardware or installation. It gives instant access on deployment.
The sign-up for PenPencilEraser will be based on the school strength. The amount will be calculated based on the student count. However the log-in for teachers and parents are unlimited. The payment amount will be based on the slab in which the student strength comes under. You can have a detailed calculation in our pricing page. Check out our pricing.

Support & Guidance

With few simple steps you could fully adapt to successful implementation of PenPencilEraser for your school. You will be guided with our tech-support team for the complete assistance. Know more.
We assist you to import the school data into our system. Once after the sign-up you would be guided through to provide the required details of the school data and the school master set up which will be imported into your instance of PenPencilEraser.
You as our client will gain extensive support by our school care team. You will also gain a training programme for which you would be certified officially to professional operate the application.
Boundless support is offered by our team of professional as until the contrast lasts.
PenPencilEraser provides integrated school website with the application and it does provide the CMS to manage the contents in the application. Hence the need of another website becomes ineffectual.
Yes! PenPencilEraser is highly customizable at all modules. The website also blends with your choice of customization.

Cloud-Hosted Solution

Cloud hosting solution is hosting your school instance in the cloud servers. Hosts in the data centres close by your geographic location. It does not require any on-premises servers. It is simple to use on computers with internet connection. It is known as SaaS model which is Software-as-a-Service. The cost is subscription based and hence it is highly affordable, allowing you pay for only what is been used. Cloud servers provides consistency with high availability, it is reliable, equips multi-level security, provides flexibility, highly scalable and are good load-balancers.
Cloud-Hosted Solution has many advantages and cost effective in the long run. Your school app instance runs in a highly efficient data centre and you can access it anywhere with a decent internet connection. No installations required at your end or parents end. Everyone can just open the browser and start using the app. Cloud-Hosted Solution saves cost on Server Maintenance and Bandwidth. You enjoy the free upgrades of features throughout your subscription period. Direct integration of our SMS Gateway delivers Messages seamlessly. Hassle Free usage of the software with better ROI.

Google Chrome 10+ Browser

Internet Connection of 512Kbps+ for user access.

On-Premises Solution

On-premises solution is one-time investment solution that helps schools to purchase a license to use for lifetime. The product comes as off-the-shelf and will cover all the features as per the current license release. Later in future, schools can upgrade to the latest updated features by paying an upgrade fee set up at that time. Schools can host their on-premises solution in a web host of their choice, it can even by deployed in their own campus. The required hardware and infrastructure has to be taken care by the schools when deploying in campus. If the schools like to host their on-premises solution in a datacentre, we can assist over it for buying and maintaining a datacentre space.
On-Premises solution is more meant for schools that require a solution for internal administration purpose only. Since parents’ login feature will require a good connectivity to the SIS server for seamless access, you need to have a high-bandwidth internet connectivity to your server located inside your campus. Generally this will add to the cost of Internet usage charges as per your operator. You also need to take care of firewalls, server security and backups on your own. We strongly recommend opting for our Cloud-Hosted Solution when allowing parents and students to access the system.
You as our client will gain extensive support by our school care team. You will also gain a training programme for which you would be certified officially to professional operate the application.
Mostly bulk-SMS sending to parents is done with SMS Gateways. You need to have an SMS Gateway account and a decent 512Kbps+ Internet Connectivity for the server used for SMS integration. Your SMS Gateway can be configured with your PenPencilEraser On-Premises Instance and it will deliver the SMS messages you send through your gateway.
Intel Xenon or equivalent processor, 4GB RAM, 100 GB Disk Space, 50GB Network Backup Space, 100+Mbps LAN/Wi-Fi Connectivity, 3Mbps+ for off-campus access. Windows Server 2008 OS or later.

Google Chrome 10+ Browser.

Local LAN or Wi-Fi Connectivity for in-campus access.

Internet Broadband Connection of 1Mbps+ for off-campus access.