End-of-year student assessment reports, Know how digitalized schools benefit!

It is definitely going to be a classy progress over the forthcoming days which mean plenty of concentration for students, ample expectations from parents and schools eager to look for showcasing the champions. The end of year transforms to be a scalable platform for all stakeholders of schools and education.

The awareness, the propaganda are more likely to emphasize over the current happenings in the educational sector. The recent work out over the requirement of Aptitude Certificate seemingly looks more valuable than the Conduct Certification which has been the one practiced for these many years.

The long way to go makes the child’s career look for better and higher opportunities to complete and gain knowledge. When it is the end of year assessment for the child be it studying in any grade and whatever be the board the evaluation of the examination point makes it stand a challenge point for all. What comes in the minds of teachers and evaluators are the fair and unbiased evaluation. The parents seeking to bring out the best from their child and the students hoping to medal up a couple of times. When all these high spirits are around the campus which gets more pressurized is the time constraint.

The difference experienced between the normal schools and the new generation schools (rather we can call it digitalized schools) are the ease of evaluation marking, assessing and generation of reports. True, it just goes simple and swift for the schools with the digital platform. Think of the instantaneously evaluation which gets published in the website to been securely viewed in the login of the parents portal and the respective students portal. It will being immense thought-processing for the students and it does acts as a high motivation for the overall betterment of the student career. The prompt and rapid delivery of the assessment results makes it great for student to check on their performance.

Now, knowing the importance of digitalization of the school management which includes the Reporting in Comprehensive & Continuous Evaluation, schools find it highly progressive and the teachers are happy on saving efforts up to 60%, it’s a clear advantage to the parents and students as well who gain a quicker glance over the performance. This makes the quick roll-out of the complete task of academic evaluation by the schools.

Having applied the digitalization over the assessment scores and with the centralized data access over the period of years the details stands to be pretty much valuable as it converts to provide the big data analysis over the child performance. This gets more useful when the students sets out for the career counselling and a great evaluation for the right career of the student.

Doubtlessly, the performance of the school and the participation of the mentors does play a vital role in the career growth of the student which can also be easily evaluated. Request for a free demo to digitalize your school management. 


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2 thoughts on “End-of-year student assessment reports, Know how digitalized schools benefit!

  • February 1, 2022 at 6:22 pm

    A good education is the greatest gift you can give yourself or anyone else.Digitalization is the key for transformation.I think its a good one.

  • February 11, 2022 at 1:38 pm

    There is no possible way a student can learn everything mentioned in the class without reinforcing the subject.So its good if students do their homework and learn their stuffs clearly.


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