PenPencilEraser provides schools more ways of instant communication!

Schools primarily would be required to connect and collaborate with the parents quite often for the various reasons being the administrative, education, schedules, academics, encouragement, clarifications, confirmation, intimations, requests and much more.

Today’s communication demands instant attention from the parents and leave no messages unnotified. This being the situation the right adherence for the school will be to adopt to a brilliant school management software.

There are quite a many things that needs immediate attention from the parents. On the other hand, parents too are in great expectations to understand and know the feedback of their child. To match the expectations at both the ends an effective yet feasible communication system would serve a longer period.

Here we are to show the various communications that are been integrated in this software, PenPencilEraser.

Website Announcement:

This feature is available in the integrated school website which the school can update at any frequency using the user-friendly CMS. It is rather possible to decide whether the announcement is for the public who visits the website to know about the school like the school achievements, progress, results etc. On the other hand, if the school wish to display an announcement for the school students and parents only which could be some internal announcement then it is possible to set the visibility. The students and parents thereby would be able to view after logging in to the portal. This will keep the parents and students informed. Here again would be a question as to why all the students of school need to be notified if it applies for certain students. Well, in the different school levels the announcements can be published. So, it avoids irrelevant information coming into the notice of the parents and only announcement applying to their wards can be viewed.

The same functions which are available for the announcements goes with the notice board display as well. Sorting the display for each segmented standards or groups of students. It is also possible to set the priority along with the validity date of expiry. This prevents the old message adding up.

SMS Messages:

Each of the module is been integrated with the SMS messaging system along with many automated SMS. This facilitates the parents to receive the updates in their mobile. The teacher and the management has the facility to send important updates, reminders, performance over the mobile app solution.

Email Intimation:

This is another convenient intimation tool for the parents which the parents can get by logging into the school portal. This is a two-way communication where in the parents can reply the emails or even sent a new email messages to the school management and teachers.

Mobile App messages with notification:

The all new Mobile App made available for the parents to stay instantly connected with the school. All the school notification reaches the school and the respective students on time and all the time. ‘

There are interesting things happening with communication in the mobile app. The intimation over the homework which is instant and it is common in both the web app and the mobile app but such intimations and notifications in the mobile app is instant as it comes with notifications of information to grab your attention.

The communication is more simplified as the parents can submit the homework with the works attached and take the confirmation of submission.
The parents can instantly request for future leaves, expect approvals or even send polite reminders.
The parents can quickly message to the school management or the teachers to get clarified.
The fee alerts, fee pending, fee payment history are another instant communication received from the schools.
It is possible to give and get Birthday wishes to and from your child’s class buddies. Interesting to communicate the wish in just a single click.
All the school provided information in the announcement segment and the noticeboard can be followed instantly.

Communication and collaboration keeps the functions move successfully, the modern times both school and parents need to provide sufficient over the child performance which makes the success in students not just in academics but in life as well.

PenPencilEraser, the online school management software provides a complete solution to school management and administration. This articles brings you the various fronts of communicating modes between the school management, teacher, parents and students. Stands to be indispensable for schools to show up great change among its stakeholders.


PenPencilEraser, the online school management software serves schools globally, its integration of various modules makes the school management simple and effective. Here is explained the feature of communication modules and so are the details of other modules which can be glanced for an insight. Providing you a quick glance of few modules Homework Management, Attendance Management, Fee Management and Payroll Management. You can request for a demo here for better understanding and guidance over the various features.


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