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Education Death Valley, Time to Create the Rain!






“Education Death Valley” this sentence will eternally stay embed in my memory thanks to a man who poured most of his life to one goal “Restructuring the Educational System”, he is Sir Ken Robinson one of the prominent figures in this domain, he sheds the light on how school kills creativity and how our endeavour to produce outstanding students is merely a futile farce which its main goal is to dwindle our children’s creativity, to elude from a higher responsibility, squander many talents and bright minds with a distorted scheme which its main purpose is to dim these candles who could light this foggy world.

SirKenRobinson QuotesWe all agree that deep inside one of has there is a tacit agreement which says that the educational system vividly advocate to more work like a machine which follows laws and rules with a recurring system rather to indulge in unleashing creativity which should be the coveted goal, in one of Sir Ken Robinson’s lectures he gave a beautiful example on how school kills creativity.

A teacher asked her students to draw what ever they want and as usual the teacher started to ask what their drawing represent, the teacher came to a girl and asked her the usual question and the girl’s response was that she is drawing GOD the teacher was surprised and she said that nobody knows how God looks like and she said “They are going to know now”. This example shows how children think deep and how they are innocently rational.

Sir Ken Robinson said once that the failure of the educational system is symptomatic to our irresponsibility but there is always hope, he mentioned one of the beautiful things which i have ever heard, for those who don’t know what is the death valley is it’s a valley which exists in place where no one can survive in, but in an extraordinary phenomenon one day it rained in the valley the thing that made the valley green the day after as life came back to it, to some extent Sir Ken Robinson compared our educational system to this valley as even if this system is full of deadly trapes there is a chance that it may rain someday.