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Use of Biometrics promotes healthy academic administration at schools. Biometrics is the best solution for verification and identification at schools. It secures, saves time, money and energy and improves the standard of the school. Employing Biometric benefits in terms of convenience and is the safest measure to track students and also to maintain accurate data of peoples at schools.

Why your school need a Biometric System?



Filtering the benefits, employing Biometric at schools include the following

  1. Unique for School: All people of school carry his/her identification to school, making oneself as a citizen of the school.
  2. Measurability: The verification process is instant and the data is processed in a flash with accuracy in the biometric system. The waiting time is reduced.
  3. Ease of Use: Biometric technologies over other automatic identification systems is proved to be of ease for the people who actually use the system. In other kind of identification system where a proof of identity in form of objects is required, Biometric certainly overcome the situations in case if the person forget to bring along or lost the card making him/her in trouble.
  4. Comparability: Makes it digitally comparable to others. The reports are being linked to the system with which varied reports can be generated to better compare and understand the statistics.
  5. Inimitable: Biometric are unique and matchless, the records are proof written and irreproducible by other means. The less reproducible, the more likely it will be authoritative.

Besides verifications, schools depend on Biometric popularly to manage attendance, library access, labs and in school vehicles. These are the obvious places where Biometric is employed, besides many schools use it to identify the visitors into the school and in event days.

In Attendance: Biometric system can deliver the accurate timing report besides saving time and paper. This applies to students, teachers and all staffs in the school. Every single record is accurate and since Biometric is strictly adhered to verification elements which is unique from individuals to individuals, it reduce or eliminate fraudulent data.

In School library: The use of Biometric at Library help in recording the library usage. Fingerprints, unlike a card or money, cannot be lost or forgotten on the way to school!

This Biometric Authentication has transformed over the years utilizing more than one physiological or behavioral characteristic to allow access into the system of purpose. It is capable enough to scan from fingers to veins based on the purpose. The accuracy and the authentication of the biometric is undeniable. Most advancement are taking place in this thought. Technology outsmarts the smarter minds and gets going rapidly. The recent innovation in the biometric concept is identifying with the person body odor. This gives much more in personal identification. It has travelled from the finger print, voice, face and so now the new technique with new concept.



Here’s the list of advanced biometric system in market today

1. Smartcards: Smartcards void the need of verifying the facial nuances by direct contact, instead the biometric system is capable of reading the facial and related information encrypted in the card. This technology is used to minimize the time in scanning the facial image at the point of verification. It used Radio Frequency Identification to verify, helpful at places where no network access exist.

2. Vein Recognition: Vein recognition works by sending infrared rays and capture the image by reflection method. This way, the deoxidized hemoglobin in the vein absorbs the infrared rays and thus make the vein appear as a black pattern which will be the captured pattern. This is insisted at places where ultimate security is required.

3. Multimodal Biometrics: This technology uses more than one biometric identifier to verify the person. It is to improve the accuracy at situations where verification should be confirmed to process.

Cutting-edge schools are realizing the advantages of Biometrics and are testing or deploying to improve both the data handling and the student’s safety which also enhance the school process. More than all, safety is the foremost factor that any school consider of high importance. With biometric attendance, schools make sure student gets off the school at the right place. The technology works great and Parents love it.

The possible advantage are many, and schools are one among the places where the system is huge and is defined by the peoples in it. Hence, a Biometric System will be supportive and of great support for the management.

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Vijina Jairaj

As a Content Crafter with PenPencilEraser, She looks into more topics extremely vital for schools that resonates with general audience as well.

About Vijina Jairaj

As a Content Crafter with PenPencilEraser, She looks into more topics extremely vital for schools that resonates with general audience as well.

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