PenPencilEraser V1.4 Release Announcement!



Today we have been much pleased to announce the version release for PenPencilEraser V1.4, this release has a specialty with much waited and most desired feature, ‘The Mobile App for Parents’.

This release includes all the updates about the Mobile App feature for Parents, which it includes the required feature built in the web app. The amended, highly supportive and secured mobile app feature ascends with the best user-experience.

What’s the lead in Mobile App?

It’s a great balance to the school updates and takes your indulgence with your child school and the child performance to new heights with this instant collaborative mobile the Mobile App for parents.

Your child school should try this promising features.

It enhances the sense of attachment with the school

Balances the updates and performances

Helps to follow with the school anytime and no delays anticipated

Supports the best way and feel happy for the simple reason staying connected all while.

… and get the instant notification of all the updates and relax your state of mind with regards to the education.

What’s in this Release of Mobile App?


It can be said the other way as to all your expectation over the child in school comes as an update to the parent with the mobile app.

The parents get the consolidated updates over their children attendance, homework, notifications, messages in the dashboards for an instant look up.

The complete details of each of the child can be viewed in the same screen as an overview of the updates.

Each child details gets a detailed view. The attendance for the complete year, the homework with the deadlines and reference downloads, the parent can update the homework status along with the attachments.

The child messages can be received and replied or clarified.

The Exam schedules, the assessment reports, the fee tracking, the leave request and what more, send and receive birthday wishes from the class buddies.

You should really give a try to know more on the features and the best part is you can add multiple schools even when your children study in different schools integrated with PenPencilEraser. A quick move over the devices and secured will be access to the restricted devices in the log in mode. More so your school will be able to reset the device ids in case of the device lost scenarios.

Get it here:
Don’t miss any update from your child school!
Download the Official School App in your mobile.

Track, communicate, request, intimate, submit, clarify, and even apply over the mobile app instantly.

You could get this Android App on Play Store

Updates in the Web App in this release

This release dedicated for the mobile app feature does include few amendments in the Admin panel for the schools, this allows the admin to create the School Code desired by the schools and associate with their school instances.

The schools are free to share the school code to their parents and the public who will be able to log in to the mobile app as a guest and be able to browse the website information about the school.

The parents who download the app and register their child name which automatically be updated in the web app of the school with the device id of the parents of the respective child. The control will be at the school admin level to delete the device id when not required.

Few other updates will be the added feature in the Homework module where the parents have the privilege to update the child homework status along with uploading the files. These submitted files can be viewed and evaluated by the respective teacher.

Contact us

If you have any questions or feedback, please let us know in this comment session or Contact us page. You are welcome to request for a demo at your convenient time. We are fully committed to improve PenPencilEraser, School Management Software experience and look forward to hearing from you.


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