A True Incident

I am a mathematics teacher.  This happened five years ago. I was class teacher for VIII C.  One day in mid August, as I stepped in to class VIII-C, everybody was excited to tell me about new admission boy.  Karan, a thin and short boy joined newly in the class.  In my conversation with Karan, I understood that his communication skills in English were very poor.  I introduced him to the class and requested them to help him in adjusting with new environment.  Every day I was observing Karan sitting alone in the last bench feeling shy and lonely.  I tried to convince him to make new friends, and made him join in one of activity groups.  But no student was showing interest to talk and share work with Karan.

Days are passing. It was time for first term exams. Students became serious about their studies. Karan was still left out boy in the class. All the methods tried by teachers to make Karan feel comfortable became waste. Karan did not perform well in his exams. During parent teacher meeting his father said he was not an under achiever before, but he was afraid of being accepted by others.

The school planned an educational tour to Mysore and Bangalore. Karan also joined in the group forcibly by his father. All enthusiastic students with their teachers boarded the train at Hyderabad. After settled in their places students started playing ‘Anthakshari’. I observed Karan showing interest and slowly joined in the group. All the students soon noticed Karan’s talent in singing. He knows all latest songs and sings them with melodious voice. Students started cheering for him. First time I saw happiness on Karan’s face. He was in demand now. Every group wants Karan to be in their group.

At Bangalore, two days we were busy visiting places. Karan was moving friendly with other students. Another talent of Karan was shown on the next day at Mysore ‘Brindavan Gardens’. Teachers conducted a friendly dance competition among students. I asked Karan to participate in the dance competition. Hesitantly he started dancing for the music. Oh my god…. He was amazing. All of us became spell bound. Trees and flowers of ‘Brindavan Gardens’ also started clapping for Karan. Karan became hero over night.



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  • February 24, 2022 at 6:05 pm

    Short yet commendable. To me often it’s observation that induce to bring out the hidden facts and in fact which gives us solution to many unanswered questions/problems.


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