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The 5 Essential Features to Guarantee an Efficient School Management System

Delivering a quantifying performance is obvious with an effective school management system. The organic system of school working with different peers including teachers, students, parents, staff and the administrative body involve a set of functions to conduct on a daily, monthly and yearly routine making it chaotic at times. To reduce the manual work and systemize the entire way of working, a school is in need of an efficient school management system, truly sophisticated and deeply integrated.

Are you planning for an efficient management tool?

Take a look at the list of essential features to be equipped in any proposed school software you invest.

Power of One to Many Administration Access

Not all software gets designed to coordinate all administration function on a single dash-let. When you plan of streamlining all school activities combined, it is recommended to look for a well programmed management system equipped to handle all kinds of school administration online, starting from admission to transfer, exam to marklist, attendance to payroll, and more. Aim at implementing a centralized dashboard mechanism for your school to optimize your work better. Nevertheless investing in such a solution, reduce your time, money and workload.

Multitasking software for instance, should avoid toil on paper. The system should be skilled to collate and send data fed into the system for multiple processing, and should be capable enough to deliver more filtered results. Try software which connect your data to different functions accurately and utilize it to the fullest.

Delivering Instantaneous Performance

Generally, a software is meant to secure data, to reduce the manual calculation and management of works. Reliability plays a keen role in the management process, the academic data is huge and accurate processing is must to conduct a smooth administration at school. In an automated school record management system, Data are systematically processed helping you improve productivity and build organized data management within your institution, lasting error free at any junction.

With the advent of Cloud computing technology, automatic system accompanied by cloud computing ensure the data are safe and backup are on time, eliminating the worry on data loss out of system failure. Go for web based model to ensure data access round the clock and your data is retrieved anytime 100%.

Parent/Student/Teacher Compact

Parents portal option enrich the connection between school and the parent as informed discussion happen on the material taught, important school announcements, homework’s and a better visibility on the coursework of their kids which in deed increase their active participation and contribution to their child education. This on the other hand, yield positive results since parents don’t need to wait till the parents-teachers meet to discuss on their kids progress as all updates are available in their dashboard.

Auto SMS feature is now implemented almost in all schools which should be a part of the school software too. In fact, it reduces the cost to the management raised to communicate with the parents especially when the school has high strength of students.

Ease of Printing Reports

The main convenience expected in installing a software is the ease to retrieve data of any academic data for any specified condition. A well-structured platform allow download of various report fast and filtered. For instance, in mark list report, the manual work exit right after entering the mark into the database and the rest of the calculation is done by the software. You should be able to generate the progress report online and this data should also be applied to figure out the performance of the student for any given time period.

As mentioned earlier, the system should be able to utilize data wherever applicable and print the report reducing 90% work of the admin which shall be utilized to improve the administration.

Ultimate Money Management

Money management at school is one of the time consuming activities as fee entries occupy the office and expenses queue up apparently. Particularly in finance administration, payroll, fee and school expense are handled by the administrator regularly and where accurate report is required to manage all defined cash flow. Hence, a school management system must be loaded with single click solution to monitor the cash flow inside the administration and maintain bills accurately.

The above discussed are key essential features to find in a school software. This whole setup of school management software is constantly evolving and today, in the market many solution exist to refine the administration process and the need of school software is expected to grow by 2015. While you see the growth happens, consider all aforementioned points before finalizing the solution for your school since it should be user friendly not just to the school management but equally to the school administrators, teachers, parents and the students. Give a try on PenPencilEraser school management system, delivering more than what your school look for. Try Free for 30 Days.

Certification & Recognition – A Real Experience!

In the contemporaneous scenario one cannot deny the influence of the computers and the technology is seen to be applied in all industries. The use of software has become the most irrefutable requirement, while the software comes to actuality the training and implementation also stands to be a vital part. The certification programs are also available for the individuals who need not necessarily be the software engineers but are interested to have the knowledge of working with the software who are commonly known as the Application Specialist. Rather when the professionalism improves and the capability escalates you could apply to being a Training Specialist. This does improve your confidence and would be playing a better role in the market.

Interesting it should be for the aspiring minds and to enroll in the certification programme does come with few formalities which vary based on the software application and the providers.  PenPencilEraser is an effective online school management system which caters to the wholesome management of the school activities. It is an integration of many modules and features with more than 100 functions. The application is provided to schools along with the integration of school website which is highly dynamic and its CMS is available in the application.

Eventually, this certification programme is about 5 days training with hands-on experience. For those who desire to take up online can take the assistance of the guidelines, materials,  help videos and various demos sessions aided for its learning. You will learn about the handling of the application, its masters, the permissions and the using of the application at various levels.

As a part of the PenPencilEraser school care team and being the Application Trainer, I am glad to share the experience of the training programme of a prominent educational institution at Tirupur, India. The interesting part is that you would also get to know how a Certified Application Specialist, today known to be a Certified Application Trainer which was possible being keenly interested in the application, thinking out of the box, with great aptitude of real time management and we take pride to state this success to Ms.ValliKannu, HR of Subbiah Group of Institutions, Tirupur, India.  The training event took place early this year in the month of January 2014 with a group of school staffs deputed by the school management. The training programme was scheduled for 3 full days which was followed by an assessment. The spirits seen was high as each of them were provided with independent system along with the trainer system with the projector display. The session progressed as planned with amply cherishable moments. The team underwent the assessment and they were acknowledged for their proficient performance. This directly strengthened us for the successful training given along with the keen intention and interest of the participants.


Well, the reality comes now as with the real time experience with the application the school easily transformed from the traditional methods to the digital methods making them contemporary with an added specialty to the school features. As of the School Team they we always comfortable with on real time application as they were able to use their training in an enriched manner. Today the chief Certified Application Specialist gets qualified to become Certified Application Trainer. PenPencilEraser Congratulates Ms. ValliKannu for this achievement. We do not end here, more to share on certifications and achievements so keep visiting!


Cloud Technology, Observe the Pros and Cons for Schools!

Imagine carrying your system of files and applications wherever you go! Nevertheless an imagination, cloud technology make this a reality. Software are on cloud, Server on cloud, you can handle your data at extreme convenience with cloud technology, receiving huge applause from worldwide businesses. With Internet connection, hardware and software turns accessible with extravagant technological solutions turning office into virtual office.

Decent-sized organization especially schools are already in process to move all data center processes to cloud. It might take months to adapt to cloud computing but at the end you achieve updating to latest and future technology organizing your administration process effectively.

In day to day life, we rely more on Cloud technology naively like in the case of smartphones where we synchronize our files, images, to other devices through some apps and access from anywhere. These things are possible with only Cloud technology and Put it simple, Cloud computing is nothing but the use of internet-based services for personal or business processes. Like in any other substance, this advanced technology also has the pros and cons to be weighed. Let’s today have a walkthrough on the pros and cons of employing this amazing technology for schools across the globe.

To begin with, there are four models of Cloud Computing


Also, three variations of Cloud are being employed and these three clouds vary by how they utilize On/Off Premises and Internal/Third Part Applications. For Instance, Investment Banks using Latency Applications for their core program may not be willing to disclose their data process on Public Cloud and wish to adopt a Private Cloud Structure with limited access.


Below is the most discussed Pros and Cons of Cloud Technology and how your school enjoy Cloud Computing.

The Advantages

• Access your school data anywhere, anytime with internet access
• Cost efficient as it eliminates purchase and installation fee
• Quick adoption for novice, so clerical staffs do not need to be tech geeks
• Improved Performance and highly scalable as the student strength grows
• Huge storage and retrieval power
• Eco friendly for various reasons
• IT expenses reduced with PaaS model
• Multi Backup of Data ensuring no data loss due to software failure
• Avoids investment on licensed software
• Maintenance free & Eco friendly
• Up to Date meeting latest trends
• Location independent of using cloud applications
• Enjoy sophisticated technologies at a lesser price
• Less personnel training is needed

The Disadvantages

• Encryption of data to be stored in cloud to avoid security vulnerabilities
• Incremental cost when business gets expanded gradually
• Limited control on software unlike licensed version
• Unexpected downtime is expected
• Large file storage demands high amount of network bandwidth for fast processing

Certainly Pros outweighs Cons! Switching to Cloud environment for schools build agility which enhance communication among management, teachers, students and parents delivering modernized atmosphere at your school.

GPS, Know How it helps in School Fleet Management

GPS or Global Positioning System provides accurate time and location of the GPS enabled object and stay error-free in any weather conditions with the space-based satellite navigation system. Initially used for military and civil purpose, now GPS technology is available for commercial users. This expedient technology caters school administration ensuring student’s security and raising school standard to a greater extent. The advantage is assorted, for over a decade, GPS is continually seen employed in schools across countries realizing its timely advantage for school transportation, especially when school hire private fleet management.


GPS enhance the transport operation at schools by sending real-time information on the bus route, vehicle speed, student drop-off and pick up times which by integrating into the payroll management system of the school minimize the workload of managing driver timesheets.

Outline of School GPS:

Any school in today’s competitive world should stay updated and go smart by introducing technologies wherever applicable. Switching to modernization not only ease the school administration but adds to the reputation of the school.

Check out the collective benefits of employing GPS technology

• Improve Student Safety
• Enhance Transport Management
• Optimize Route Management
• Report Real-time data of Student drop-off and pick-up
• Syndicate Driver attendance with Payroll management
• Alerts potential danger with advanced Geo fences system
• Reduce fuel usage by monitoring driving patterns
• Altogether, persist as a better Return on Investment.

GPS-based solutions in fact bring improvements in future operations and planning. The information gathered from GPS assist in developing effective route plans in future and support decisions to extend or contract the existing route plans. The location and time is no more guesses or assumptions as all information are reported timely which enable the management to take reliable decision from both real-time and historical analysis.

There are many significant advantages of GPS in school bus operation. The graphical mapping synchronized to video surveillance easily guide school bus operators with a clear visual reference of exactly where the vehicle was during an event. Useful standard GPS data include longitude, latitude, heading, speed, time and date.

More than all, with a real-time GPS system, Parents are delighted since they could if required easily locate their student easily by communicating with operator who could precisely provide information tracked on the system. On whole, activating GPS benefits the school community.

Ruminate installing a better GPS technology for the best School Fleet Management!

Learn How to Roll Over the Data for the New Academic Year!

Dear Schools,

PenPencilEraser Team congratulates you for the successful completion of the academic year. We take this opportunity to congratulate and acknowledge your hard work and dedication all through the year. This applies to the Management, Teachers, Trainers, Educators, Parents and Students. You may now deserve a great holiday and would be soon looking forward to resume your performance for the new academic year.
“Salute to Schools” - The school as a family helps to nourish the students the future citizens.

PPE RollOver SS

Exclusively for schools operating with PenPencilEraser – The Ultimate School Management Software. It is time for the Roll Over of the data from the current academic year to the new academic year. We will take you through the Roll over Process. The steps and guidelines to complete the process are as follows.

Guidelines to Roll Over:

On the completion of the current academic year, it is time for the Roll Over which means the students of the current year will be promoted to the next level of class and their details will automatically shift to the new standard for the new academic year. In case of few detained students their details will be rolled over for the same standard in the new academic year.
The data of the completed academic year data will be archived and will be secured with utmost security.

The following is the procedure to complete the process of Roll Over. Please follow the sequence.

  • Click on ‘Start Roll Over’ which gives you access to Roll Over
  • Enter the Title of the academic year. E.g. 2014 – 2015.
  • Enter the Attendance Start Date and Attendance End Date for the new academic year.
  • Now choose the Start Day of the week (first working day of the week) E.g. Monday
  • Enter the School Holiday Day of the week. E.g. Sunday
  • You are now to enter the total number of class periods or class slots per day. Mention the number of periods/slots applicable in the forenoon session of the day.

By completing these you have successfully provided with the setting details of the new academic year and now ready to ‘Promote/Detain’ students.

  • Select the Board, the Class and the Section to Roll Over.
  • The students of that particular class gets listed.
  • Choose the bunch of students in the category to be promoted/Detained and in case of all the students, select ‘ALL’ and choose from the drop down menu to promote.

Promote, Detain, Passed Out – What it means?

Promote – The students in this category will be taken to the next standard in the new academic year on Roll Over.
Detain – The students of this category will remain in the same standard for the next academic year.
Passed Out – This is applicable for the highest standard in the school, for the batch of students leaving the school. By doing so the data will be achieved and will not appear in the new academic year.

Well, PenPencilEraser gives you the privilege to choose the display sequence for the new academic year.  You are now to choose the Student Roll Number order Eg. Girls-Boys, Boys-Girls, Alphabetical Order. You can give the Student Roll Number Starting Number which will the sequence followed for the new academic year.

Hurray! We have completed the Roll Over and all set for the New Academic Year.

Help Video Included: