Top Predictions on Expectations of School-Shopping Parents in 2016!

Schools generally are fully fueled to drive the goals of students and seek to make them successful. In the spirit of getting everyone to progress and win the life achievements, schools concentrate on the overall development of students. When I say overall developments it is meant both physical and mental strength and it goes way beyond equipping the students’ academic, social, moral, inventive, non-scholastic, soft skills, communication, team player, values, discipline and much more.

Doubtlessly, schools work amazingly excellent over all of the above and has been proving with great results all through. It had been much easy for the parents and students to look for a best and productive school for their ward, the truth is that it is not the same anymore. Things changed widely and it is been deliberated due to the technological advancement and global collaboration. Hey! Wait… it does not mean toward disruptions but calls for more challenging performance by schools and educational institutions.

Although 2015 had seen much technological changes and result oriented performance. It does not end there and it has to move on. The question in most schools are what in 2016?


Parents are seen to do school-shopping and the expectations are changed each year and I wished to make the predication for the year 2016. With the same anxiety made me reach out to many keen parents looking for opinions which could serve to consolidate the predictions. Here is the summary of the popular expectations that all schools need to be aware of, rather serve them.

Use of data for analysis

The year 2016 would be a common year for the complete digitalization and automation of the school data. If your school is not one, then you are late. This complete automation is not the solution expected and many parents are still quoting that they require better analysis about their child performance.

The goal seeking parents are never happy with the simple data online, it needs to be coupled with much productive and intelligent analyst. This advanced and cumulative analysis will better transform towards the goal achievements.

Now am sure you will to give an aggressive push in this aspect to your school with the market leaders, you could seek for the cloud hosted solutions of smart school management software to improve you school performance.

Communication and Collaboration beyond messaging

This is simply not just intimations and they are long gone, present scenario the expectations of parents are they look for more transparency on the process of teaching and learning by their child. Parents also expect to ensure the safety of the child and wish to be connected always.

Here is what the collaboration actually means and the sustainability of the schools to keep closely updating the parents with online communication, video meetings, learning curve, test reviews, improvement strategies so promptly which closely means to immediate.

Responsibly choose a smart school management software which is a school ERP which provides the ultimate solution to connect and collaborate in the platform, get immediate performance updates, track leaves, provides student activity status and all the more the student identity with the RFID tracking system for the ultimate security. This makes the school a better place for the all-round achievement as stated by most parents.

Fee tracking, online payment and card acceptance

Creating transparency with simplicity means a ton for the parents while they turn convenient over the use of card payments in most online/offline purchase of goods and services.

Generally the world seems to get easily accustomed with the use of Google wallet, Apple Pay which changed the lives into simplicity.

Just as we took opinions among few parents it was clear that they pointed the benefits of online payment methods to avoid delays, security reasons, impact on convenience, we are sure that schools would do the same for their overall tech developments. Accuracy and error eliminations are also valid points over this.

Learning applications to converge the convenience

Most of my conversation among the parents and guardian talked about the knowledge, learning and exposure which derives their ward with the best academic performance. The best thing that was expected was the educational apps which will converge at their convenience of learning and understanding.

Yeah! Does not pause there as most of them looked for great user experience in terms of corporate standards. They would not wait to switch over to the better and newer stuffs in the market. The tools for education seems to be the apps which does all teaching, clarification, evaluating and examining.

 The talents will be openly demanded

The talent gap if encountered by the parents will lead to dissatisfaction with school, hence schools need to constantly evaluate over the faculty talent and performance. Such issues are directly addressed to schools and quicker will the parents get into the minds of school-shopping.

The demand and shortage of qualified talents has been the quick and pro success of the digital organisations producing more digital contents for education. Here the huge winners are those who are able to take advantage of both.

Schools need to head start over the predicted expectations of parents for the year and the big winners will be schools who invest and incorporate these changes. Such procurement would help them capitalize and seek to push your school banner to new heights.

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