Flipped Classroom – The Educational Innovation

The flipped classroom trend and strategy is a key to concept innovation and it works in the reverses of the traditional learning. The classrooms with quite lectures and the teacher presentation has reversed and the recent trend blends with the technology possessing many online video lessons which are primarily assigned to the students before the classroom session.

The students quite interestingly works at their own pace at home and attends the classroom session. The classroom interaction gets more productive and takes to sharing of information, activities, perform more textual exercise, clarify deeper concepts and discuss over the ‘Z’ platform of learning. The class activities may vary based on the subject but overall it turns to be concept learning, peer review, project based, debating and ultimately perfect knowledge delivery along with the knowledge acquisition.

Flipping the classrooms by the lecturers will definetly benefit while the educators consider quality learning. It is a pedagogical model of learning in which the lecture and the homework are flipped. The lectures take place at home at the educators own pace and the activities are taken for the classroom session.



Understanding the details of the flipped classroom keeps it going in an interesting manner. The model works as the pre-recorded lectures are given to the educators and they learn at their own pace to get prepared for the classroom session.

When considering higher studies the flipped lessons are shared to the more number of students and even in thousands and while they get to the lecturing immense idea sharing and wealth of concept deliver makes it highly successful.

Characteristics of Flipped Classroom:

Innovative pedagogical approach:

Flipped classroom gives an opportunity to blend with the direct instruction and get proficient with the concepts at the pace of the student learning skills.

Video lessons

Learning with the video which gives the tutorial of the lessons makes it interesting. IT also teaches the concepts in an interesting manner and gives the student an edge of improvement and understanding the concepts to the fullest.

Personalised tutoring

It is rather interesting to the student to learning with 1:1 tutoring which gives smooth gain of knowledge in the pace of the student learning skills.

Engaged with latest technology

When learning is through the technology, it is quite obvious that they get engaged with the technology and get proficient with the same.

Exposure to multiple learning styles

When the tutoring is been handled by different skills and different personalities it makes it proven that the student gets better exposure with the learning styles and gets equipped with different skills.

Greater student responsibility of learning:

More learning goes on self-paced as the students are not evaluated on the speed of learning as they can quickly learn self-paced in a steady manner.

Students challenge peers

In the actual process the students are challenged by their peers who are also into the flipped learning. Best understanding and conceptual learning can keep the student outsmart their peers.

Consistency of instruction & student discussion

The leaning process proves consistent that takes them to the complete understanding and the student discuss over the concepts in an interesting manner.

Project based learning & parent involvement

Rather than depending only on the school, the students experiences project based learning for more practical approach. Most learning does involve parents and they do stay responsible for the student growth.

Challenges and Issues:

Well, any concept or the theory does experience challenges and issues for its successful implementation. In case of flipped classroom it is another segment that concentrates the challenges and the steps to overcome.

Technology issues

This is a prominent challenge which cannot be denied as the innovation of new technology means more hardware and gadgets gets involved or upgraded. Requires to stay updated with technology always.

Inadequate access to technology at home

Sometimes the right gadgets may not be available for use at home and the time gets limited when it needs to be accessed only at schools.

Variations in teaching style

Different tutorial and lessons delivered in different formats and styles may arrive to be the challenge to the students to stay open for all mode of learning.

Restrictive filtering policies

Sometimes the lessons covered may be elaborated out of the syllabus or it could focus on few key points that are not relevant to the subject expected to learn.

The Conclusion:


Overall the student integrity is the most applied to the concept to keep going successful and enriched. It can be seen with multiple advantage for the students who study in the flipped classrooms which provides active engagement, ultimate homework completion, higher level of discussion which is not restricted to the book study.

Students are also seen motivated to the use of technology and they explore the subject raising more innovative and complicated questions. Nevertheless it promotes improved discipline over learning the subject with great interest.

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