Digital Platform for Parent Engagement Boosts Student Performance!

The research verdicts to the betterment of the student performance has been released and that works best at all levels of school across different nations.
It is quite a simple strategy which has given massive results. The boosting performance of the student has be highly engaged on few practices that is exceedingly adaptive by the schools.


Truly saying that the practice has been for ages and the results of the research is highly indicative that the frequent and prompt communication between the parents and the teachers has helped brilliantly in the student performance. This has also proved to result with massive success by the student. The parental involvement is undeniable in education but what the research says it the frequency and the prompt updates that matters. Prior to the digital age, the system did exist in the Parent-Teachers Meet that has been organised by the schools. It is quite occasional and well! Sometimes it goes abortive.

In the digital-era:

The Parent-Teacher Communication has always been a challenge implementation by schools, the digital platform proves simplified so as it provides new way to keep parents updated about the child developments in school.

It also works great to possess an integrated student information tool by way of messaging, texting and e-mailing. It provides a great platform to alert the parents about the various intimations of meeting, academic discussions and soft skills enhancement of the child.

When the reach out to parents is simplified and constant update about the child reaches the parents it gets quite systematic and works best in student performance. The right participation of the parent as expected by the teachers are delivered in terms of assisting over the homework and project updates.

Research Study:

As to keep suggested the Harvard Study on the student engagement with active participation from the parents and educators which delivers proven results. I would add to the truism about the tech tools that approaches for the instant updates and keeps the parental involvement to the fullest for the child overall development and improved academic performance.

This is exactly what is been meant by the high school teachers as they realize having served to the fullest potential when there is a keen participation from the parents. It was indeed the gearing up process that hold on to the student achievement making it highly successful at all ends.

Potential of Technology:

Staying keen in the tech updates will cater to serve to your imagination and one such is the parent-teacher communication which has reshaped completely when compared to the conventional style. This has delivered an improved platform and an altogether new way of interaction between the parents and students.

The modern school management software has integrated communication which allows the teachers and parents to text message, emails, work together in groups, social media, comment, publish, update, request, intimate, achieve and much more. This is proved highly effective for students of any school level and carries a massive transformation the way parents, teachers think and interact which has the potential to bring massive success and it’s the biggest.

The academic life of the student is highly cherished with memories and it also proves highly successful with the tech support. Students aspire high and appreciate support from mentors and parents to the fullest for their career scale up.

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One thought on “Digital Platform for Parent Engagement Boosts Student Performance!

  • January 1, 2022 at 12:05 pm

    Parents find it easy to keep and access their kid’s records digitally with their handhelds. Grown communication and digital era has made it easy for accessing academic data over a digital platform.


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