Your Query Answered! Trend & Certainty on School Management Software.

Why should your school opt for School Management Software?

The penetration of technology is experienced in all industries and when it comes to education, it cannot be denied being supplied with ample software for various purpose. In the recent past over hundreds of study helped exploring about how exact the schools of the new era function and in this breakthrough study learnt the effective school management strategies and techniques.

 The Reality Explored!

Each school does have an entrepreneur code and of course the first thing that is been obvious is the presence and popularity. This can be achieved with the website presence. As a rule of thumb, things fall in line and are successful when it is in proper collaboration. Look further if you belong to a new generation schools and check on the reality situations.

The high time to collaborate with school software which allows you to function wholesome is the immediate scenario. Waiting might have dragged you in many situations and to check on the availability, popularity and expectations of schools and parents. Overall about 37.5% of new generation schools have employed digital platform, about 60.2% of parents use smart phones on which they can access the child details with an effective school management software. While schools with internet and WIFI facility has increased to 78% and the scenario gives a clear picture that in a couple of years the digitalization of schools are expected to be about 90%.  Schools need to act on this concept and introduce new style of schooling to the students and parents. Good Progress from Reality, now Seek for features!

Good Progress from Reality, now Seek for features!

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There could be several platform denoting the same and would it not be tasking to handle many at a time. Here is the need is a pause, the study on the schools which has transformed to the digital platform has seen it with many advantages that counts to the benefit of use. It is also clear to state that the digitalization has helped many schools and the most popular features that are been common for use are the marks and grades automation along with the messaging intimations and home works.

There seem to be big welcome for the features like the school website, attendance and the timetable scheduling. It is also obvious that schools enjoy the platform to track fees, payroll and money management. Clearly states that all the details are subject to change to better results and hence we are not far to take it to the fullest. Let your school come in to the category of schools operating digitally to benefit wholesome.

PenPencilEraser Powers Schools Network, School Management with a Single Unique Interface!

Most schools at the current date realize the importance of school management software and few basics inputs will help gain a clear comparative study over the available software.

Although the aspects considered are on the basis of user experience, technical and security fronts, here comes the need of clear insight.

A comparative study pictures the above details which shows the necessary features for the complete and successful software use for schools. You could carry your school data anywhere when it is in the cloud platform and say about less than quarter software provide it while PenPencilEraser gives you the ultimate freedom of anywhere and anytime access with its smart integration of Microsoft Infrastructure making it highly secured.

You would require new features as your school progresses and it is ultimate to note that PenPencilEraser provides a free scaling up of the features and it is automatic without missing on the downtime. This is not available in general and only about handful software of about 30% equip with this feature.

Training and technical know-how is a challenging aspect for many schools and here we take pride to denote that PenPencilEraser is highly user-friendly and independent, it also supports with free training programmes and certifications. The support is available to a greater extend although noted that the avoidance of technical issues.

Customization and integration with other systems is another prime aspect that is maintained keenly with PPE and hence schools across the globe be it any board or any strength is readily accommodated with the software.

The scores call you to take action to simplify the management process of your school. Keen on your comments and experiences with the school management software.

10 Tips for Students for New Academic Year

How to arrive to School, the Mystic world to Read, Write and Learn!

Students, you might have been in break from school for quite a long time that kept you away from studies, assignments, uniforms, schedules and of course your friends and classmates. Your chase with time and schedule is back and be sure you would need to catch up better than your previous year in terms of organizing, studies, knowledge, soft skills, academics, co-curricular activities and of course disciple and self-confidence. Here is sharing with your few tips that would let you head start your new academic year.

Yes! The tips are for the returning students as for commencing students the experiences are far different. You would certainly come back to school in a progressive grade and now with the aspiration to meet the expectations of your parents, teachers and well-wishers.

Seek the following tips from my experience which are sure to lift you up the ladder.


10 tips


1.   Always Be Positive

Set your goals, enjoy the learning process as it is only in schools you are been taught and as you grow teaching diminishes and you would be exploring on your own. So, now is the best time to being taught and explore with self-interest. Remain positive about academics, friends, environment and teachers and do remember that you are being there to achieve something and hence avoid being influenced, instead influence others in the right path.

2.   Get Involved Wisely

  • The new academic year would certainly start with many activities, new groups, new rules and regulations and new updates.
  • You might have to be choosing among various activities, languages, classes and much more.
  • What is important here is to act wisely each time and every time.
  • Get to know the idea behind each decision, here is where you should not get afraid to take guidance from the faculty, senior students or class mates.
  • Clarify your doubts before making decisions and do not assume.
  • Remember you should act promptly on doubts and decisions as there may not be a second chance.

3.   Eat well and Stay Healthy

Be sure this is one of the important criteria that lets you travel in the success platform all through the year. What need to be realized is that your hard work accompanied with perfect health only supports in your all round success and staying healthy is the furtive behind consistent hard work and effective learning. Target and practice daily on balanced diet, personal hygiene, healthy surrounding and clean habits. If you are able to do so, nothing can stop you being an achiever.

4.   Be Organized Always

Right from day one be on duty to organize your things and activities well, only a self-organized person can stay motivated and can be prompt of handling stuffs. You need to know what is where, where to start, what to learn, how to learn, how to present, what to achieve and of course how to use the things effectively.

Practice makes a person perfect! And so if you are not of this kind, do not worry but start practicing from this moment.

5.   Be Complete with Assignments

Here what I wish to quote is that as an aspiring student you need to complete your day to day tasks promptly, some might leap a step ahead and work out things in advance but that may or may not prove well, still my insist is that your portions and assignment need to be on time and without any doubts in understanding. This will save more time and hence your revisions on these subjects can be increased from 2 to 4. Interesting is it? Give it a try consistently and there is nothing impossible about it.

This will save more time and hence your revisions on these subjects can be increased from 2 to 4. Interesting is it? Give it a try consistently and there is nothing impossible about it.

6.   Ask for Help without Hesitation

Some of the things may be new to you and you might not be open to clarify but please do not hesitate to ask for help you might have a student board who could guide you through. Clarify on all your doubts instantly. Seek out your teachers help and advice in case of lesson clarifications. All those who have the ability to seek help will have a quick turnover on results as nothing holds them from performing well. So do not feel negative about asking for help.

7.   Check the Bulletin Board Constantly

The general practice of any school is the bulletin board which displays the important announcements and intimations. So the good practice is check and read the bulletin board as you pass by or stop over it at least once a day to check for updates. Don’t assume your friends, classmate or teachers will intimate you, you are responsible for your performance and hence mark it as your duty to check the bulletin board and stay updated.

8.   Be Prompt, Be Alert

Time and again you would hear the advice of be prompt which means to complete your stuffs on time to avoid the last minute blues. This is not some extraordinary talent or ability, it is just the matter of interest and willingness. When you set your attitude to be prompt in all the activities and stay focused and alert in things you do, you would certainly gain a forefront recognition.

9.   Library is Interesting, Get there frequently

It is not me the only person telling this, but the well-known fact is that only books can teach you many concepts and a lot of what you acquire in knowledge and talent is what you gained in books. So, do not hesitate to read books, you are in the world of exploring new things happening around you and the key result lies in how much more you know when compared to others in your age group and class room, so for this only reason I would say library is interesting and books are the only source of ultimate knowledge. If you are the one who engages in books often then you are the one to succeed.

10.   Create a Road map for Achievements

Every task has a road way, an appreciation, a target, an achievement and it also applies to school students for their academics. It is time to set for the new academic year so focus on results creating a road map for the success. Create few small targets like full marks on all class assessments, daily learning for 30 mins on each subjects, being punctual, completing assignments and so on. Achieving all of these small targets will certainly bring you a success platform and you would be the topper of your school. With much appreciations and encouragements I wish you the best in this academic year.