Professional Decisions on Evaluating a School Management Software!


Rather let’s seek out to know what you think about this?

Just as I was conversing with the delegates of school authority, the prominence of school management software in the education of the pupil were discussed. It was not a wrong question to the group, all of them are proficient and possessed deep thoughts in the education sector with great wisdom brains.

The reaction was something unexpected but awesomely interesting!

Some of them reacted as if what big deal, few other just wishing to be fine with what they possess and more of the professionals were appearing to have a bee’s knee. It was a great question in most of the minds present there and were quite a few who felt their opinion suffered with the combination of things.

Looks like a deviation, just coming back to emphasize that the discussion was about employing a school management software for the overall development of the school and students.

First of all, I think the professional judgement needs to be highly valued and never under-estimate the potential of it. My experience goes as although been working with technology for schools several years it would only mean a combination of things and not just a complete satisfaction which get the faculty members to work in confidence. (Well! Yes, without considering the fact that teachers are known experts and quick learner.)

Secondly, the simplicity of use is primary consideration and it is evident to note that every user right from the parents, students, teachers and the management can operate without probing with questions. This may prove to be a evidence for the expertise software.

Thirdly, the top management themselves reached to inspect and with considerable amount of time spent over the software, scrutinizing each of the modules and accessing the real time use extended an appropriate judgement over its efficiency, time saving, knowledge development, the power of instant communication, evaluating the assessment, performance reports individually, class-wise, groups and schools.

Online reporting and sharing information explicitly benefits without any miscommunication and at last after probing into much details and real-time sampling, professional judges consistently remarked a positive note.

Pop up queries were active who wished to have a better approach and some of them were like, “Am pretty sure that it performs well but really need to know the support extended.

The next one was, “Okay, may be agreed and further investigation will not be required but I think it would not get well with the  pupil.”

Then came the technology talk, “Gentleman, so tell me about the security, reliability and recovery”.

Seems to be in the niche of tech discussion, “In other words here is the professional judgement telling you the high security , anywhere & anytime access with the cloud hosted solution, reliable and swift Microsoft infrastructure-Azure platform, well structure in back up and overall hassle free support and service.”

Honestly, School management software are indispensable and primary need for the schools and PEN-PENCIL-ERASER proudly states to be an integrated platform which all the stated features and benefits to support schools in its mission and core principles.