Tech Solutions to the Professional Goals of Busy School Principals

Management of school from the principal perspective is considered to be an overloaded schedule. Handling of the multi-administration, dealing with the government bodies, rules, updates and other associations keeps them engaged in the so-called School Administrative office room and are struck with the computers and laptop.


This has been their routine and with the verbal updates on the happenings inside the school campus, in many cases has led to controversies and deliberateness of the chaos.

If this is the scenario persisting it would tend to become worse as the school strength multiplies and would you not think of extending the working hours and still it has its own limitations.

Few weeks back we scheduled a meet with the schools who have recently integrated PenPencilEraser into their systems. It was something better and new to what the school software meant for them. Here is what was shared by the schools.

Benefited School

The school administrator of the leading school in North India which serves about 950 students strength shared with pleasure that he always tried to encounter intimately with the students and aimed to give 1:1 approach for grooming the child to better citizen. This is something which was just a dream as due to high busy schedule in the school office room with the updates from all ends kept him knocking back to back with the computers, office visitors, permissions, appointments, meetings and so on.

An Astonishment

It was like what had happened and to the surprise of all the teachers and students, the principal visited each of the classroom in the mornings to check on the learning and discussed with teachers and students on learning and teaching improvements. He gave a better support and feedback to the improvements. Sooner, in a week it seemed apparent that to build great leaders it is required to see and track on things happening and just the formal observation is insufficient.

Well, Agreed! With the things happening the right way and here comes the question of how the office administrative stuffs been managed. Rightly quoted is the Technology support which made things simple and manageable.
The Success Story

To list with the technology updates he mentioned that the wireless access in the school is the boom. Hence, he was on move with the lightweight laptop, netbook, tablet to go with and it made the administration take place even out of the office space. So, I do go to classrooms to stay connected with the students and faculty members in order to develop a better insight of the real time work that is been carried on in the classrooms.

It was also possible for me to visit all the classrooms and to catch up with the checklists of the updates. Sooner, I also explored the messaging and reporting module in PenPencilEraser which I was longing to integrate since long back. Now am able to check on online reporting, updates, approvals and intimations that are made simple and instant.

This web-based tool, PenPencilEraser makes it simple to enter all the required information, send intimations through messages, check on parent intimations, approve over the exams, fees, and connect with all associated with the school instantly.

The highlight here is I am also able to track my visit to each of the classroom as on observation of each visit I send the feedback and suggestion online in the web-based application. This does become check list for me to move further and cover all the classrooms with equal preference.



This professional goal of spending more time in the classroom with the students and faculty and providing valuable feedback and support. This has been made possible with the support of online school management software – PenPencilEraser. Definitely, when this practice is made consistent over a period of time our school would be seen to grow multi-fold in terms of education, strength and presence.

Annual 3-on-3 Basketball Tournament, Ibadan - An Overview

The city of Ibadan hosted the energetic sports event,   “PenPencilEraser 3 on 3 Basketball Tournament” successfully, on the 23rd of October 2015, at the Lekan Salami stadium Adamasingba, Ibadan Oyo State, Nigeria.

Made Great Event - The Organisers:

The event was organized by Rippinit Productions, Ibadan Nigeria, with support from PROBESEVEN India, The Oyo State Sports Council, MTN Nigeria, Saj Foods LTD, Livingstone College, Nickdel College, Moret College, Maverick College and the students of the International School Ibadan.

Although things were inline making great events are quite tricky to match the different perspectives. It was proved important to guide the team and inspire to work together.

Here is our team of executives who were behind this great event!

PenPencilEraser encourages sports events and this is one such in highlight. Sports among the youth of today creates life with velocity and produces massive momentum for the overall success as student. With the desire to give the best and create ample success was this tournament encouraged.

Welcoming Sport:


Rippinet Productions says, Being keen over it and having proved Sports are a great way to bring people together while building them up and basketball has proven it captures so many of the advantages and benefits of sports more than most other sports. We decided to be responsible for at least one event a year that would help us achieve our goals of helping to mend the challenges we noticed, and we decided to start with basketball.

Supportive Encouragements:

We were glad to receive support from many to note a few are The Sports Director of Nickdel Group of schools, The Principal of Maverick College, The Director, V.P, Sports Master of Livingstone College, The Deputy Head of Schools Ibadan International School, The secretary of the Oyo State Basketball Association, The head coach of Oluyole Warriors, as well as the other coaches in the Basketball Association and a lot of friends, family and business partners.

Pride, the City of Ibadan:

We decided to start in the city of Ibadan with its 1,000+ Private Nursery, Primary and Secondary Schools, as that is where we are based, and where we have most of our contacts. It was a journey full of lessons, some surprises and some moments as expected. Support from other companies was a challenge that was confidently faced and so was the participations. We had provisions for 16 different teams of 3 boys and 1 girl, from different schools, we had about 23 schools that showed convincing interest, few of the 23 gave us letters to confirm participation. Out of all the promises and commitment in writing, few  schools paid their registration fee. We decided to ask the schools we had to come with 2 separate teams to make the best of what we had, and it ended up been a wonderful event.

Glance of the Event:


We believe with the success of the first edition, other schools would be more eager to fulfill their interest with actual participation and companies would also be more committed to pitching in to support grassroots events such as this. It was obvious the kids and their coaches and teachers had so much fun, and the winners were rewarded with cups and prizes. Intangible benefits are always hard to measure, however history has shown how important and priceless such benefits are to our lives as human beings.

Winners and Winning Teams:

The winning teams award was bestowed upon their outstanding and winning scores.

The winning team that bagged the First Place was The International School Ibadan, coming in Second place was Moret Comprehensive College and the Third Place was Nickdel College. The winners were awarded with Title, Trophy  and Prizes. They were rewarded with Smart Phones, Sport Watches and Back packs respectively. With each member of the team getting an item.

All participants and spectators are eagerly looking forward to the next edition and so are we. We hope to see many more of such events to take place in as many places as possible, with as many participants, many supporters and ample spectators possible over the coming years.

Congratulations! All Winners, Runners & Participants.

Digital Platform for Parent Engagement Boosts Student Performance!

The research verdicts to the betterment of the student performance has been released and that works best at all levels of school across different nations.
It is quite a simple strategy which has given massive results. The boosting performance of the student has be highly engaged on few practices that is exceedingly adaptive by the schools.


Truly saying that the practice has been for ages and the results of the research is highly indicative that the frequent and prompt communication between the parents and the teachers has helped brilliantly in the student performance. This has also proved to result with massive success by the student. The parental involvement is undeniable in education but what the research says it the frequency and the prompt updates that matters. Prior to the digital age, the system did exist in the Parent-Teachers Meet that has been organised by the schools. It is quite occasional and well! Sometimes it goes abortive.

In the digital-era:

The Parent-Teacher Communication has always been a challenge implementation by schools, the digital platform proves simplified so as it provides new way to keep parents updated about the child developments in school.

It also works great to possess an integrated student information tool by way of messaging, texting and e-mailing. It provides a great platform to alert the parents about the various intimations of meeting, academic discussions and soft skills enhancement of the child.

When the reach out to parents is simplified and constant update about the child reaches the parents it gets quite systematic and works best in student performance. The right participation of the parent as expected by the teachers are delivered in terms of assisting over the homework and project updates.

Research Study:

As to keep suggested the Harvard Study on the student engagement with active participation from the parents and educators which delivers proven results. I would add to the truism about the tech tools that approaches for the instant updates and keeps the parental involvement to the fullest for the child overall development and improved academic performance.

This is exactly what is been meant by the high school teachers as they realize having served to the fullest potential when there is a keen participation from the parents. It was indeed the gearing up process that hold on to the student achievement making it highly successful at all ends.

Potential of Technology:

Staying keen in the tech updates will cater to serve to your imagination and one such is the parent-teacher communication which has reshaped completely when compared to the conventional style. This has delivered an improved platform and an altogether new way of interaction between the parents and students.

The modern school management software has integrated communication which allows the teachers and parents to text message, emails, work together in groups, social media, comment, publish, update, request, intimate, achieve and much more. This is proved highly effective for students of any school level and carries a massive transformation the way parents, teachers think and interact which has the potential to bring massive success and it’s the biggest.

The academic life of the student is highly cherished with memories and it also proves highly successful with the tech support. Students aspire high and appreciate support from mentors and parents to the fullest for their career scale up.