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Modern classrooms sharpens the young mind and opens door to revolution that has power to change the world. From simple application to innovative influx, Technology works for students. We today wanted to share some of the best-of-all toolkit for teachers to get modern, figure out the usage, apply it practical and be a role model.

When talking about Technology and Teaching, first and foremost advantage of combining the two is to make learning better. To speed up the grasping power of students, modern technology is definitely an indispensable resource for the education system of today apart from saving teachers time and energy.

Walk through the picky list of technology which can be at your school if not.


Teachers usually do not prefer gadgets and gizmos at classrooms, despite the fact that gadgets leverage the lessons. Selective technology such as an iPad or Tablet and design-specific gadgets for subjects allow students stay more focused and engaged in their classroom.

Interactive Whiteboards: With electronic touch board connected to computer and projector, Smart whiteboards builds interesting and entertaining classrooms for dynamic session. Finding and applying competitive smart classroom software enlivens any topic with the color, motion, graphics and digital sound. This in total create lively and interactive classroom for students of any classes.

Laptops & Tablets: Laptops signifies professional educating and open up new areas of opportunities for collaborative study. Teachers utilize laptops and tablets in various ways such as to organize the course materials and references in the form of ebooks to teach in every class, follow interactive timelines and especially if their school management adopts any smart management tools such as PenPencilEraser, classroom activities like attendance marking can be done directly logging into the system right away in their classroom in a matter of minutes. Such smart activities reduce the teacher’s work in administration and provide more time for classes. Students can even practice using tabs to note down lectures and to prepare projects and assignments, facilitate group activities, create presentations and share drafts electronically for peer editing. Through this way, boredom naturally fades away.

Google Glasses for Education: Google Glass stands to be an inspiration for technology usage in classrooms as it incorporates augmented reality. Honestly, Google Glass with its amazing functionality supports in Scheduling and Organizing, Remote teaching, Personalization and Collaboration. This way teachers outsmart the traditional methodology and bring in a new style of education into reality. Multiple possibility exist with Google Glass which can be read and applied with passion not just for teachers but equally for students. Students can create visually rich presentation, capture and input videos with a wink, enable distance learning, record lectures real-time and many more. Explore more and benefit more with Google Glass.


Few amazing web tools to support teachers among the best are listed here. These tools will enable your students to explore the lessons in unprecedented ways. Some of these tools encompass 3D views to experience the subjects topic as real.

  • Zygote.com for Human Anatomy Animation.
  • Youtube.com/user/crashcourse for some best video lessons created by educators.
  • Lulu.com to encourage student publication.
  • Padlet.com for Educators can put in text, photos, graphs and other learning tools and share the image with students before a big test or discussion.
  • Animoto.com to create quick short videos for free, teachers can let students create videos for presentation in classes for free.


All Social Networks may not directly captivate learning but can be used to encourage entertaining learning atmosphere, the so-called academic networking. Networking make a huge impact in student’s social lives indeed, but also gives a new look to education. Effective usage of Social Networks at their young age help students understand coordination, public oration and self behavior analysis. Apart from education, it bestow moral values to kids. Analyzing and understanding the potential of Social networking, mentors must take steps to involve and guide students to benefit from social networks.

However, the contribution of teachers in the classroom can never be replaced with technology but the impact can be enhanced via technology tools. Teachers are leaders, guides, facilitators, and mentors. When teachers get hold of new technology today for their classrooms, certainly in five to ten years, we witness challenging classrooms for students with quick and fast learning culture.

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Published on behalf of PenPencilEraser.


Published on behalf of PenPencilEraser.

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