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Now it is far easy to update and monitor Staff attendance . There is a separate clean module built in PenPencilEraser to make attendance management system simple.


Staff Attendance System offer the following advantages

1. Consolidated staff list is given to mark attendance in three ways. You need to click and drag the Staff item in any of the three categories i.e. Forenoon Absents, Afternoon Absents & Full Day Absents. The items never dragged are identified to be Present.


2. Leave Request & Approval is made easy never before.

Teaching & Non teaching staffs have individual modules to login and apply for a leave. All leave request will be available in the Staff section. Admin login is essential to view and approve/deny the leave request. Only Admin has the privilege to access all leave requests while others have access only to view their own leave request. Staff page looks different for its users based on the privileges granted. The admin once encounters a leave request, views the report of the staffs and approve, edit or deny the request. The status of the leave request will be automatically updated in the staff login page. In addition, if the admin likes to communicate any information regarding leave, he can send a message with Send Message option.





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Published on behalf of PenPencilEraser.


Published on behalf of PenPencilEraser.


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