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School Management Software is a boon to schools to handle effortless school administration. With the technical advancement and Internet propagation, businesses engage in software development to yield respective software in all fields to streamline and simplify day-to-day activities. In this article, let us discuss on the advantages and disadvantages of using administration software in schools.


School software usage is followed in major schools. The reasons are many and so its benefits. A school is one of the institutions where real-time record maintenance and periodical record maintenance is on the verge. Their administration works include Timetable Management, Classroom Management, Staff Attendance Maintenance, Employee Payroll Process, Student Report Generation, and Students Admission/Transfer Certificate Management, Fee entries, Communication and other associated tasks. Each of this process is time-consuming and expects utmost accuracy with perfection to preserve and deliver precise data. Handling such important tasks in the past was tedious where in the schools employing dedicated staff to handle each administration duty. Today, this administrative burden has gone astray by such management software. Many vendors in the market sell unique and competitive software. Each of the software stands distinguished with an array of features, user friendliness and conceptual design as well. Some software even employs Cloud Computing Technology to store a single record on different cloud servers to assure schools no loss of data and make administration effortless.

The advantages are boundless. Message Communication is another aspect of this software wherein it bridges the gap between parents and teachers. Teachers post homework, assignments, attendance and high priority information to parents instantly through short text messages which bridge the gap between parents and teachers and help parents involve in the children’s education greatly. Likewise, another highlighted feature is the automated report card generation where the class teacher needs to enter the mark of every student and the rest of the calculation such as Grade, percentage, pass/fail and the progress report of every student or the class is managed by the software itself. Working on the report card eats up the valuable time of the teacher that can be used to teach the next syllabus of the student after the exams.

Overall, it is important to get advanced with the technology and school being the fundamental of any profession should embrace technology more than any other diligence affordable and additionally it enhances the school profile to parents.


For any product or concept it takes an argument to discuss the negative sides, to strengthen the positives and the School Management Software is rather not an exception. The monetary side of the software is felt unavoidable. Added to this the school record maintenance using software is vulnerable to failures, slow Internet connection and virus attack. These kinds of disadvantages are applicable to all kinds of software. Unless the absence of staff, no lag in the data occurs in manual record maintenance at schools.Though these reasons are not negligible, the advantages dominate the cons of school software.


After getting deeper into the pros and cons of School Management Software, it is obvious the strengths are strong and it proves to be a boon to schools for flexibility, security and performance. But, the schools should be keen in settling for the best verified School Management Software.

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Published on behalf of PenPencilEraser.


Published on behalf of PenPencilEraser.

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