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PenPencilEraser is unique large scale online school management software providing first rate usability for easy management of school records online. PPE involves automated updation of software that encounters minimum hand work contributing to the environment and saves huge money on paper records. The cutting edge technology involved for smooth functioning of school. It ensures higher level of transparency and cut downs the operating cost of a school appreciably. PPE is simply all-in-one software serving four denominations i.e. parents, teachers, students and the management.

PenPencilEraser Benefits for School Management

All the transactions are strongly encrypted, ensuring confidentiality and security. Also the access to information is properly authenticated, preventing illegal penetration into the system. Create a conflict-free administration, managing all your school levels, blocks, classes and subjects. It minimizes the labor-intensive task of managing multi-school levels by fully integrating all the facts with enhanced services.

  • School Level Setup

The school level setup begins the usage of PenPencilEraser Setup. School levels may be CBSE, HSC, GCSE or any school level you follow.

  • CMS pages for School Levels

Since PenPencilEraser is a Content Management System, the content is added, modified and removed conveniently. The CMS pages offers complete control of the content besides providing better protection of your site’s content from any kind of web site attacks. The data is secure.

  • Academic Management

Now manage your academic more easily.

  • Courses Management

Similar to school level management, you can post your courses for each class respectively.

  • Blocks & Rooms Management

Solve your Blocks and room management with the ease of PenPencilEraser software. Allot classrooms sitting at the comfort of your system.

  • Subjects with Electives

Enter the subjects and the corresponding electives more conveniently.

  • Student Management with Siblings

Siblings studying in your school can be connected and you could easily identify the sibling of any student if studying in the same school or for any other clarification.

  • Teachers Management

Teacher’s management is made far easy in PenPencilEraser. Assign teachers to every single subject of all classes and manage them easily online. With multiple features in Teachers management, you find it easy to control the teachers scheduling much convenient.

  • Classes & Sections Setup

There are enough provisions and instructions to enter and save the school levels through k-12.  Each class may have sub divisions based on the strength of the school. These details can be fed accordingly on which the future entries are made.

  • Schedule Examinations & Tests

Run online board for scheduling exam dates and tests. The scheduled exam date will be notified to students, parents and teachers.

  • Syllabus Inputs with Exams or Downloads

Syllabus of every term is entered very well before the academic year. This makes teaching easy.

  • Mark list Entry

After the exams and test, corresponding teachers calculate and fill their class students’ mark with which a standard report is generated which can be printed for further use. At any time of the year, the marks of a particular student can be retrieved easily.

  • Achievements

If schools or classes had a recent achievement, this can be easily notified on the board or space provided in the website which is controlled at the backend. The achievements can be posted on the board which will be published for viewing by the parents and students.

  • Announcements

Any major/minor announcement can be perceived through the online software.

  • Custom News Feeds & Notice Board Display

The News Feed is an excellent notable portion to display the school news.

  • Theme Customization

It is left to the admin to design the theme which makes the experience to work at convenience. Colors and customization play an important role in the software usage.

  • Control Message Permissions for Staff and Teachers

The admin manages to allow/reject permissions to staffs and teachers with messaging features provided at the backend.

  • Check Home works

The students can easily check the homework’s the teachers assign with the last date of submission. Once homework is finished, the student can mark the status as complete to notify the teacher.

  • Easy Roll Over for next Academic Year

The software automatically rolls over to the next academic year without any inconvenience.

  • Teacher Leave Requests & Approvals

A teacher login and apply for a leave request. If approved/rejected, the notification will be sent.

  • Student & Staff Performance Reports

Performance reports of staff & students can be generated easily.

  • Swap Teachers easily


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Published on behalf of PenPencilEraser.


Published on behalf of PenPencilEraser.

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