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In schools and colleges, Students consider learning practice to be limited to text books bought at the course commencement.  But the reality is apart from the so called text books. Though these books start up the day, students should learn the practice of searching and reading books related to their subject and gather updated information and widen their knowledge on every subject they learn. The text books should only be considered as a start and not the end. The habit of reading will increase if they are aware of it.

Getting back to our point, reading habit can be improved via simple steps

1. Extending library hours:

Assigning each student a topic related to the subject and letting students to find and complete the assignment at the library hours help the student to search and read the points which could also help in developing knowledge on the particular subject. Conducting competition in this way will easily help student in improving their reading practice. Share interesting topic for assignments. Boring topics may let down the reading practice.

2. Self Selection of Topics:

Educators should give space to students to enjoy learning all by themselves. Letting students choose the topic on their own simply means that the students love to take up the task, research and do more to prove their interest.

3. Take Children to a Bookstore:

This will promote reading interest among kids lot easier. Bookstore displays all variety of books published in different categories based on the interest of the readers and students search for the book of their interest which kindles reading habit right in their school age.

4. Using Technology in Education:

Certainly, it means a lot. There are many free online certifications to test and issue a certificate for the candidate’s vocabulary skills. Introduce your students to selective online test and grow their interest in reading. Technology is always loved.

Some schools provide newspaper to make their students know the current news and information at certain duration of the school hours usually in the morning. This at least helps students to practice the reading habit. Some schools have language lab where schools teach children on pronunciation of English language and let students to improve their verbal communication apart from studies. These kinds of extracurricular activities actually enlighten the life of the student in the long run.

Perhaps, reading acts as a thrust to climb up the ladder to go a long way.

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Published on behalf of PenPencilEraser.


Published on behalf of PenPencilEraser.

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