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Promoting reading in schools turn out to be strategy as more and more schools take steps to enhance their student’s knowledge. Reading habit is inborn. Some kids show great interest over reading books while some fall asleep with books. Basically, the fundamental attitude to read books is the interest. This interest should definitely be learned by kids to identify and implement thought provoking ideas which the books provide.


A book, over any kind of medium is capable of letting the readers to understand the story/concept in a most memorable way. Similarly reading a line on Newspapers easily enters the brain far better than listening through news channel. This perhaps made schools to distribute newspapers in the first morning session and make children read through the news. This, not only enhance the reading interest but also incite English fluency.

Similarly different approaches were introduced in schools to improve the reading habit besides their school books. It is certainly impossible to incorporate all world knowledge in the twelve syllabuses of term books but it is possible to allow children to gain knowledge on world happenings through library hours. Schools should increase the hours of reading in a library for any class of students to improve their learning habits. This could also be done by conducting a competition. By announcing a simple contest of research on any favorite topic, the students try to research, identify, read and collect points pertinent to their topic. This certainly aid in growing the interest towards books.

Secondly, the habit of learning in the library should begin right from their young age at schools and ensure kids that learning is never a new habit and it is the part of their daily activities. Kids grow up with aims and ambitions in their school life. International information books such as encyclopedias promote the importance of reading. Conducting regular workshops on activities that raise the interest on books is most welcome in all schools nowadays.

Hence, it is clear that every school play a great role in the life of their students. Schools should find all better possible ways to teach their kids about learning and make next generation proud of the country.

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Published on behalf of PenPencilEraser.


Published on behalf of PenPencilEraser.

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