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“Relax Schools! This ultimate Online School Management is here with unlimited features with cluster of modules covering all the rows and columns of school”.

Look what PenPencilEraser has to offer for the School Management

Effective Communication and Notification:

  • Communicate between Management, Teachers, Students and Parents
  • Built-in Messaging system
  • Options to send SMS to the mobile numbers of Parents and Teachers
  • Simple access to all messages and approval control by the Admin
  • Post Announcements, Achievements in the Dashboard
  • Control the visibility of announcements and achievements
  • Prioritize the list of announcements display
  • Records all the communication for future use unless deleted
  • Students can attach the file of the assignment to their respective teachers and the vise versa is also possible

Students and Admission:

  • All the profile details of the students are stored, updated and accessed anytime
  • Students list can be viewed based on any details like class, community, locality, marks etc.
  • Search and Filters to locate the specific student list can be obtained instantly from any pages of the software
  • Unique ID and Unique log In is provided for each student and their parents
  • Students can apply Online by completing the application form which is provided in the website
  • Complete details including the photograph can be stored
  • All the applications posted online can be processed for admission, hold or rejection

Students with Siblings:

  • Easy interface to view the details of siblings
  • Parents can simultaneously access the details of their children
  • The details can be instantly accessed

End to End Customization:

  • Handle with the basic settings like the date, country, time, periods, academic year
  • Manage settings like school themes, site settings, school levels, school menus, website menu and academic settings
  • Administer the various boards, blocks, rooms of the school
  • Manage the code setting for the standards, sections, subjects, periods
  • Set the subjects for different allotted class
  • Direct the attendance code
  • Set the various exams for each class and the type of assessment
  • Manage the various designations
  • Dedicate the username and password
  • Set and Manage the privilege for different users

Theme Customization:

  • Easy to enhance the appearance with the ample color scheme and menus
  • Customization is user friendly and instantly accessible
  • The special widgets module allows you to share news, you tube videos, quotes, notice board, event calendar, download centers and banners

Examination and Marks:

  • Create the various types of exams
  • Allot the assessment on basis of grade system or mark system
  • Give access to respective teachers and tutor to manage marks
  • Have a quick view of the performance of each students or the class on whole
  • Edit or delete when required

Attendance and Staff Replacement:

  • Mark the attendance of teachers easily with the drag and drop features
  • Integrate the attendance of students and staff with the hardware support of RFID and Biometric
  • Simple to filter the required attendance details with the filter or search provision given
  • Possible for the Admin to replace an appropriate staff for the absent staff
  • Manage the teacher schedule

Fee Payment Entry:

  • Setting of different fees for the different classes
  • Easily manage the pending fees with the SMS alert and auto messaging
  • Set up to 10 automatic payment reminders in different dates by SMS alert
  • Communicate with the Parents about the pending fees in just a click
  • Simply enter the fee payment
  • Automatic receipt code generation makes tracking easy
  • The fee list and the applicable students list can be generated as reports in the pdf or excel format
  • Time Table:
  • Easily define the timetable for students and teachers
  • Track the classes and the staff of each class
  • Maintain the schedule online, editing is also a simple process


  • Maintain the complete details of the employee, update as required
  • Customize the various income, deductions, taxes and leave type for the payroll
  • Enjoy the automatic calculation of the payroll
  • View the reports on total or for specific staff
  • Obtain automatic payroll slip generated in pdf format and available for print out


  •  The report of the list of students with their class and the admission details can be obtained
  •  Customize the fields required in generating the report
  • All the reports generated are printable and can be saved
  • The staff list and the tutor list can also be sorted for reports
  • The staff performance report, attendance report and the timetable can be generated
  • The class performance, attendance and the timetable can be generated
  • The students list can be generated based on any details like the age, community, class as well
  • The fee payment, paid fees and the pending fees can be generated for reference
  • The payroll report can be generated with the complete details of the Earnings, deductions, tax and the leave


  • Create new albums and manage the pictures of the school activities
  • Uploading, viewing, editing and deleting is simple
  • Access control for the specific user group or the whole school is also available

TC Printing:

  • Process the TC application in few steps and automatic
  • Simple to discontinue the student and get the Transfer Certificate printed with the school logo
  • TC Reprint option is also available

Academic Year Setting:

  • The current year database can be simply rolled over for the next academic year
  • This is possible in just a single step or click
  • Simple to manage school database year after year with enhanced accuracy

School Calendar:

  • Possible to intimate the proceeding, events and holiday details with the organized school calendar
  • This is accessible for teachers, students and parents
  • Instant intimation enriches the communication and announcements at ease

This is not all, more features related to teachers, parents and students. It ensures utmost safety and security as all the data are encrypted and protected against the unauthorized access. With the routine backup facility the fear of data loss is eliminated.

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Published on behalf of PenPencilEraser.


Published on behalf of PenPencilEraser.


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