Simplicity in Application and Admission Management

Receiving applications is been a perennial process as all-round the year the school is been approached for application forms. During the year end the traffic is more and the school management would soon find it tasking to handle the flow of applications. This is been a generalized issue and we will show you what PenPencilEraser has for you.

PenPencilEraser along with its school management application also integrates a highly customizable website with allows the parent to apply online. The application gets submitted in the Super-Admin access which can also be opted for review anytime. The application reviewed permits the instant action of “Select or Hold or Reject”. This keeps the school tracking on the admission level. The admitted students automatically gets added to the database of the students and they automatically fall in line with all the updates regarding the schedule, class, section, fees, timetable and much more.

In the conventional system the schools starts issuing application and collect the applications full fledged. You might have to depend on more manpower to streamline the admission process. Give it a thought to the technology use. The PenPencilEraser platform allows the public to apply online. These applications are automatically get listed in the application status which can be reviewed for selection, hold or rejection status. You can feel its simplicity with the support PenPencilEraser which stands by your side to save on time and eliminate complexities.

Integrated School Website and Parents/Students Portal

A school website is indispensable and having the content and the features updated constantly promotes the website to the general public and you would see a lot spreading popularity of your school. It is clear that you might also want to know more on the end to end customization.



Simply customization is possible at all ends - to set the main menu, you could choose on the colour theme, make it more effective with the sliding banner images, set the different school levels and assign different notifications for different school levels. You could post the event, news, announcements with the option either for the general public or only to the students and parents.

Guess you should hold on! We have something more to share with you.

The website features as a portal for the parents and students wherein you log-in with the username and password to view the related updates. We know you have a question and hence let us show you what details are accessible and how it is interactive with the school.

The Student portal allows the students to view or send messages to teachers, know the announcements relevant to you, study on the achievements, workout on the timetable schedule, the instant intimation about the exam schedule, access to the mark sheet, track your attendance report and if your school follows CCE pattern then well it is also available for access.

The Parent portal gives you the privilege to view your children details on Messages, Announcement, Achievements, Time Table, Exam Schedule, Mark Sheets, Attendance Report and CCE Report.

Overall, it stands competitive to the static website and you could also work on innovative option like customization, SEO inputs, interesting and competitive details about the school and more importantly all of these can be changed and updated in any frequency.

Become a PenPencilEraser Certified Professional, You are WELCOME!

Our Certification Program provides the aspiring individuals an opportunity to enhance their Software Application Skills and Software Training Skills to stand distinguished in the global competition. This program aims to transform the software professionals and functional executives associated with education including the teachers to get tuned with the latest technology and the ultimate School Management Software. The training tools include practice, help video support, demonstration and study guides.

Why and How?

Software Certification could be your career enhancement for better success and stand up with more opportunities. But before that, note that it is a perfect knowledge enhancement. You are being able to stand ahead in your peer group. Why not? You could also become an Application Trainer soon.

If you are a school management then here is an opportunity for you to depute few of your interested staffs to get trained and become a professional PenPencilEraser Application Specialist. You can be satisfied that the school stuffs are managed with more professionalism. It increases the competence, builds a strong and dedicated team and it reached out to the overall achievement.


Managing Fees Collection & Payroll Made Easy

Easiest School Fee Management System

PenPencilEraser Fee Module gives the flexibility for the school to customize and configure the school fees under each class or school levels. It also allows to assign the payment schedule and more so the late payment allotment in case any. This gives the management a complete control of the fee collection. It also generates an automatic fee receipt on payment and makes it simple to maintain the records. Another interesting highlight of this module is the reminder setting which alerts the parents about the payment date through direct SMS in various set intervals and to the maximum of 10 alerts can be assigned.


Most Convenient Employee Payroll Management System

The payroll management takes an all-new phase which integrates all the intricacies and makes it possible to generate the salary slip, statement, PF statement, other income and deductions. Based on the configurations the system calculates the salary of each employee and generates the pay slips automatically. The attendance calculation is automatic and if feasible it is compatible with the biometric and RFID which are another accurate and time saving feature.


Streamlining PenPencilEraser with your school meets up the schedules easily, eliminates confusions, no more arguments or dissatisfaction and above all no waste of time and hence the staffs can get involved in more productive stuffs.


Detailed CCE Report for CBSE Schools: FIRST TIME EVER!

PenPencilEraser platform is the first to offer the detailed CCE report generation with the dynamic options at all levels. It also allows to provide marks for the various tools in the scholastic area and then consolidating to the final grade. It consists of various elements on which the final grading system is applied. At all fronts the different weight of exams, the different grading system for different classes, marks entry based on Tools is possible. We measure student ability in different skills and the added abilities which is also accompanied with the detailed descriptions.


Why and How?

The tasking aspect of the teachers is to maintain a perfect record of the assessments that are conducted as they would be verified by the CBSE Board periodically. The record of the student performance details should include the following.

  • An Individual Report Book which consists of the scholastic and co-scholastic performance in the form of Grade and Descriptions.
  • A Separate Register that has the details of the marks of each student
  • A Record of the Tool based performance of each student like Quiz, MCQ, GD, Creative Writing, Presentations etc.
  • The Marks obtained need to suggest the strength and weakness of the each area of test.
  • The maximum marks, marks obtained, grading system and the weight of assessment need to be maintained.
  • The cumulative of all of these has to be calculated and recorded for the internal and the board submission.

The school management can aid the teachers the support of technology which streamlines the whole process and allows you to get the desired report for the instant and future use. PenPencilEraser keeps the show in a unique manner right from the allotment of scholastic marks with the variable maximum marks, the setting up of different grading system for the different classes if required, entering the achieved marks not as total but in categorized tools, keeping the weight of assessment as required. Ultimately generating a professional report with all the required designing and details to be sent to the child and the parent. A Total Automation - Don’t Miss to have a detailed look at it.

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